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  1. 500 Special

    that is not the correct seat either. a good shape correct seat can raise the value up to a few hundred dollars more.
  2. Collections in series

    I think your collecting goals evolve. I started collecting first years of every brand.(modern rear ends)that got boring so I went to all wheel horse with 15 inch tires. that's all done. then all the d series. now im just round hoods and rare ones. after the round hoods I am thinking of the old afl west collection...raider,charger,bronco.
  3. my tractors

  4. I scored this amazing 551. it was from an original owner who died and his nephew was selling it. it was bought brand new in the spring of 1962. he bought it with the 1962 options of headlights and back seat rest. I have the original paperwork and the 1962 literature that shows color pictures of the headlights and backrest. it has all belt gaurds, side discharge covers on deck and original pull chain for pin in snow blade and rope for turning the blade. I cant stand the way it looks. im dying to tear it down and make it look pretty. John Campbell keeps telling me "its a survivor and leave it alone. will painting it hurt value or increase value?
  5. L156

    Lowell, nothing special. I used 10.00 a quart international red rustoleum. used a very expensive wet look type hardner. wet sand three times
  6. I bought this rust bucket from John Campbell over a year ago. it had a nice wheel horse high back seat. Worth what I paid for the tractor. It was rusty and had a broken rod. Few weeks ago I decided not to part it out and bring it back to life. a quick sand blast and lots of wet sanding rust pits, its all back together. I didn't have any intention of making this a show tractor. John claims it is now. I have to clean up some wiring and finish the deck and its all finished.
  7. Back hoe/ loader

    here is mine all painted up
  8. Wheel Horse Auction Today

    the new mover deck went for 675.00
  9. thanks everyone for the nice words. no its not for sale. plan on doing a little digging
  10. I bought this with the intention of using it. It ran great, but it did not move. I figured the hydro was shot, It did not leak any fluid like when I had to replace the hydro pump in other d series I own. I figured, since Ihave to pull the motor, I should give it a paint job and clean up. The pump was fine, it was only the coupler. Here is how it turned out.
  11. D250 What is it worth?

    john cambell and I were at a farm auction last week. a d250 with a mower deck in avg. shape sold for 1600.00. add a 10 percent buyer fee and sales tax and your at 1900.00.
  12. I use the d's back blade and fel to clean out my semi well. then a use a bolens 1886 with a heated cab and power angle blade for the parking lot. my buddy chumley in the picture loves helping.
  13. 500 Special

    3631 is correct. i have one. its a good one for the collection. its a terrible worker though. the 68 commando its basically the same except with the kohler engine and electric start, its so much nicer. here is a better picture of one. its hard to find one with a correct seat. thanks brad