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  1. Suburban RJ transmission parts

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Suburban rims

    Im looking for a set of suburban front rims. I am looking for original condition or older repaint, not restored. Thanks Mike
  3. More shop art!!!

    Very nice Lowell!
  4. Catastrophic failure

    Never seen a crank break. I would upgrade to a 12hp, my guess is that k181 was under a lot of load for a very long time, given the amount of weight you have stacked on the tractor and the added strain of the snow being pushed something had to give. The 12hp would offer a beefier crank and of course MORE POWER!
  5. Played around on the lathe today and turned out some dies for pressing bronze bushings into 3pc differentials and axle tubes. This way i minimize the amount of mushrooming when i press them in vs beating them in with a hammer and socket. Going to use them on my upcoming suburban transmission rebuild.
  6. WH cultivator set

    I sent you a PM
  7. Axle Differential Breakage

    Only broke a 4 pinion differential. Here are the extreme circumstances that i broke them with. Pulling a single bottom plow 12in. 1/4 mile passes for 4 hours when it broke, i havent had this happen with an 8 pinion uet.
  8. Front hitch 8-5551

    Yes you are suppose to cut the hood brackets per the instructions that came with it.
  9. Suburban differences

    Jim the 551 was the first 2 peice trans on a nut roaster, the 701 was the first front mount engine with a 2 piece trans. The only difference between a 400 and 550 was the engine.
  10. Suburban RJ transmission parts

    I am looking for a good condition differential with pinion gears and axle gears, and a 11/44 brake gear. Mine are beyond use would need shipped to MN, call text or PM 507 475 0150 This is for a suburban 400 Thanks Mike
  11. Work horse gray part

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. WHX14

    Dan i just have a price list written in my will then i dont have to listen to this.... ill be taking a dirt nap
  13. WHX14

    Jim ive always said every good man can count to 21!
  14. Favorite Christmas Presents—2017

    Long chute i guess
  15. Favorite Christmas Presents—2017

    I got to host Christmas at our new house this year with family, i did get a little cash which i plan to put towards a heater for the garage And a little xmas bonus at work (thanks to my generous boss) allowed me to do this to the attic of my garage on Saturday Fluffy blown in fiberglass insulation at a value of R40. Its been a great year and i have to count my blessings