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  1. Happy Birthday Tankman

  2. 71 Bronco 14 - differential click / ratchet

    Hi, and welcome to Red Square. It is going to be really hard to give you good advise with out hearing the click. Maybe, you could do a short :30 video so we could hear it. These differentials and the bull gear meshing with the mushroom gear isn't sloppy, but it is not like a car differential. If you have one of the bearings with some wear going on, that would do it. If you have any seals leaking, that could be the worn bearing. Since it was your father's, you might have some knowledge as to how good it was taken care of. If you think it has had good care, I would be inclined to just keep an eye on it and see if it gets louder or worse. Here is the truth...the only real way to know is to open it up and take a look. If you can, try pushing it around (not on the blocks) and see if the noise is still there. Does it click just once per revolution or more? I would try a bunch of tests before I opened it and also before I decided not to open it.
  3. Winter prep

    The natives are chopping wood like crazy. You wood (sp) have to be around a long time to appreciate this sideline. do some search.
  4. Wheel horse / Toro

    It's called the three "Cs"...competition, consolidation, retirement, taxes, economy. At least it was not Craftsman (Sears).
  5. Winter prep

    Well, there will not be any measurable snow in Southeast New York this season. That's for sure. I need to put the winter attachments on my horses...then it will all fall in Cleveland and Buffalo.
  6. The time has come.

    Holy Cow Jim !!! When will you ever just get to sit in a lawn chair and Skype again. My prayers with you Mate.
  7. The BAD THIRD GEAR -A Close Up!

    As long as we got back into this 3rd/2nd gear thingy again. I think we should mention "5003 and 5010 Service Notes" paragraph #3 for everybody that would order or buy the 3523 gear. Transmissions before Serial # 11628...the spline shaft and the 2 fork gears have 10 involute splines. On transmissions after Serial # 11628 the spline shaft and 2 fork gears have 11 involute splines. It should be noted that these parts have the same part number...ie...3rd/2nd gear in both styles is part # 3523 and so on. If you count the teeth on Lane's, RacinBob's and Lowells gears...they are all the 11 tooth style. Make sure you count the teeth in your gears. Lane does have some of the 10 tooth style, if he would like to add some pictures.
  8. b115 gearbox problem

    Welcome to Red Square. You should have a Peerless transmission. The reason you got it cheap is because it is a vertical shaft horse. I am going to suggest that you type B-115 in the search box above. A few very good threads about your horse and trans will show up. Take a look, it is some good information.
  9. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    Just had a discussion with RacinBob on this subject. One thing you could try, until you put on an electric fuel pump, is jack up the rear end or back it up a ramp to try to keep the gas from draining back. Bob, said it did help, but did not cure it. If you can get the tank above the carb or fuel pump it should help.
  10. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    You are a regular Mikey Poppins. Practically perfect in every way. Watch out for that change in the wind.
  11. 5060 Woes

    Interesting about the nuts up or down. Go with the manual, I probably missed it and just assumed the nuts up all the time. It may not make any difference...not sure. Jim, you will have to see when you get that trans from Terry. If you can't turn it, take it apart and do like the manual. I doubt Terry ever put any oil in it.
  12. My 701 journey

    Some of the old manuals say you can shift gears while moving. I am a believer of not doing that. Put your transmission in the gear you want, and ease your foot off the clutch. Throttle at about 3/4 speed. Always come to a complete stop to shift gears.
  13. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    Always a pleasure Mike. Does that make any sense, cents, since???
  14. Sorry to beat Jim to this. he does have some great pictures also and he should still post them here. I did a how to thread on the transmission that you have...take a look at the 2nd video in the thread...it shows how the high/low thingy works and goes together. Also, check out Jim's thread here. He had the gear break apart that does the hi/low.
  15. 5060 Woes

    There appears to be a ridge just above the bearing. If that is the case, I would suspect the bearing was put in from the wrong end or it was jammed down there... or both. No way it could have just slid down. See if that is in fact a ridge Jim. That gear could have just exploded from that inside pressure.