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  1. Deck pulley

    I am looking for a center pulley for my 42” rear discharge mower deck on my 312-8
  2. Pro pulley removal

    Installing a new motor on my 312-8 need to remove pto pulley from old motor anyone have any tricks For getting it of the main shaft?
  3. 312-8

    Thank you for the drawing I'm starting a parts list and build sheet
  4. 6 wheel drive anyone....

    Awesome how did he set up the rear drive system
  5. Set up so that you have 4 drive wheels in back 4x6
  6. Can 2 312-8 transmissions be linked together?
  7. 312-8

    That is an option how would you size the sprockets
  8. 312-8

    Has anyone tried to link two trans. Together
  9. Dual wheel adapters

    Hi all I'm looking for a set of dual wheel adapters for my 520HC any condition around 50.00
  10. used parts dealers

    hi im looking for a dual whee kit for my 520 hc with loader any ideas? thanks Mike