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  1. NOS Lawn ranger hubs

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Two days of hauling.

    I like the 701 your pulling from the weeds! Nice find
  3. AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree May 19 , 2018

    Cant wait to see you there Denny!
  4. AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree May 19 , 2018

    Weather permitting???? What about last year
  5. Original 953/1054

    Looking for an original paint condition 953/1054 looking for a complete tractor, does not need to be running Call text pm me 507 475 0150 Thanks Mike
  6. I'm New--but I'm not...

    Welcome Caleb!
  7. Happy Birthday ol550

    Happy Birthday
  8. R/C Hobby

    Rtr out of the box with a 35T motor i had to buy a charger and battery. The battery i got was an Onyx Lipo 5000mah 7.4v 25c this thing can creep along at a snails pace and crawl up some steep stuff
  9. R/C Hobby

    Well guys i finally settled on a truck, i didnt end up with a nitro truck yet..... @Achto but i did take your advice with the kids and electric will be easier with them around. I settled on a 1/10th scale rock crawler/trail truck these things are awesome! I got an Axial Scx10 II this thing has working ring and pinions, 4x4, adjustable shocks! The weather is kinda cold right now so i have been stacking up the kids toys to drive over kinda fun cant wait till the weather gets nicer!
  10. 341 kohler acr

    If you run a kohler backwards fast enough to do a compression check you will starve the crank journal of oil, there is a hole in the bottom of the rod cap for this reason when run in the proper direction. I would not try this on my worst enemies engine let alone my own. Do a leak down test if you need to. Can i ask why are you checking this?
  11. Suburban rims

    Im looking for a set of suburban front rims. I am looking for original condition or older repaint, not restored. Thanks Mike
  12. More shop art!!!

    Very nice Lowell!
  13. Catastrophic failure

    Never seen a crank break. I would upgrade to a 12hp, my guess is that k181 was under a lot of load for a very long time, given the amount of weight you have stacked on the tractor and the added strain of the snow being pushed something had to give. The 12hp would offer a beefier crank and of course MORE POWER!
  14. Played around on the lathe today and turned out some dies for pressing bronze bushings into 3pc differentials and axle tubes. This way i minimize the amount of mushrooming when i press them in vs beating them in with a hammer and socket. Going to use them on my upcoming suburban transmission rebuild.
  15. WH cultivator set

    I sent you a PM