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  1. Looks good james! Hopefully that stack has a little more support this year for plowing. So what did you do with the 18hp??
  2. No it wont the compression has been released.
  3. This comes up time and time again how do you check compression on a kohler with automatic compression release?
  4. I have been pushing around the idea of making a fork loader setup for my ark 508 loader. My plan is to remove the original bucket so it isnt destroyed and make a skid loader style quick attatch system and make a new bucket as well. Has anyone out there done the same thing? Can i see pics?
  5. Makes me want a 520 Denny! Looks sharp!
  6. Why 11/64th? Im guessing your float is not closing the float needle.
  7. Got an electric pressure washer for the horses
  8. Wow guys, these pics are making me jealous. Really getting some good ideas, keep them coming. @ohiofarmer that's a different lift, i never saw one used on a tractor it looks pretty handy!
  9. The whole point if you read the very first post was to show the inside of YOUR garage. And to share your workspace how you have organized your benches, shelves storage ideas. @Terry M understood the idea. It isnt about what things would be nice its about how you are using your space (the inside).
  10. No Jim, its not that its bad hes moving closer, the whole thread is to show off the inside of your garage for ideas, not whats on the shelf. This thread turned into shoutbox about moving and buying houses.
  11. Lets see those pics!
  12. Ok guys, now that we are all stuck indoors for the most part, an i recently sold my house and i am between houses, lets see those garages. This thread is not an i spy contest keep those comments to yourself. I want to see your garage/shop and see how you best "use" your space. I am only doing this for space efficient, cool ideas and how big is your space roughly, again NO POINTING OUT STUFF ON SHELVES!
  13. Love them! Everyone needs to Laugh. Just keep em PG-13..... For the kids...
  14. Belt slipping under the higher load?