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  1. Gifts in the mail

    she dodged a bullet. It is not the first time...and she seems to be dodging more every day.. I keep hiding her shoes and tell her to get back in the kitchen...
  2. Will you "Black Out" on Monday?

    And after all that...how many people still think the world is flat?? I'm thinking about 32%.
  3. Can't wait to spill some Port Wine on this gal!!
  4. Gifts in the mail

    Make it Wednesday Jeff...got to be at my Mom's tomorrow.
  5. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    I really can't believe you guys did that to/with me. You know how much I want to come over there. Now I am going to have to make good and really be there. Too much fun and Thank you. Excellent pictures and thanks for sharing.
  6. Will you "Black Out" on Monday?

    We were supposed to be like 86%, but I have to tell ya...it was just a sliver across the top (and I mean a sliver) that kept it from being a total eclipse. Fantastic watching for sure...watched on the 52" screen TV and also on the 24" live stream computer screen. Can't wait to see what ends up on YouTube.
  7. Need advise on freight in the US

    Thanks for finding that Jason...Rooster had some medical issues that were pretty bad. I have not heard how he is doing in a couple of years. I hope he is OK. Excellent people.
  8. Gifts in the mail

    I have been very busy lately and have let a few issues that I have needed to address go by the wayside. Sorry for that. First, I want to thank @ACman (Jeff) for buying and sending me an official T-shirt from the Big Show. I owe you Mate and Thank You Very Much. I have one from all the years I have been there, and I did not really want to miss this year's. Jeff, I apologize that it took me this long to acknowledge your gracious gift. Second, I got a PM from Squonk a few days ago telling me to look for a package on Saturday. I did get a package from Mike on Saturday. My wife brought it down to the "Man Cave" and asked if I was expecting a package...I said "yes" and she produced it and said "here ya go". I told her it was from Squonk...she rolled her eyes and said..."not more dinosaurs?". I was in the dark...had no idea what was in the package. Opened it up...3 more dinosaurs...one of them lights up, and a plaque (which I collect) from the 57th Pagent of Steam show in New York. Thanks Mike I have quite the collection of dinosaurs now...I think I should take a picture of the entire collection at this point.
  9. Need advise on freight in the US

    I think Lars used a place in Tennessee, that one of the members (inactive now) collected the parts and crated them...delivered them and the Tennessee shipper took them to the coast and shipped them to Norway. We have a thread about that (about 3 or 4 years ago now) where all this happened. It might help, if you let us know all the stuff you are trying to put together and where you are finding it. You may have to ship all that stuff to a member, who has to crate this and deliver it to a shipper. You will probably not get any volunteers unless they know exactly what they are getting into. This will work, we have done this before for people across the pond. Shipping stuff over seas is never easy, I have shipped enough stuff over there to know that, but you can get through it if you do the paper work, the ship is not captured or sunk and global warming has not sunk the port you are shipping from. Other then that....Piece of Cake!!
  10. Will you "Black Out" on Monday?

    Tried using my digital camera with different filters...not what I thought I could get. We actually had just a sliver of sun across the top that kept it from being total. Pretty cool...we had some light cloud cover, but the eclipse shown through. I took some pictures with different lenses and here they are. they do not really show the eclipse as such, but they show the solar fares...wrong filters. Check these out, and remember we were at about 90% total when these were taken. They do not show the sun as missing, but it was. These shots just had a slight crescent across the top of the sun. This is my favorite...look at the flares. Sun is actually blacked out here.
  11. Need advise on freight in the US

    Skipper... @Lars @C-101plowerpower and a few other guys have shipped tractors from the states across the pond. If they see this, they might be able to help you out. Lars is in Norway...Koen is in the Neitherlands. Just need the right information.
  12. 312-Hydro...What year is it?

    Is it possible that the engine has been replaced??
  13. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    Great pictures...thanks for sharing Josh. You can't beat that WH Smile.
  14. I'm going to miss the old girls!

    Nice Mike...maybe we need a count down clock.

    Hope you guys have great weather, it is a terrific show.