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  1. I have two C-185s, I may be looking to sell 1.
  2. Very nice! Will you be bringing it to the show in June?
  3. Hi Guys, This is my B-145 that I converted to solar power. I had it at the 2016 Big Show and plan to be there in 2017. This is the only Wheel Horse on Earth that can operate on the Moon & Mars! Wheel Horse are now interplanetary! Someone posted pictures of it at the show in another post in this form.
  4. The first electric Wheel Horse Elec-Trak converted to solar power. This is the only Wheel Horse on Earth that can actually run on the Moon & Mars! Shown at the 2016 Wheel Horse show in Arendtsville, PA. Will also be there in 2017. Converted by SolarStallion.

    © 2016 SolarStallion

  5. Wanted pto clutch disk plate for 312-8 new or used Thanks
  6. Hi I could use a PTO clutch disk. Thanks
  7. Hi,I have a 312-8 magnum tractor. The pto seems to not engage. Looks like some kind of clutch disk broke apart and is gone. Can this disk be replaced? Thanks
  8. Hi, Anyone know the length of a trans drive belt of a work horse GT1142? Thanks
  9. HI, I have a C-120/C-160 that someone mounted a Briggs & Stratton twin 402417 0660 01 81080512 in it. I am looking for a PTO that will fit this. Not sure if it even has the original drive pully. The pully shaft has a key that extends past the pully so the pto sleeve does not go on. How does the pully remove if needed? I bought a GT Workhorse for parts. The pto on it has a 4 hole mounting to the pully. The pully on this tractor has 3 holes. Any advice? Thanks.
  10. sorry its a Briggs & Stratton twin 402417 0660 01 81080512 thanks
  11. Hi Will the pto from a GT-1142 workhorse fit on an onan twin engine? Thanks
  12. That would be perfect, I am always looking for electric Wheel Horses. That would fill 2 items in 1.
  13. Looks great! Is that the wheel horse show you were at? We were there with a different tractor. We had the tractor with the small solar panel and a horse sound horn.
  14. another picture
  15. Here are some more photos