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  1. New To Me RJ

    Was this the one From E-bay?
  2. A Few of the Carts & Such.

    Thanks very much, I love the 'old school' saw tooth tread. I'd like to find some to put on mine.
  3. A Few of the Carts & Such.

    What brand and size tires do you have on the front of your C-160? They look great!
  4. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar

    PM sent
  5. Wheel Horse/Brinly Slot Hitch Adapter. SOLD

    pm sent
  6. Wheel Horse Slot Hitch. SOLD

    pm sent
  7. 1979 C81

    Is this still available?
  8. Sunstrand 90-1140 with lift cylinder

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Sunstrand 90-1140 with lift cylinder

    Changed Price to Free (will not ship-must be picked up)
  10. Sundstrand 90-1140 automatic transmission with the lift cylinder assembly out of a 1977 C-160. Everything worked well when parked a year ago. I believe it is in original condition, and has never been rebuilt. The previous owner took very good care of his equipment. I would prefer not to ship and deal locally if possible. PM or email if interested. Thanks.
  11. Looking for complete K341 or K361

    I sent you a PM.
  12. Original C160 wheels and Wheel Horse Tires

    Jack/Mike, I believe part# 4996 refers to the hub for 1 inch axle. hope this helps
  13. 2 48" SD mower decks

    Decks have been sold to New Horse. He was the first to reply. Thanks to everyone who inquired.
  14. i will buy the decks! my phone number is 330-883-6368



  15. i live in the warren area and will buy the decks