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  1. 7235 spring

    If you guys look at the Show thread...you will see that I am going to be on the 1st floor...be there Wednesday afternoon.
  2. 7235 spring

    If you show up with bells on Lowell...just pretend that you do not know me. Should we start calling you Tinker?? Careful...that is the kind of name that will stick.
  3. Kohler small block rebuild tutorial

    @Mike'sHorseBarn Welcome to the Reference Section Mike...this is something that @formariz and I spent some time fixing a couple of years ago. Now that you found it, if you read any threads that you think should be pinned again...let me know. This should be the 1st place to look for fantastic threads.
  4. Camo A-90

    That is a really sharp looking horse. If anything, I would have painted the tower and shift plate also...probably black. Terry...I take it you made those decals??
  5. @Racinbob is correct about the switch of the transmissions. I am not sure what your plans are, but it would not take too much money and effort to have 2 horses, an RJ and a Suburban running. If you are thinking like I am, I would get in touch with @Lane Ranger in Green Castle, Ind. He has a few good spare 3 piece transmissions that he just might part with. Options... (1) get another #5003 like the one you have and put it on the RJ frame. (2) get a #5010 suburban trans and put the #5003 back on the RJ and put the #5010 on the suburban. You would have 2 correct horses if you did that. Just something to think about. If you talk to Lane, he just might take that frame off your hands if you want it gone...and then he would have another RJ.
  6. 7235 spring

    Excellent Lowell...you won't have any trouble selling these. You just saved tons of 10 pinion differentials.
  7. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    sorry no videos on my engine rebuilds, but here is a very good one from @prondzy from our Reference section on the main page. If you like pictures...here is a ton from the 2 K181 S's that I did last year.
  8. Hotel is booked!! 2018 show is locked in!

    I'm on the 1st floor.
  9. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    Did you buy this horse? It is missing a few parts...the mule drive on the engine pulley and the guard on the left side from what I see. Here is a 1973 8hp 4 speed from our picture gallery. You can see the mule drive here.
  10. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    You are correct...not only parts will interchange, but also attachments. All attachments for "B" & "C" series horses will fit your horse. Model #10140 is a 1974 "B" 80.
  11. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    Here is the deal. Wheel Horse was sold to AMC(?) in 1973 (?) With out checking. In 1972, your tractor would be a Raider 8. In 1973, it is a no name 8 hp. In 1974, it would be a B-80. Edit to correct the above:: The merger with AMC was in 1974. What happened in 1973 was just the change in what they were naming the horses. In 1973, they went to just naming the horses for horsepower and transmission. Yours became the 8 4 speed.
  12. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    Model #10120 8 is a 1973 no name horse with an 8 hp Kohler and a 4 speed #5085 transmission. BTW Welcome to Red Square.
  13. My 856 Project

    @Sarge, , You are OK and I hope I get to meet you one of these days. You have a lot to offer and I, for one, am glad you do.
  14. My 856 Project

    @oliver2-44 Jim, you can mention my name anytime...I just spent over 2 hours talking with @jebbear (Don) on the phone. I hope I have him talked into going to the Big Show this year.
  15. My 856 Project

    Regardless, I definitely need the one, just not sure about the whole set, so any guidance concerning properly evaluating the wear on the others would be greatly appreciated. In all seriousness, I am trying to watch how much this little hobby is costing, but if something needs replaced, then it needs replaced and added cost is not a valid defense of cutting corners and doing something stupid that I will regret later. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exactly...Lowell is great people and will sell you only what you need and ask for...do not need to buy the whole kit. My point is this...everything in that trans is available...bearings and seals in 1 or 2 days...if I was going to replace anything...it would be the 2nd/3rd fork gear...only because you are going to use the horse like it was new. Save the old gear...it is not that bad and your choice. Actually, dropping the trans is not a big deal if you missed something. I would tell you if it looked bad...it looks good for a horse that has been around for 70 years. I do not think you would go wrong if you just replaced seals and gaskets and that one bearing. Try the parts in the bearings...if it feels good...you will be OK. If you are made of money...go for it. If you are not made of money...it will be easy to fix if you missed something. Again...don't fix it if it ain't broke. Listen...nobody can actually tell you what to think or do in this case. PM sent.