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  1. Keep your Mom in prayers for speedy recovery! I'm sure gonna look for the finished D then just the same! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Free Pile find

    That's pretty cool though, what good are they otherwise? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Claccic Shout Box

    Is this the shout box?
  4. Display , It's a sacrifice thing, wouldn't display it with a rotted nozzle so.......
  5. Now I can see that and the larger tie rods would be stronger too, however the Bell Crank is still a weak point but not to worry it will all work out for the better! Going to be a Super Tractor for sure!
  6. Why the extra height on the Bell Crank? Will you be parting out the PTO on this tractor or just saving them?
  7. Can I have those? Ha,ha,ha! I wish! Excellent work!
  8. I also open her up all the way! Especially if I am rototilling the garden! The 18 hp kohler sounds almost like a VW Engine!
  9. Just Brought Home Another one

    A-90 Special? Still has the long front PTO bracket, like the B-80. Small front wheels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Excellent work! Your giving me some inspiration on this one! Did you upgrade the pinion bolts on the hydro transmission?
  11. I use 30 weight and it works very well. In all my tractor transmissions...
  12. Nice Wheel Horse 1054 Find

    One of the best! Good workers those lil' 1054's!
  13. I have reversed the clutch assembly to match the diagram and reinstalled it to a new double pulley with new spring washers and viola! It's like a new PTO!
  14. The retaining rings used on the clutch are the type that wind around the grove, not a C clip or typical two hole ring. I'm not sure yet on the load side of the bearings, not it's identity. I will find out though. Thanks. Yes, I already found out the hard way about the load side of these expensive bearings! I found this which is the correct assembly. Now if I bought the other one from a Mechanical Engineer, wouldn't you "think", that he knew it was backwards?
  15. So if I press out the back clutch plate and in turn reverse the collar, the bearing could end up backwards? The PO had put this together in this manner for a reason, perhaps to make removal of the bearing easier in the future? The snap ring should hold the pressure and is as strong as the casting on the collar, makes me wonder and I really don't want to try an press out anything if it isn't necessary! I did notice the internal ring on the double pulley was out of the grove, which might explain why there was some rubbing going on the clutch bar . I was going to bring the clutch bar to work and sand them flat again, remove the "groves", however, I wonder about weakening the bars? I had a long wait finding yet another clutch, so I really don't want to mess it up!