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    Wow those are cool, Thanks for sharing @CasualObserver maybe Jason would know
  2. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Started out at 15 as a janitor through high school. Was accepted in 1982 to vo tech in the carpenter/cabinetmaker program. Never went as a I got a job in a factory for pretty good pay in 1982 so I stayed on for 23 years as a Die Casting machine operator, we had machines from 40 ton up to 600 ton. Left that job went to Lowes as a kitchen cabinet specialist, liked the customer service part of that job, was trying to get into management. Didn't really care for retail hours so I went back to my old job. Within 2 months of coming back I was hired into management, that lasted 8 years before being moved back to an hourly employee. Currently running a 300 ton stamping press. I see the light at the end of the tunnel although it is dim I can see it. On the side my son @prondzy and we do buy and sell Horses and parts, build K series Kohlers.
  3. Got the loader bracing done today. Went to see @wheelhorseman to punch some holes and bend some steel. Welded it up today. Pump brackets next. Pump is done.
  4. This is #3 of 4 ever made. #4 is still in the Nylint toy archives. It was made when the semi's were made but Wheel Horse did not purchase them in quantity so the4 originals went into the archves, they are reducing there inventory of 17,000 toys in the archives.
  5. Tool-box upgrade

    I have 2 of the 44" took the wheels of and added a galvanized steel top. Still trying to fill the drawers.
  6. Picked up this Nylint Wheel Horse delivery truck.
  7. Looking Around

    @WHX12 here's a 701 for you
  8. Loader is on, now need to make some upright support braces and pump mount.
  9. PTO Guard 94-3704

    I have one with bracket and attatchments knobs. $80 shipped to your door
  10. Subframe completed, waiting for paint to dry
  11. Key switch

  12. The Newest Arrival—

  13. The Newest Arrival—