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  1. 502 Worker Refresh

    What Bob said...a good clean up for sure. Double check that some of that bearing case is not still in the hole. That stuff has a way of hiding. Those #1533's look a little rough, you will have to see how they clean up. Lowell sells those new now if you need to replace them.
  2. B 80

    Nice looking B-80. It does not mater if it is in hi or low range, if the other shifter is in neutral and the brake is released it should roll. My guess is that you have some ice in the transmission case if it has set all winter. Use a 100w light bulb, hot air drier, a salamander heater, space heater etc. It should not take too much now that spring is here. If it is ice, you will want to drain and flush the trans. Also, there is no way you are stuck between gears. Being an 8 speed, you have the newer shift rails with the stop in the detente spring that only lets you be in one gear at a time. Even if you had a bad differential, (pinions, axle gears), you would not be able to push it 2 feet over and over after stopping. Almost has to be ice. Try thawing it out and let us know.
  3. Transmission dipstick broken?

    You guys wanna see where the cow bit me??
  4. We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    Happy Birthday Wayne ..
  5. Transmission dipstick broken?

    You do not need a dipstick if you use the method that Paul showed you. I'd cut off a little more and use what is left to plug the hole. Just remember the piece that if cut off is in the case somewhere. You might get lucky with a magnet through the drain hole, but more likely, you would need to separate the halves to get it out of there.
  6. Bent trailer axel

    You need to take it to a good trailer/RV place that does this kind of work. If nothing else, you want to be sure that the trailer is safe on the road.
  7. Happy Birthday Clueless!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS !!! Hope you have a fantastic day.
  8. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Mike, I see some numbers on the transmission. They are usually a casting date, but they may help us narrow down what we are looking for. Maybe you could see what those are. You might as well see if there is any markings on the rear end also. Thanks
  9. Caption This one?

    "Big guy on a Little Horse" !!!
  10. 40 Years

    Jim, I sit there and look at dams at least once a week...only thing is....I have a bobber and some kind of bait on the end of the line. It is some of the best time spent before and after retirement. Good fishing Mate.
  11. Happy Birthday ol550

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE !!! Sit back and put your feet up on that Case you have.
  12. How far will you go?

    @ericj Scott Moreau @smoreau is one of the best guys you will ever meet associated with this Forum.
  13. Jim pretty much covered the process. I would just add, if the horse runs, I would run it in 3rd gear for about 15 minutes and also in reverse for another 5 or 10 minutes. I would also run the horse on blocks. Sometimes, those old oil seals will leak a little with the thinner diesel or kerosene...you don't want that in your grass. It will take about 2 qts of fresh oil to re-fill. Welcome to Red Square
  14. New paint decor.

    I like it ...
  15. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    Hi John...that 654 has the suction problem. You have been shifting to fast plowing snow and one of the shift forks sucked back into gear as you shifted into another. Prescription...1/8" allen wrench...lift up boot on shifter...place allen wrentch and 7/16" lock nut open end wrench. Loosen lock nut...turn out set screw enough to lift out shifter from transmission. Take long screwdriver and move both shift forks back into neutral position. You can now move your horse back from the tree bank. Replace shifter, set screw and lock nut...lower boot....continue plowing snow... Sipping Rock & Rye before plowing snow...has the effect or not being able to shift faster then the shift forks can move...thus eliminating the problem that it took Wheel Horse 5 years to tackle by re-engeering the shift forks. The time my 702 locked up like yours...I did not have any Rock & Rye...until I walked back to the garage to get my tools.