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  1. Maybe one of the guide tabs broke off the guard. When you take off the guard see if anything looks to be missing (fresh break). Maybe a couple of pictures would help. It is hard to think that what Bob was saying, or the guard itself is not the problem. Poor rose bush.
  2. Right you are Richie. Excellent pictures Jeff. Thanks
  3. Excellent pictures...Thank You!!! I'm not sure but it looks like Howard is listing to starboard in the picture of the Mash Pole. Richard, sure would like to see some closer pictures of that paint job on that orange suburban in your 3rd picture.
  4. Just did a Skype with Squonk, Alden, Bob Ellison and Jay (JWPH)...excellent...was like being there Thank you Skype and you guys. @neil all these guys went to the Texan tonight in Chambersburg. They were still out of Guiness from when we went there.
  5. Thursday is the best day. Craig is not going this year??? That is not will not be the same with out him also. What's up with that.??
  6. KC and Richie...I certainly hope we would see tons of pictures after this. Although, the tease is stimulating for sure. We will have to stay tuned...I have a feeling they are not done making me feel bad about not being there. You gotta love this is family. I brought Chris (wife) down here into the Man Cave to see this thread and she knows and misses the show also...she has been there every year with me...7 or 8 shows now in a row. There was a couple of times that I talked about taking a year is a long haul...and she said she wanted to go. It's the only time I take her out to dinner. and it is like 5 or 6 dinners...she is into that for sure. The guys went to the Italian place last night...and if all things remain the same...they had excellent food and great atmosphere. Dang I miss being there.
  7. Thanks guys...I almost feel like I am there. I am really missing all of you guys.
  8. Dave, I am also very sorry and saddened to hear what you are going through. The sharing of all of your knowledge has helped to make Red Square the place it is. I do hope you can still hang in there with us. My prayers with you and yours.
  9. I hope you all have a safe and sunny weekend that starts tonight.
  10. I always ask if they have free samples.
  11. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. Shrimp on the Barbie, Barby today.
  12. Watching penetrating oil work is almost as much fun as watching paint dry. I would not use heat in this situation...too many things can go bad here and make the situation worse.
  13. Thanks guys for all the nice comments. I hope Glen sees this thread and takes a few to the show. He has been trying to get these ornaments cast in bronze and then the chrome process will take. He talks about it in his vendor space. I was also thinking about having my wife, who is very artistic, to paint the horse head to look like a real horse...eyes, teeth mane, ears etc...kind of like Trigger would look. Neil, I am really liking the gold is an easy decision cents, since, sents...I already have a chrome ornament on my 857.
  14. There are some numbers & letters up by where the shifter goes in. This is the casting date. It may not be able to tell you what transmission you actually have, but it could tell you which ones you do not have. Here is what you have at this point...5025, 5046,5048,5049 or a 5053. These are all basically the same transmission. These are all Section II in the transmission manual. The casting date may help eliminate one or two of these...maybe...understand that these trannys are really all the same as far as parts.
  15. That's weird that you can only go in so far and not be able to back them out. When you go to tighten them, do they tighten up? WD40 is not a penetrate, it only displaces if you had a cracked distributor cap. Use the Krol or some other good penetrate. If you think you will shear the bolts when backing out, and they will not tighten when going in...maybe cut some sheet metal to shim between the bolts and the starter mount...maybe 2 pieces. I am not sure I would try to back them out before trying that. Especially, if you can't see what might be going on. If the sheet metal shims do not work, then back them out and see what happens. You might have to drill them out and tap the new holes. Kelly told me about this trick a few years ago. He mentioned that I might try shimming behind the starter because of the issues that I was having, but if your starter was lose...shimming behind the mount may not be your problem.