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  1. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    I will try this weekend - if it's not raining...
  2. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    I think anything that keeps the grass clippings from blowing out the front would be great. Love the McMaster-Carr catalog. Well - I have mowed nearly 3 hours since I installed the shield - no clog up. A little build up at the top rear but nothing substantial. I am excited to see other possible solutions.
  3. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    Wow - that's a cool setup!
  4. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    I tried a frame mount but the clearance is tricky. And thanks for your original R & D Jack - this is just an extension of your original findings with the cardboard.
  5. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    This is a great topic. I was at a yard sale a few weeks ago and saw a 416-8 with an Onan on it parked under a deck. The flywheel screen was packed with clippings. I'm lining up Winter projects (since I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt here in mid August in my neck of the woods) and I think I'm going to add belting to the front of the deck to bring the front lip down even with the sides, like my rear discharge decks and my MTD Cub Cadet deck - none of which throw grass out the front of the deck. I'd also like to make a sheet metal shield mounted to the underside of the flywheel screen like the picture I posted earlier in this thread. I know sometimes it seems like when we talk about this grass build-up on the Onans, it seems like we are beating a dead horse (no pun intended... ), but I suspect that every day or week a new owner of these tractors comes online, so it's great conversation and good to keep this issue on the front burner for the new comers IMHO. Thanks! Bill I wanted to make it out of 18 or 20 gauge steel, but I don't have access to a brake and shear right now. I think that's a great idea.
  6. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    I'm a fairly pragmatic person...to a point. I have owned this tractor for only one year and I have looked down and saw the red overtemp light on, four separate times. I am fairly deliberate about checking for grass buildup, but it has happened more than once so for me - it needed to be addressed. This is a design flaw, period. I have literally mowed 1/2 an acre and my screen has been completely packed. I really didn't post this for a debate. I really would have rather not invest the time, but for me - it was necessary. I sold my 314-8 when I got this one so I don't currently have a back-up mower if I wreck this one. I have already installed a sounder alarm as well but I haven't wired it up. I wanted first to prevent the buildup. I de-carboned and installed new gaskets on my engine last year so I don't think this overkill. Let me say this - I have a large back yard and we don't use most of it but I keep it clear. I only mow back there once a week. I typically get some small "hay piles" so I have quite a bit of clippings blowing around when I mow. Because of the rain I haven't touched the back for 10 days now - and it is a little high. Now if you are in the "yard-of-the-month club" and mow every few days - this may not even apply to you.
  7. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    It just mounts with the 2 bottom screws for the screen...
  8. 520H Debris Deflector Shield

    After a lot of discussion, I really thought I needed to come up with something to keep the darn grass, leaves and debris off the intake screen of my 520H. Well - it took me 3 tries to get one (the first one was a frame mounted steel version) to fit and I had some time to install it and test it tonight. It looks a bit...weird. I used polycarbonate and some aluminum angle to construct it. Almost all the screws are stainless steel. Some things to keep in mind: I did have to remove the lip from bottom of the intake screen. I shimmed this out from the inside screen with 1/4 - 20 flat washers to clear the heads of the button head screws that rotate on the inside screen. It still rubbed a little bit but not enough to bother me - it "cleared out" a little material off the polycarbonate. If I held my dimensions tighter this would have been a non-issue. The angles help it clear the front wheel (turned all the way) and the foot rest. Seems to work OK but it needs to be used for a few weeks to test the durability of it. Here's some pics: Prototype 2 - FAIL: Prototype 3: That's all the grass after mowing for more than 30 minutes. I was purposely mowing over old grass piles to kick up a lot of clippings - seems to work well. Notice there isn't any grass on the screen below the shield.
  9. I'm working on "Revision 3" for a grass deflector for the 520H....

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    2. AMC RULES


      What happened to one and two?

    3. varosd


      I'm very interested if I want to use the 520 for leaf season!

    4. Brian K WheelHorse

      Brian K WheelHorse

      1 and 2 failed - lol....

  10. It was my last pass and I was going to put the 520 away. Of course I tried to mow the weeds in the water - and got stuck. And then got my Suzuki Grand Vitara stuck tryinh to pull out the 520. I had to pull the Suzuki out with the Subaru Outback and then drive onto my neighbors lawn and pull the 520 out with the Subaru....sheesh.

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    2. Brian K WheelHorse

      Brian K WheelHorse

      I hate when I do that....lol.

    3. varosd


      sounds like you need a sickle mower

    4. Brian K WheelHorse

      Brian K WheelHorse

      I need a pontoon mower...

  11. I'm going to show the grass who's boss...

  12. Are you Serious?

    If that is serious - it's messed up. Wow - lol.
  13. 520H Hydro Overtemp?

    Hey guys - got in there and cleaned out as much as I could with my hand and a garden hose and no overtemp today! I got a lot of junk out of those cooling fins and it really seemed to help. Thanks.
  14. Just scored a 1997 520H - looking for a recommendation...

    Thanks. I actually milled out the side shield for more air flow. I used an old Bridgeport milling machine. It was tough to get it secured in the vise but I got it to work. Okey look really good The black belt guard was it original on your tractor? I like it found it at rcpw, but i allready has orderd part from rcpw.com. Anyway, it would be next time Is Any body have the front swept axle kitt? I want to upgrade My 520h to heavy duty Yes - that is the stock belt guard...partstree has a lot of "Toro/Wheelforse parts" too....