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  1. Square Pan Seat Cover

  2. New to the herd

    You guys no how this goes. Well I recently let go of a few only to have a few more take there place. Well I tried guess there's no hope. My grandson even approves one of them.
  3. 5060 Woes

    Hope the gear works out for you. And Thanks for the You need to pay attention to the diff bolts I believe if the nuts are facing the large end of the mushroom gear they will rub. So I guess that would be nuts facing the input shaft.
  4. Headlight bezel for 416-H

    @wheelhorseman in the vendor section sells them
  5. 5060 Woes

    Must be from too much chain pile
  6. 1960 550 suburban

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    Bought them of from a local seller, he had them marked
  8. Head gasket install tips

    I personally would not reuse the head gasket. I decarbon, sand head flat torque to specs run up to temp then let cool and then retorque head.
  9. 1960 550 suburban

  10. GT14

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. GT14

  12. GT14

    Price reduced
  13. @wheelhorseman in the vendor section sells the rubber inserts for the fuel line
  14. Wow that looks in pretty nice shape, love the patina on that one
  15. Tub wagon

    Wheel Horse tub wagon, older repaint still looks nice, has a few scratches. Pick up in Medford MN