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  1. 1054

    Cub Cadet, you can buy them on ebay for about 30 shipped. I like the sound and the look. @PeacemakerJack Clyde has on of those also
  2. 1054

    Pretty sure it is stock for a yellow tractor, I will cut the end of straight, cut off the bracket and put on a rain cap.
  3. Happy Birthday Terry hope you have a good one.
  4. 1054

    Yep, sometimes things are worn and you have to do the best you can with what you have. And time you have, hoping to pull a plow at the meet and greet.
  5. 1054

    Motor on, generator rebuilt, hy pump rebuilt, had to pull transmission gas tank had a leak, resoldered appears to not be leaking,reinstall transmission.
  6. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Shawshank Redemption, Man on Fire, Jason Bourne series and of course Pink Floyd The Wall
  7. Happy Birthday Lane!!

    And he had a fan was a relaxing place to chat
  8. What model am I?

    Yes, battery up front 2 piece cast transmission. 1961 551
  9. Rear end strength questions

    4 pinions 1" axle in 4 speed, 8 pinions 1 1/8 axle in 8 speed. 8 speed better IMO
  10. Happy Birthday Lane!!

    Happy Birthday Lane hope you have a great day
  11. 2018 Le Sueur Pioneer Power

    Slide show from LeSueur Pioneer Power Association of the 2018 show. It's long but a pretty good watch, gives you a good idea of all the things going on on 110 acres.
  12. Looks like one happy camper, Great Job Denny
  13. Front End Friday

  14. Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday Steve, hope you have a good one.