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  1. Concrete Slab pulling

    I found one, and it happens to be one of RedSquare's tractor builders pulling at the Spencer fair. @ the :44 mark you'll see a WH at the end of the pad when he pulls forward, that's mine. I believe that final round was between him and I. --- and he won !!
  2. Concrete Slab pulling

    I'll see what I can find, Chris11 is one of the more competitive pullers at these events and may have some pics or photos as well.
  3. Concrete Slab pulling

    Thank you Craig
  4. Concrete Slab pulling

    If you are looking for something fun and challenging there are a few concrete slab pulls throughout the summer and early fall in central Mass and southern NH. The next pull is at the Cheshire Fair grounds ( http://www.cheshirefair.org/ ) in Swanzey, NH on August 5th. You can find the setup rules here http://static1.squarespace.com/static/554252f8e4b0376dfa63358e/t/576408d98419c28ad941d814/1466173659249/Tractor-Pulls-LG%2B2016.pdf . This type of pulling consists of pulling a steel sled weighted with concrete blocks on a concrete slab, we run 4 classes, 900lb, 1200lb 1500lb and 1800lb. the 900lb class has been known to pull 5000lb's + the full pull distance of 6'. If your interested come check it out, it can be entertaining. I know there are a few others I pull with who post here, please feel free to comment or ask questions and I'll answer what I can. -Mike