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  1. Looks like your missing a subframe how are you ever going to figure that one out
  2. Work horse gray part

    Might help ill look into it Thanks Garry,
  3. Work horse gray part

    I am looking for a smaller easy to ship panel from a work horse tractor. It could be bent, cut up or broken i just need a decent peice to try a color match the gray with. Any help is greatly appreciated. Call text or PM me Thanks Mike 507 475 0150
  4. Kohler 8 hp part

    I have one sorry it took a while to find it. Needs a good media blasting. Pm me if your interested
  5. Last name is Prondzinski, nickname in highschool was Prondzy, so i just went with it.
  6. Kohler 8 hp part

    Let me look in the shop today i beleve i have one in a tote of parts. I will PM you later.
  7. Whats your Winter Project

    I have a mower deck rebuild i got from @WHX12, a transmission rebuild for my suburban 400, and a workers resto for this little project
  8. My absence from here, my new home.

    Looks awesome!
  9. Who makes this

  10. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    Thanks Jim, but that 953 is due for a beauty make over... I like the way its going Josh. Jim your not referring to this old worker are ya?
  11. Kohler 10hp belt guard

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Hub Caps

    Pm sent

    I asked Terry @Vinylguy if he could reproduce a dealer advertisment from one of my Dealer Binders into a decal, this is what i sent him And this is what he came up with ! Not only did he make the decals like i wanted he made them into his awesome aluminum signs too! Cant wait to hang it up! Again THANKS TERRY!
  14. 876

    I have an original 876, clearcoat and new decals, this tractor runs great, hydro is strong, rebuilt carb and fuel pump, hyro motion control lever is tight and works great. No smoke, add an accessory and this thing is ready to work, or show. Could deliver to the Madison/Princeton WI area this saturday. $400 Thanks Mike 507 475 0150
  15. Toro voltmeter and hour meter

    Changed Status to Closed