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  1. Hi horses are older, but sometimes I get the jerky clutch thingy. If yours was sitting all winter, it could be a little oxidation (rust) on the pulleys and in the grooves. It doesn't take much for the belt to grab when you let off the clutch. Solution, clean and shine those pulleys up and wipe with mineral spirits. Sometimes, I will give the belt a good wiping with mineral spirits also. Looking forward to the pictures to see why it is jumping the idler. I wonder if the jerking could be causing the belt to jump.
  2. If that is the only problem you have is good. Pull up a lawn chair, have a cold one and enjoy the view.
  3. HEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!! Have a great day Mate.
  4. Hope you have a very nice birthday.
  5. Hey, I'm real good at taking orders...ask my wife. She places the order, and I get to it in the order that they are received. If anything Bob, I will be coming over to help you put in a sand trap and green on the far end of the beautiful fairway. That place looks like home already. And all that RED goes with the siding.
  6. It is when the belt does not stop that those fingers work like a champ. We had no pictures and it was never answered if he had a belt guard.
  7. update...DHodge (Denny) did not have one. I am still looking. Thanks
  8. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing Jim. Give me a shout when you feel like talking.
  9. The ones in the pictures were just made by @walfish at the big show. He had some pieces of rod with him and a couple of pairs of pliers. The rod appears to be either 3/16" or 1/4" and just bend them to fit what you have there. That piece of metal over Jim's picture of the idler pulley is a must also. The guard is a plus and a safety thing in this case. If you bend and place those pieces, you will be able to shift you tractor.
  10. Yes, you can take out the input shaft and leave the forks. The shaft comes out by itself in the right side plate. You can take it all out and just leave the forks and reverse idler. You are going to have to find a different differential housing with bull gear. You need the early one with...important...the same number of teeth. There are 2 kinds out there, the one with more teeth will not work with that mushroom gear.
  11. You can make these very easily and they will solve your problem. They funnel the slack in the belt toward the drive pulley so your trans input pulley comes to a stop so you can shift. They need to be about 1/4" from the belt to on the top and one on the bottom.
  12. OH OH, you guys don't remember Hee Haw and Junior Samples?? Check this out...Ryan, it was the bibs that made me think of this.
  13. Let me ask you this JJB...would you buy a dress without looking at it?? Now I am trying to be funny. If you really want some good feedback, do a short video of walking around that horse while it is running...but don't kick a tire. One thing you will find on this site is very good and honest members.
  14. Welcome to Red Square Seriously, it is worth what you think it is worth and what somebody is willing to pay. No way we could even give you an idea with out a few pictures.