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  1. Big Show Auction??

    One thing to remember...the Wheel Horse Collectors Club (WHCC) holds, sets up and runs the Big Show. Red Square has nothing to do with the WHCC...except that we have members on both sides. Red Square could not set up an auction if they wanted to...you need to go to the WHCC web site and really ask that question there.
  2. Need advise on freight in the US

    Skipper, it was a pleasure to get to meet you and your family. While I did not get to run around with you and pick up horses, I did get to spend a little time. I'm sorry that you ran into some of what you are saying...it is not really like us to be rude. That said...when do expect to receive the container. I sure hope that you will post a ton of pictures when you open it up and start to unload it. I, for one, would sure like to see all that you scored over here. It was a very huge undertaking in a short period of time. I know you met some of the best of us while you were here.
  3. Happy Birthday Bob Ellison

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB...have a great Birthday.
  4. Happy Birthday Koen!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOEN...hope you are having a great day Mate.
  5. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    @roadapples Would you take a look at this thread...Squonk seems to think this guy is from Conn.
  6. OMG...you guys have killed Bambi over and over and over and over...where is the sausage at the show??? WTH!!!!! You have to share...I bring my homemade wine to the show and share with anyone who wants. What don't you guys understand...this is family!!! We want deer sausage!!! I could change my name to "Deer Sausage Wannabe".
  7. Trying to help out @ricksrj58...seems he sold a horse to the guy in the grey shirt standing behind the wagon at last years show. Somehow they lost contacts and Rick wants to get the horse out of his stable. If you hold down the Ctrl key and hit the +, you can enlarge the picture...use Ctrl - to get back to the right size. If anyone knows who this guy is...please let us know. Thank You
  8. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    Congratulations Red Square on 11 years. This really is the best forum on the net. Love that collage that Richard did above.
  9. Who made this... Take 2...

    Terry did make those...he was camped next to me that year. I've got a couple of those myself.
  10. This is a great thread....to start the winter when things get slow. Jim (Elcamino Wheel Horse)...if you still had a beeper...squonk could have found you 3 years ago. Hard to beat a Chunky and a sip of Rock & Rye. @elcamino/wheelhorse that Elgin Watch was made in my home town...very possible that some of my relatives put that watch together. Elgin watch.
  11. Squonk.....................it all makes perfect cents, sense, since now!! Sorry...can't help myself. Chunkys rule....give a like if you remember what a Chunky is.
  12. @KC9KAS...vinyl 33 1/3 rpm's records are making a come back...I know that I am not the only dino out there. It has always been a pleasure seeing you at shows and M&G's. I hope all you guys took what I said with a grain of salt and a sense of humor...even though it is true.
  13. Well, it happened some years ago. You see, I am the poster child for hating change and technology. I think it was all about cell phones, and I liked the one I had...it was and is still just a cell phone...that is all it does. My wife called me a dinosaur and my friend Tom went one more step and called me Stevasaurus. Needless to say, it stuck. I still live in the 60's, I still use my "reel to reel" "8 track player" "cassettes". I have a VCR on 3 TV's. I still use Windows 97 and DOS 6.2. When I go to the doctor's office, I pull a magazine off the rack and read it while waiting. And while we are at it...what was ever wrong with regular "Fig Newtons"??? Why do we have to have "Strawberry Newtons".?? At least Farm & Fleet still carries Chunkys...but like dinosaurs...they are getting harder to find. My 2014 Silverado has electric windows and I hate em...takes me 8 or 9 tries to set the window where I want it. I could not buy that truck with crank windows. I was a lineman for the phone company for over 10 years before getting into splicing back in the 70's...today, I would be an Outside Plant Technician...same job. How stupid is that?? When someone asks me if I text...I just get this real funny look and say "What?" Well, anyway, that's how I got the name, and that is just Swell.
  14. The time has come.

    Excellent hews Jim. You betcha prayers work.
  15. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    You take off all that paint and you just might have room for your fingers wrapped onto the fender when plowing.