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  1. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    There is your problem...the pinions in your differential are not alternating (one up and one down) . You can shift your trans, and the axles work like they should. Basically, you have done what people that use their tractors to pull..."lock their transmission". You need to open it up...shallow side down...lift off the deeper side of the case (brake shaft side)...pull out the differential. Open the differential and check the pinions so they are not two up together...they need to alternate. check this video. You will not need to pull the rest of the trans apart.
  2. I was wondering if Wheel Horse made a transmission for autos that had 1" axles. I thought all hydros had 1 1/8" axles. I just hate learning something new everyday.
  3. Well now...that puts a different light on what is going on. If you have some horses that use the same transmission, I would open it, clean it out...replace any bad bearings and all of the seals...sell the hubs if you do not need them...and, depending on what you find inside, sell it for that $150 or put it on the shelf and save it. If I was going to open it and fix and replace bearings and seals...I would take a lot of pictures, keep receipts and know what I was selling and then now what it is worth.
  4. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Garry may be onto something here. Here is what you do...try turning just one of the axles while the trans is in neutral. The other axle should turn in the opposite direction. If this is what happens, the spider gears, axle gears and axles...ie...your differential are OK. You should also be able to hold on to one axle (keep it from spinning) while you turn the other axle. This would work no matter which axle you turn. So far so good?? Now while the trans is still in neutral, try turning both axles in the same direction...like you were pushing the tractor in neutral. In this case, you are not turning the spider gears in the differential...you are turning the bull gear of the differential...you will also be turning the mushroom gear, so the brake shaft will turn...you will also be turning the cluster gear shaft and your spline shaft along with both fork gears. What will not be turning is your cluster gear and your input shaft...they may be turning but only because the other stuff is turning and (like the stopped belt) is not holding it still. The spline shaft is spinning in that little B-108 needle bearing that is in the input shaft. So, what Garry says, is true...you are turning the trans inards from the harder to turn ratio end. If you can shift into all 4 gears and turn the input shaft (in a counter-clockwise) direction in each gear...and both axles turn in the correct direction...you should be OK. Watch this video and see if you spot anything that may be different in your trans. This video is of a 3 piece trans, but all the gears inside work the exact same way as your trans. Hope this helps.
  5. I've shipped a few transmissions through Fastenal from around Chicago to the east coast...it runs around $75. That particular transmission is probably a #5053. It is considered a 3 speed uni-drive and will bolt right on most of the tractors from 1961 to 1969 with little or no modifications. Bob's estimate on the top end is high just looking at it... $25 - $75 as is. Bob did say "decent condition"...then you might push the $100 - $150. It would cost somebody up to $200 to replace "all" of the bearings and seals. The issue for any buyer is maybe putting as much as $300 into a $300 Wheel Horse. I happen to have 2 of those transmissions sitting in my garage right now that I would ask $150 each for...the difference...mine have been opened up, cleaned out with bad bearings and all of the seals replaced. They look like and are like new.
  6. Happy Birthday Jim

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!!!! Hope you have a great day.
  7. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    It sounds like you got it together OK.. Nice job!! As long as when you try each gear, you can turn the input shaft and the axles rotate, you are good to go. Put her back together and take it around the block.
  8. Those cross reference numbers pinned at the top are only for manual transmissions. I think if you read through the whole thread, we do put that #6449 seal information in there.
  9. Garry got it for you...the 6449 is SKF 11124 and it would be the same for both horses. I am editing this to say that the above is not true...it seems he has 1" axles on the B-100. Sorry.
  10. SOLD my 1054-A, 857, & Trolley

    Beautiful horses and trolley. I've seen those at the show. I hope they went to a good home also.
  11. Happy Birthday SylvanLakeWH

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Hope it is a great day.
  12. Advice Needed on 6 Speed Transaxle

    The input seal is # SKF 6105 The axle seal is # SKF 11050 Just making sure you have the correct ones. I put a piece of tape over the end of the shaft and cover the key way, in case there is a burr or shape edge that could rip the rubber in the seal. I then take a good punch and a ball peen hammer and start tapping in various places (usually in 3rds) trying to keep the seal even as it goes in. I would usually start the seal with just the hammer to get it going and then use the punch. Some like to use a piece of PVC like an arbor to set the seal.
  13. Did you get to look inside to see how much rust you had in there...or was it clean and just stuck a little??
  14. Relocation Time

    Looks like you are planned for going down hill...that will save some gas. Nice rigs Zeek...keep us posted.
  15. Fake Chicken Society

    The chickens are "Out Standing" in the yard.