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  1. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    Yup sounds like a confirmation to me Lowell
  2. What do you have for a workbench?

    Old Diebold bankers drawer cabinets i found on craigslist with a 2x4 top on that and a peice of 16ga galvanized steel bent up for a wipeable top, been using it for 2 years and i love it. 11ft long
  3. My new shop

    Awesome Jason!
  4. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    Im expecting you to be there....key word is "expecting ".
  5. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    I think thats. Privilege of going to the show Jim not sure if videos can be taken.
  6. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    Anyone heard from Dennis?
  7. Rebuild or go new

  8. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    Thursday AM for me too! @Achto @WHX20 @wheel horse men @CasualObserver ??
  9. JD custom

    Convenient and innovative when your finished mowing stand it in end, roll to the curb and the garbage truck takes it for you. I wonder if you have to drain the gas and oil first
  10. Original i only have 1 restored b-80 it was grandpas (on left) other wise its original for me
  11. I still have 8 hrs of work to go, of which i have to spend 4 of them on my back installing a transmission into a chevy box van that i can only lift 2ft off the floor Then its