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  1. Harbor Freight Mini Tire Changer Eval

    Very cool! This could have helped me this week if i had one. I saved a 83 Wheelhorese Workhorse 1142 from a flood 2 years ago and finished it up but had to wrestle the tire off the rim for a hour to install a tube.
  2. Hello new to the site.

    Yeah its only 20 minutes away. I finally popped my Wheel Horse "Big Show" Cherry this year. Lots of nice people and good information. Next year i will take one of my horses. I was embarrased this past year because miy 69 700 was not restored.
  3. Hello new to the site.

    Hi everybody, My name is Cody. I live near Gettysburg, Pa. I'm new to the site, I own two wheel horses so far. 1962 702 and a 1969 workhorse 700. Someday I hope to own more down the road. I plan in a total restoration for the 702 and partial restore for the 700. Both run great and i use them every week in the yard or on the farm.
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    62 Wheel Horse 702 69 Wheel Horse WH 700