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  1. Looks to be in good shape for its age! id say that’s a good deal! joe
  2. tiller for C-175

    Try "searchtempest" it may help. Joe
  3. Carb isssues..Ever see this?

    "Its definitely not a weak fuel pump. It has an electric pump that will pump the Hoover Dam if I want it to and its got 3 filters on it, the screen in the tank, the filter before the pump and the filter before the fuel bowl. all new fuel lines and the carb was rebuilt and is very clean. I'm tending to lean toward the springs. It would be the most logical explanation now that it was mentioned." I can't see any good reason to run three filters and a sediment bowl? Those do restrict flow. Electric fuel pump may not be able to suck and pump fuel through all that! If your tank is clean, why not remove those two extra filters and watch the bowl for contaminates? Joe
  4. Most collectible/desired/rare imp or attachment?

    I think a set of cultivators (front and rear) would be cool! I have a mid mount grader blade. Two actually, one home made and one 50". The guy that sold it to me thought it was a snow blade. It's the most useful tool in my opinion. Others makes offered them. But, I've never seen one of another brand. I also have a Mighty Mac chipper. But, it's in tough shape. Will need some serious fab work. Joe
  5. That's in Pittsfield mass. Right next to the New York border. Joe
  6. Inner tube or new tire?

    I love it when a plan comes together! For future ref. you can check TSC store inventory on line. Joe
  7. Inner tube or new tire?

    Me, I'd de-mount the tires and inspect them. Then check the valve stem. Then check the rim as far as rust dents or barbs on the bead area. Or, where a tube might rub. If all looked good. I'd wire brush them up good, paint them well and, put new valve stems in them. Scrub the beads on tire tires well with a stiff bristled brush and re-assemble. Inflate, spray some soap on the beads and look for bubbles. If something does not look good, then I'd buy tubes and tube them! But, I wouldn't spend money on tubes if I don't have too. And You should do most of what I said anyway. I have one of those HF tire changers. Makes the job pretty easy! Joe
  8. ford 8n

    I know a thing or two about them. I have two. Plus two other very similar tractors. They are great for the York rake. But, for bush hogging? No live PTO can make it a chore. When ever you lift the brush cutter the pto has to be engaged for the hydro lift to work. Makes it a bit scary if kids are around! It all depends on wether you have long strieght runs, or, a lot of obstacles to work around. Joe
  9. 520H cuts off after running for 2 minutes

    Sounds like your 91' has a weak battery, Take the battery out of the 96' And, put it in the 91' Joe
  10. Raider 12 resto

    That should have two straps on the tank and the engine should be all red. Joe
  11. 516H

    I saw that on CL too. Just too far away. A good snow blower is usually four times that money! You did good on that deal! I've found chains and weights on turf tires to be best on a snow blower tractor. How's the ags working for you? Joe
  12. Help with tractor id

    So, I asked some Q's. Do you know the model number? Or, engine make and hp? 3 speed tran right? Tractor deck trailer and plow MODEL # 1715 7-8 hp engine yes 3 speed tranny yes all the items are in the pic are included Model number makes no sense. Engine hp doesn't help. 3 speed tran tells me something. Just checking to make sure the deck is included. It's not too far from me. I always wanted to try a short frame model. That is my favorite style wheelhorse. Price ain't bad for my neck of the woods. I'd probably want a kohler in it anyway. Is that the correct deck for it? Is it a good deck? Thanks! Joe
  13. machine shop help

    Mid west super cub Bore and hone $52.50 Never used them myself. Joe
  14. Help with tractor id

    Yea, the tractor seems to have the tires of a "C" series. But, the blade and trailer don't say that?
  15. Help with tractor id

    I'm thinking the cut out on the hood looks factory?