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  1. reel mower

    Looking for a LMR-301 or similar model front mounted reel mower for my 400 suburban. Thanks, Mike 507-475-0150 call text or PM
  2. Suburban front rims

    Looking for correct front rims for a 400 suburban, with or without tires also looking for original tires. Need shipped to MN Mike 507 475 0150 pm text or call

    He will be 2 i know its a little early but i figure by next spring he will be ready

    My sons Birthday is next weekend so i assembled his trike this week. It is a HF all terrain trike, better yet its red! He has a fascination with and can pick the symbol out in a pic so I ordered some decals from Terry and this is what i came up with. I think he will like it
  5. Overcrowded garage

    I like your thinking, but if your anything like me your "empty" floor space will fill up with good deals!
  6. Idler pulleys

    In search of old riveted idler pulleys with bad, broken, or worn out bearings. Clutch/drivebelt idlers, and mower deck pto idlers. Look like this.
  7. Adult pedal tractors?

    @Shynon has one... any pics?
  8. Lawn Sweeper

    Mike i like your idea, but isnt that for lighting the brown paper bag on your porch?
  9. Lawn Sweeper

    Thanks guys, i ended up purchasing a new brinly sweeper, @CasualObserver you made a great point about the storage space and i remebered the brinly sweeper folds flat for storage. And i really like brinly attachments with their history with
  10. Lawn Sweeper

    Awesome Thanks guys! Anyone using a brinly or Ohio Steel model?
  11. Lawn Sweeper

    So i have been looking for a pull behind type lawn sweeper, I have a 3/4 acre lot and want one for fall cleanup. What brands are you guys using? Pics would be great! What are your likes and dislikes of the model you have? Thanks!
  12. 953/1054 snow plow and rear bracket

    Pm sent
  13. Commando 8

    Changed Status to Closed