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  2. Zagray Farm Tractor Show

    What's the procedure/protocal for display? I have several tractors I'd like to bring along with a few items to sell.
  3. New guys new herd

    New RJ 58 for the barn
  4. Opinions on this tractor

    Thanks for the info. F.Y.I..........I wasn't promoting this ad, just looking for info/opinions
  5. Upcoming CT. shows! Who's going?

    I'm hoping to get to both. Dublin NH tommorow also.
  6. Mower deck model/vintage

    Yup, thats it alright. Why has everything got to be so far away !!? It's also in much better shape than mine
  7. Mower deck model/vintage

    Thanks John.
  8. 1st I appologize for the red background under the deck. Anyone care to share an opinion on the model & vintage?
  9. Help with ID'ing this horse

    Yea, he was real happy to sell it. He even met me half way. He's off on a cruize next week. Didn't have room in my truck today so I just took the tractor. I'll be going back down in two weeks (hopefully) and retrieve the rest.
  10. Help with ID'ing this horse

    Yup, redirect the muffler and a new set of decals. The lights stay for now.
  11. Help with ID'ing this horse

    Thank-you, I think the lights are aftermarket.
  12. New guys new herd

    Just brought this one home today. 16HP.....C160 or C161???
  13. Help with ID'ing this horse

    For $400.00 I couldn't pass this up, and it's every bit as nice as the pics show. Still has the Wheel horse script tires.The gentelman I got it from new only that it was a Wheel Horse w/16hp Kohler...... 48" Mower and plow avalable in two weeks for an additional $100.00. I'm not sure but is this a C161 or C160?
  14. New guys new herd

    Finished product. WH 1075, trailer and a nice set of moons all the way around, thanks to Gary B.