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  1. Happy Birthday ol550

    Happy Birthday Mike hope you have a great day
  2. Happy Birthday Achto

    Happy Birthday Dan hope you have a good one
  3. RJ 58 deck , weight?

    RMR3261 deck weights approx. 62lbs. for reference
  4. K90 & 91 Score

    You know I was thinking the same thing when I saw it on the shelf, But that was gonna be one heck of a long cold walk in my skivvies to take it down Jim thanks again for picking that up for me and if you ever decide to part with the other one, put me on the list. @Achto maybe I can help you out with the tins you are looking for, let me know what you need and ill look. Jim that looks like it was a fun visit, and all those engines wow I like that motor wheel must have been fun back in the day.
  5. craigslist find

    Id be on my way, if nothing else there's more than $200 worth of parts. Kohler, foot pads, hood, fenders, belt gaurds
  6. Carb Throttle Shaft Bushing

    I bought some of those, sent them right back. Now I'm waiting for my ship to come in with my new ones. we'll see how they look. A lathe makes quick work of the socket fitment issue, maybe you could get @Achto to fix you up
  7. Bore x Stroke of Kohler 10/12/14

    12,14 and 16 have the same stroke, 10 is different
  8. Terry,s 606 restoration

    Looking good Terry, hope to see it make a parade lap this year.
  9. 520H engine blew out valve seat

  10. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy Birthday Mike hope you have a great day
  11. Onan valve sear replacement

    @boomers_influence will hook you up with everything you need, for a lot less than Toro. He took care of me when I needed help
  12. Carb Throttle Shaft Bushing

    Got mine at the local Ace Hardware
  13. Dan looking good, you got me worried, looks like you be sitting and watching us plow
  14. use grease or vasoline then wipe off the lettering and paint. Or paint the wheel white and then clean all the paint off leaving the lettering
  15. 104703 wiring harness

    NOS 104703 wiring harness. Dirty from dealer shelf. $60 shipped to your door.