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  1. I still have 8 hrs of work to go, of which i have to spend 4 of them on my back installing a transmission into a chevy box van that i can only lift 2ft off the floor Then its
  2. Its an Ariens sign going up on the Auction
  3. Possible 953 Score

    Jim, it looks like a great tractor, but if it doesnt pan out you could definately part it and get your money back and then some, btw i sure like that grill
  4. Gift Horse

    Nice tractor Denny!
  5. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday


    Thats where i was sitting steve how did you know

    Its a beautiful day in MN 80 deg. and no clouds in sight a fresh coat of linseed oil and let it bake in the sun
  8. Special Thanks!

    I would like to give a Special to @BOB ELLISON and @953 nut i received my new seat for my 1054 today. This thing is amazing and TOP NOTCH QUALITY!
  9. Ill he there Thursday AM with @Shynon
  10. Front End Friday

    Its originally a 1257 converted to look like a 1045
  11. Looks good Denny, guess i better get back in the garage to finish mine for the kids too!
  12. It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

    Me and the kids last summer 1045 and original tub wagon
  13. Is it no talk Friday!

  14. Front End Friday