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  1. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

    Front Attachment
  2. Is this transmission case okay to use?

    I wish you were coming down to the show Eric.
  3. Is this transmission case okay to use?

    I constantly check my Hoobie-Doobie...don't leave home without it. There goes the thread..
  4. Is this transmission case okay to use?

    You know, if that is the left side (and it looks like it), you just need to open the case. That is the side you pull off to get inside. If you do decide to pull everything out and clean it out good use this thread with the videos. This one is close to what you have.
  5. It’s Motor Monday!!

    I think @oliver2-44 (Jim) is ready for Seat Spring Saturday...looking at his 1st picture.
  6. Is this transmission case okay to use?

    Garry is correct...it is what is left of the bearing race. If your transmission is clean...Open it, pull out the differential, tap out the bearing shell. Tap in the new bearing, and slide back in the differential and close it up. boom-sha-ka-la-ka Bearing...KOYO # B-1616 Seal...SKF # 9815 Case Gasket (from TORO)...WH # 3912
  7. It’s Motor Monday!!

    K-181 block.
  8. Weather forecast for 17307

    I'll be bringing some nice, cool, dry air following me out from Chicago. Bring a light jacket and a warm hat.
  9. Anything Goes Sunday

    A thing of beauty.
  10. Anything Goes Sunday

    So, Why the long face???
  11. Front End Friday

    The old 502
  12. Side Shot Saturday !!

    The old 502
  13. Mr commander 7

    Do you happen to have the model number of this horse?? I have the feeling that this is an automatic transmission.
  14. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will be there wearing the same shirt...I have been thinking about some new pictures. Going to miss seeing you there Jeff. I will give Bob a care package.
  15. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    File down any burrs first, and a little emry cloth and a fine file helps a lot. You might be able to get a puller on that bearing also...tap a large chisel of crow bar between the bearing and the top of the small gear to get it started.