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  1. Post a pic of the whole tractor it will make things easier
  2. Yes Ashton, you will need to properly measure the bore to figure out the correct size piston you have . IF and I mean IF you have measured and have the smaller bore k161 compare to the kohler manual. You will need to have the block machined and go to the std. Bore 7hp (the bigger bore 7hp) piston in the link you provided. But do your research and get the motor to a good machine shop and the money will be well spent. Thanks @stevasaurus for the tag and Ashton if you have any questiins PM me.
  3. Looking for an original condition 875 like the one pictured below. No repaints, or cut up tractors. Repowered tractors ok as long as it isnt cut up to make the engine fit. Non running tractors and projects ok.
  4. No jim, on a 702 its a vacuum operated pulse pump. You can get a new diaphragm from buckrancher. Later years ran a lever to the camshaft that you are thinking of.
  5. Starter was frozen, cant repair just pondering a repower vs finding out the motor burns oil like crazy and being money into a lost cause. And i did buy it for the steering wheel..... but hmyou know how that goes jim.
  6. Just curious if anyone has repowered a rear engine rider here. What did you use for an engine? This would be on an A 81 i contemplated using a predator vert shaft. Not sure just looking.
  7. Just looking to see if anyone has a starter for a briggs 8hp vert. Shaft model number 191707 in working condition. Not looking to spend alot right now as i need this to turn over engine to see what else i need to get an A-81 running and driving.
  8. Yes thanks John you have been a huge help!
  9. I took the pump to a good hydraulics shop who have helped on some sundstrand questions and they were suprised to see such a small pump. Unfortunately after a couple days of research they came up with no alternative pump. Im having a tough time figuring out psi and gpm output of the old pump to find a comparable model
  10. So i have been searching with little luck. I have an Ark 508 and the original cessna pump crapped out the other day. Don't question the pump i know its bad. What have you guys replaced your pumps with? Do you have a link or could you pm me with the punp and model #. All help is appreciated
  11. Thanks guys.
  12. I will have to get a pic later. It is the standard valve for tge loader. I cleaned it up and put in new orings this weekend. And noticed there is a locked forward postion on the lift spool. Just wanted yo make sure something wasnt wromg after assembly. I havent had much seat time with this one yet, but looking forward to this summer! Thanks for your help.
  13. Which lever has to move to what postion for float to work?
  14. I would repower it with a good ol . Hook a chain to it and drag it into the weeds.
  15. So i have an ark 508 loader on my c160. I was wondering if any of the other Ark FEL owners could tell me if there is a "float" postion in the spool valve?