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  1. What do I have here?

    Well, two things here...either someone spent a lot of time messing up a good horse...or somebody spent a lot of time messing up a good horse. it is a Wheel Horse frame. Front tires are from a Lawn Ranger. The hood is from 1960, but has been heavily modified. Not sure where the seat is from. The fenders look like they were from a horse, but have been modified. Wheel Horse never used Wisconsin engines. The Ponds used Wisconsin's on their Senior horses. I don't mean to be picking it apart...the Seniors were a one of a kind also. Does it run?? Somebody loved it enough to keep it running. Interesting for sure.
  2. RJ58 Brake Return Spring Anchor

    Here is a picture of it just below the axle. It is 1/2" wide, 1" long and 1/4" stock and is flat.. The bolts that hold the side plates on are 1/2"...the bolt that holds on this piece is 3/4". It has a 1/4" hole for the end of the spring. They are easy to make.
  4. Tow Valve Sundstrand

    What kind of wrench are we looking at here. I have a 1/2" head on my 876. I think some are Allen Head, etc. Which one do you have.??

    I, myself, like the embedded picture...it is also what most of us are used to.
  6. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Look at my post #22 in this thread for bearing and seal vendors. @Lane Ranger may have a side plate that he would either sell and/or trade you. Don't throw out the plate...it is fixable also. Wire wheels or light sand blasting work great on the gears. Emory cloth that brake shaft and then tap off the bearing. I'm glad you decided to take this apart.
  7. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Really, if you are in neutral with the shifter, you are in neutral inside the transmission. A bent or broken fork...bad bearings on the cluster gear shaft or input shaft might have something to do with it...it could be just crud in the trans. I suspect the latter, although your trans looks pretty clean form the last guy. You need to kind of look for things like this when you take it apart.
  8. 5k Generator

    Tom, i want you to put those pictures in here also. Start a new thread following Lane's...yours is a 50...lanes is a 30. If you type it in like Lane's the thread will attach just after his. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/32-tractor-accessories/
  9. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Excellent news Karl...Thanks We all were wondering about him at AJ's last Saturday.
  10. This place is awesome ! Newbee here.

    That is one nice horse you have there. The 867 is the 1st short frame to have a transmission with the hi/low in it. Yours has a #5060 which is a 10 pinion limited slip transmission. It makes your horse a little on the rare side and collectable. Treat her well and Welcome to Red Square.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK !!!! Hope you have a great day.
  12. Walk behind advice ?

    Digger...dang TORO stuff just runs forever. Take the wife out for dinner. One more thought...if you never change the oil, you will not have to turn the mower upside down.
  13. bearing cross reference Napa

    In those charts in the cross over thread. You will not find a regular store chart that does a cross over from Wheel Horse bearing numbers. The charts I made above were made from the bearing measurements with matches found on the Motion Industries web site. All of those numbers are correct, and you can take those KOYO, Torrington bearing numbers and the CR/SKF seal numbers to any NAPA or other parts store and cross reference those numbers with the numbers your store has.
  14. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    At this point, I would take it apart and clean it out, wire wheel the rust off the gears, replace the seals and any bad bearings. There are some good videos in this thread and a link to the manual below that. great pictures...someone has been in here before. It looks like your differential was replaced, you have the newer model with the bolt on drive gear.
  15. 1979 C-121 8 speed

    8 speed model # 91-12K802
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