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    One week to go only 3 days of work left for me. @stevasaurus its not to late to change your mind, besides there's a guy up the road @WHX12 got this sweet new ride with plenty of room.
  2. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    @PeacemakerJack the tractor actually came from a trade from Lowell, I remember pulling the head, as I always do with a new to me tractor, and found a big ding inside the cylinder wall. I was going to rebuild until I found the same kind of a ding on the crankshaft journal. The current engine was and industrial 10hp Kohler I picked up from and ag service. Was a great runner. Trans was opened up to find some severely worn bevel gears, which I replaced cleaned out the trans and put back together. Ross gear was not in the best of shape, bought one off put in new balls and retaining rings. Engine pulley crankshaft hole was egg shaped with a piece of shim stock trying to fill the gap, found one on a parted out tractor in a little better shape. I had 6.70-15 goodyear ags on it with inside weights which I kept for my 1054. New lift cable. Have pulled a 10" plow to me seemed a little underpowered, also Terry pulled an 8" plow. It is a run tractor to cruise the shows with. Hope your dad enjoys it. Maybe someday we will meet up plowing.
  3. Sickle Bar Belt Replacement

    Bottom plate off, remove shaft,
  4. Happy Birthday WHX12

    Happy Birthday Jim, nice ride we'll see you in a couple weeks.
  5. Tiller

    Wheel Horse tow behind tiller. Don't know if it runs never tried. Have a parts motor that goes with it.
  6. GT14

    GT14 tractor runs and drives, has bent front spindle. I think it has been repainted. Parts tractor included.
  7. Lawn ranger

    L155 lawn ranger older repaint no engine. I had an 8hp kohler on it removed for another project.
  8. A place to play....

    Hey Jim, you got a job?
  9. Tiller

    in the vendors section, @wheelhorseman sells everything you need to get that mounted up.
  10. As Close as I've Gotten

    That's Is a very nice original, and I like your thoughts on keeping it original
  11. Wheel Horse Part ???

    yes for a 520 with a swept axle
  12. K301

    You can go 40 over aftermarket piston and rings
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    Little early am horse trading
  14. Cheapest wheel horses

    1 buck did you forget about the free sububan