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    1976 C-120 with 42" SD Rehabbed "COMA" mower,
    1973 8hp 4sp with 36" deck, engine??prob,
    1972 Commando 800 needs TLC,
    1966 L-156 roller with big shoes now,
    (Thanks Jim, specialwheelhorse for engine and a rebuilt 42" SD deck)

    40" grader mid blade (Thanks Jim, specialwheelhorse),
    40" grader mid blade (parts missing),
    50' grader mid blade (need lift link),
    42" disc (DD500),
    36" Tiller (3 extra tine sets,
    36" Tiller (needs draw determined)
    42' SD Mower (Thanks specialwheelhorse Jim)
    36" RD?? (spare) semi coma,
    Cultivator? (sim AC-7),coma,
    10" bottom plow B&H (TT500)
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  1. NOS Kohler twin oil filter adapter US shipping included (international extra) $25.00. 1 ea. filter adapter, 1 ea. gasket, 1 ea. nipple , 1 ea bracket, 1 ea block off or cover? The bracket and block off may be to remove filter and relocate, don't have a clue, obsolete parts Accept paypal, money order, or checks (ships when clears) Please PM any concerns, questions, or offers to groundhog47
  2. NOS RM (32" and 36"series mower) spindle parts: 4 ea. spindle bearings, 2 ea. seals, 2 ea .spindle shaft thrust bearings, 4 ea. thrust washer, 2 ea. spindle gear cover plugs (may be after market??), 2 ea. spindle shaft woodruff keys, 2 ea. spindle gears, 1 ea. spindle shaft (surface rust), 1 ea. pillow block bearing, 2ea thin nylock shaft nuts (after market)(believe original non nylock), and 2 ea.snap rings (not pictured), all with US shipping included (international extra) $48.00. Do have some extra spindle shaft bearings and seals as well as couple of thust bearings and thrust washers Paypal, money order or checks (ships when clear) accepted PLEASE PM ANY QUESTIONS OR OFFERS>>>> groundhog47
  3. That sounds like 42" deck pulley. I am sure I have one; it's at stash in son's shop. Will get a picture of it back to ya if we are talkin' 42 inch deck, that's what mine is, cast iron.
  4. PM sent
  5. Pm'd you, have some NOS kohler oil filter parts .
  6. Ok thanks so much, "Have a great day every day!" and don't SLIP!!
  7. Say Paul, have two that I want to try. Does it matter which side of diff "box" (or diff. case) goes in first (long "snout or short snout") It appears you have long side in start case. Also I queried the two axle thing and have been awaiting the two mismatched lengths to show up. Also have a plan to se the Old style brake shaft (drive gear) so can do a quick swap from 4 to 8 if it's possible. Have waited 9 months to get parts back and ready to go back to work. Do like your portrayal of the assembly in progress and duh on me too about the axel gears, "Who'da thunk it!"
  8. Did you find your square pan? If not I have one from a 1966 L-156, four mounting holes in center in circle pattern, but was on fender pan of 66.
  9. Just got my parts back after 9 months divorce battle and am 90% sure still have the pulley if you still need.
  10. Zeek have you found your hubcaps, finally after 9 months divorce battle got my stuff back and some in that hoard, If you still need I will go pick them up and photo them.
  11. Seems like I'm always a day late and a dollar short

    Happy birthday buddy.          Jim and dee

    1. groundhog47


      Thanks and I'm just now back in for first time in awhile. Hope you and Dee are doin well? Did blanket ever come in?

      Went to Jasper and brought back a free 72 Commando 800. Got it running yesterday

    2. specialwheelhorse


      Hey been worried about you hadn't seen you on forever.

      Yep blanket come and dee loves it

      Gerry come over here and I'll give you 2 or 3 tractors.

      Got nowhere to put them and they are out inthe weather.

      Im as serious as a heart attack.

      Part them or whatever.

      Just need them gone.

      If interested I know one is a 1276 auto

      One I think is a 12 auto

      And another is kind of a hybrid 8 speed 

      I think !?!?!?

      Might even throw in a 42 rear discharge so bring a trailer and a strong back. I do have a nice set of loading ramps. 

      Hey we can talk again          Jim @Dee

      Hope u @shirl are doing well

  12. The 3/4" top and bottom (not metric) spindles with open sided top x 2 and bottom x 1 are the standard so to speak. The bottom seal prevents "dirt" entering and grease exiting while the top is protected by the additional seal. You can as it seems you know already (carefully pry out) remove and replace the rubber seal. The top bearing I suspect passes some grease to keep top separate seal "pliable". I used to grease mine every mow thinking seal blown at bottom, only to learn I probably blew it pressure wise with over greasing (although it stayed in tact). I also get mine from local supplier, but they usually have to wait on order. The auction site now and then has has some bulk quantity deals on some for much less even with shipping than local.
  13. There is a cross pin through knob and shaft (screw). The shaft (screw) is 1/2" and turned down to I believe 3/8"/5/16" at protrusion into knob. You would be best getting a suitable support under pin and shaft and use pin punch and drive out pin so as not to bend end. I got one out with slight blow and another refuses to budge with almost fed hot heat I've not had luck drilling the pins but some prob have "gooder" bits than mine!
  14. Sometimes it will but will bend up the bottom unless pulley is VERY loose. And the 48's big pulleys would require a big beating separator. It would be best to pull from topside as those pulleys are so expensive.
  15. If you have a bearing separator (clam shell) puller fasten/tighten it to groove in side of very inner most portion of hub (it's about an inch dia). Afix regular 2 post/screw/bolt puller to holes in bearing separator, put a less than 3/4" nut or several thick washers atop spindle (keeps from burring zerk threads), and turn away. It works fine on 42's and should work on the 48's. If you don't have that set up just use caution with hammer, the key will follow through and "blow" your bearing spacer on 3/4" shaft (not on metric bearing keyless shaft). I see some of these pulleys don't have the groove; hope yours does.