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  1. Is it no talk Friday!

  2. Front End Friday

  3. WH 520-D

    There was a D250 would have had sparkplugs, and then there was the 512D sold in Europe (D being diesel so no spark plugs).
  4. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy belated birthday Terry!
  5. Help

    Thanks guys i picked one up today
  6. Help

    Thanks Garry
  7. Help

    I am working on a 417a with a 48 SD deck for someone, i need a mower deck mule drive belt. The belt is shredded and i have no part number. Thanks in advance
  8. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  9. Front End Friday

    Im in ×2
  10. New tractor

    Even got my wife to drive her first tractor ever! She said it was fun!
  11. New tractor

    I aquired this tractor 2 weeks ago weather was finally nice enough to get some glamour shots. Runs ok, its going to need an engine rebuild this winter, came with rear split weights. Going to leave it in its barn dust for now! Really liking the color of this one
  12. Ohio Steel Wagon

    Yes they did make one, @Shynon has one, wonder if he has a pic of it.
  13. Opinions on Used Dodge Ram Trucks

    Just curious dodge 3.7 and 4.7 and gm 4.8 if you are looking for towing capacity why not the dodge 5.7 and gm 5.3? both are better motors than the smaller engine you keep looking at i would figure parts availbilty for the bigger ones would be better and cheaper based on how common they are. (Minus the 16 sparkplugs dodge has in the 5.7)
  14. Opinions on Used Dodge Ram Trucks

    The 3.7 and 4.7 are basically the same timing chain engines +/- 2cyl. The 4.7 would definately have more power. Havent seen any manual trans dodge trucks. Biggest concen with either engine is overheating will most likely require a head gasket job.
  15. Im looking for a grill insert for a 1054, would prefer original condition but would consider a repainted one