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  1. I ride my horse!

    1977 D-160 Purchased 7/2012. I would'nt go as far as "restoration". I did not blast, just cleaned and got what I could off with a paint stripping wheel. RustOleum Regal Red. Did a fair amount of motor work. I will keep posting my progress.
  2. New to Redsquare

    Sparky, I have not decided yet but I have been keeping my eyes open for something to restore.
  3. I started with rustoleum sunrise red... Didn't like it . I ended up using rustoleum regal red and it seems close to the original sticker color. I really do not like the durability of rattle can. Seems very prone to chipping. So I brushed then rolled. Bake in sun for two days, wet sanded and used clear enamel spray (rustoleum) for finish. Looks very nice. But get an even coat with the clear, it does not like to touch up evenly. Take a look at my pics for results. It seems very durable
  4. Terry, I just want to say thanks for replicating these decals, what would we do without you??? I just finished repainting my 77 D-160, and I am in need of new decals. I was looking at the set you offer I am not sure where the two large WH logo's go. I should be placing my order this week. Is that discount still valid? Thanks Brian Wallington
  5. New to Redsquare

    I posted a few pics in my gallery, having trouble setting my profile pic though.
  6. New to Redsquare

    I Hello all, I was turned on to Wheel Horse earlier this summer. I sold a 98 Murray that I had garbage picked and repaired, needed something that could do more than mow. I saw a listing for a 1977 D160 on another site and when the pic finally appeared... I just had to have it. If you frequent this site you may not recognize it at first, but this is Jake Kuhns old tractor (he is a good kid). I bought the tractor for purpose, I needed something that can level my driveway and help maintain the private road I live on. I also wanted the option of a blower. I have done a ton of work to it since I got it from Jake. I pulled the motor and rebuilt it, rebuilt the carb. The snowthrower was in pretty rough shape so I stripped as much of the rust off as I could, replaced all the bearings, put on a new pulley and gave it a fresh coat of paint (will add pics soon). I then turned my attention to the tractor and back blade. I would not call it a full restoration since I did not fully dissassemble it, blast and paint. I just removed what I could, cleaned it up and painted as much as I could. I still have a bit of work to do to get it finished up, but its pretty close. after all the work I have put into this over the past 6 weeks I think I have earned my membership. Hope you all enjoy... Jake deserves some credit on this project too! Hope to hear from you, if anyone is desperate for onan some 16hp parts I might have what you need. Just ask!