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  1. WH Belt 875, 1075, 876, 877

    I have some New NOS Wheel Horse Garden Tractor Drive Belts for the following models 875, 876, 877, 1075. This belt number 7041 is the same size as part number 6146 and as replacement belt 8005, Both listed in the parts manual. $16.75 includes shipping, While supply last !!
  2. Steve Sorry for the delay, I have 4 on the list. The most popular one was Mike Martino's. Ron
  3. Alum. Hydro Fan Blade 6108

    I dont have a screen for sale at this time.
  4. Alum. Hydro Fan Blade 6108

    I have some replacement Alum. Hydro Fan Blades these are listed as part number 6108. These fit the older models. They are $20 each which includes shipping. If your Fan Blade is damaged or warped don't take the chance of overheating the pump and doing damage. Email: rsgreco@embarqmail.com Ron Greco I also have New Original Wheel Horse Drive belts to fit the 875, 876, 877 & 1075 model tractors.
  5. To all the Senior and Lever Steer owners that will be attending the upcoming show in PA, I will be attending Thurs. Fri & Sat. and I hope to get a few minutes from vending parts to look for you and your tractor. If i don't find you look for me under the white canopy in the vendors area. I will be updating the registry with small details about the tractors and misc. missing information. Safe Travels !! Ron Greco 513-227-9030 Quick update number 61 for the Seniors is on the Registry !!!!!!
  6. Bachtold Attachment

    I hope to have it ready for the show but time is running out. I hate to show it and it not be DONE. I will be set up in the vendors section and if it makes it on the trailer it will be displayed with me under the white canopy.
  7. Bachtold Attachment

    I appreciate you remembering me I am close to having it complete. I was missing the Mower Guard, I found a new one in a warehouse in AZ. The top belt guide was missing, I copied one from pictures and a broken piece still attached which gave me the size that the original was. I lift bar is the last item, It will have some things changed as right now time is a factor getting ready for the show in PA. I would like to find an original manual or a very good copy. I am lucky that my blade is in very good condition. I could use a new belt sometime in the future. Take care If you are going to the show next week look me up !! Ron Greco 513-227-9030
  8. New Website and name change!

    Your site looks very nice, I will get with you at the show. Ron Greco
  9. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I will have a white canopy set up at the Big Show selling misc parts. Prices are for the show only, no shipping till after the show if supply is still available, Limited quantity available. Here are a few of the things I have: New Brake Band Material (on Right) $12 each New Wheel Horse belt for the 875, 876, 877 & 1075 model tractors correct size and original. $15 each NEW OEM Original 1961 Wheel Horse Hood Plug. $17 each NEW Replacement Rear Light for the 953 / 1054 model tractors. same size and with Correct Bee Hive Red Lens and is 12 volt like the original, the difference the cap screws on for a secure fit and a ground wire attaches to the back. Limited Supply $35 each I will have some ORIGINAL Wheel Horse Rear Lights with me if you want the correct factory part. Replacement Hydro Alum. Fan Part number 6108. Limited number, $15 each HL-5 Headlights, I hope to bring about 5 sets of these, the light bracket is a repop. The lights have been cleaned, new pigtails added when needed, working blubs and glass lens. The condition of the lights varies so does the price. $150 & up I will have original correct light switches $20 each my light switch brackets are on back order at the moment I hope to have them before the show. Replacement Two Piece Gas Tank Gaskets, $15 each, 2 for $28, 3 for $40 SHOW SPECIAL !! I guarantee that when these are installed as recommended they will not leak, if it EVERY does I will replace it for FREE. See you at the show RON GRECO text or call at the show if you cant find me 513-227-9030
  10. Hello Just a quick update on the Senior Registry total. We have hit 10% of the estimated 600 Seniors made. There are currently 2 Seniors for sale. One in VA and one in AR One is listed in the classified section for $3000, the other is asking $5500, for information on this one please contact me I have permission to forward his information to interested parties. I will be at the show in PA, under the white canopy by the vendor buildings stop by and say hello. Ron Greco rsgreco@embarqmail.com 513-227-9030
  11. Bachtold Attachment

    Jason I very much appreciate it, as you know it is very hard to find information on these. The pictures posted on here are the only things to go by. Thanks Ron
  12. Bachtold fence mower pic

    Hello, I am looking for measurements to make the lift bar that goes under the tractor and attaches to the Bachtold. I would love to hear from the two owners if they still have these and could help me with measurements and pictures. Thank you for any help you can give !! Ron Greco rsgreco@embarqmail.com
  13. I have Unconfirmed information from a friend that knows were 2 Seniors and a Lever Steer are, they are reported to be in pieces in a barn but complete. When he keeps me posted I will forward info on. This would bring the seniors total over the 60 mark which is 10% of the reported number produced !! Keep Looking !! Ron Greco Big-Game rsgreco@embarqmail.com
  14. Bachtold Attachment

    Hello Jason, Thanks for the post, Sorry it took so long to get back but attachment was in transit. i am looking for information, literature and the size dimensions of the lift lever bar that goes under the tractor. Mine is missing. Any chance you will attend the show in PA ? Here is my email rsgreco@embarqmail.com Thanks for any help you can provide. Ron Greco
  15. VERY NICE SENIOR !!! Yes Jeff I have you on the Registry, and listed on page 30 of the book. Can you send me the engine Serial Number for my records. rsgreco@embarqmail.com Thank you !!