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  1. taking out the 953 for a spin

    Nice video. Just got my 953 going this summer and it's my favorite horse so far. Notice I said so far. These things should come with a warning label from the surgeon general "Warning: Wheel Horses are highly adddictive. The only cure is to buy another." Wait, that doesn't make sense or does it?!
  2. This Saturday's haul

    Bill has done a little of everything. At one point he had a mower repair shop. I'm amazed at all he has and was honored that he thought of me to care for his treasures. Everything but the simplicity was placed in the dry in our barn to prevent further damage. No doubt about it, I've got plenty to keep me busy. Not to mention that @oldredrider is tending to a couple of horses until I can get them to their home pasture. I think I need some meds - my condition is getting worse.
  3. This Saturday's haul

    Well, last Tuesday I got a call from my 81 year old uncle. He is still very active and even takes trustees out from the jail to do road cleanup a couple of times a week! He said he had a few projects that he just wasn't going to get around to and wanted to know if I wanted them. Being the horder that I am, I said YES! Got there Saturday and found a 1953ish REO reel mower, a 60's Jacobson reel mower for golf course greens, a Standard Oil Company oil pump, a kerosene pump, a store brand mower for Emory, and a Simplicity Wonderboy for me. I hope to work on the wonderboy later this winter - it looks rough, but is all there - even the cast aluminum deck! Just thought I'd share my finds.
  4. Wheel Horse Show?

    Awesome video and slide show! Welcome aboard! Great group of people here, although some of us just ain't right! But, hey, that's what makes it fun! Seems like a long time off, but soon we'll all be gathered together again for just a few days of fun!
  5. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    Yup, my Dad and uncle were both in shock that I bought a Deere. They didn't disown me though!
  6. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    I'd love to have the ford tiller! My grandfather owned a ford dealership when I was little and I loved hanging out there. As for the Deere, we'll, I'd take that one too. I've got a Deere 750 that I use almost daily on our farm. Sorry, Richard, but I still love my horses best!
  7. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    I'm like Jeff. I'd stick with the 12hp Kohler. You can't beat a kohler and Onan's are more expensive to maintain with parts being hard to come by sometimes. Depending on the structure of the deck itself - rotted out or not - I'd consider fixing it or look for another complete deck. But, that's just me!
  8. Be careful! That predator will carry the front wheels easier than you think, especially in third gear!
  9. Muffler for 1963 7hp on 753

    I'd have to look at the box - I know it is branded Kohler on the box though. Not sure if it is actually made by Kohler though.
  10. Tires, Ag vs Turf

    I just like chains for snow personally. I'd think those would be pretty good on turf - not too aggressive.
  11. Muffler for 1963 7hp on 753

    Bought one like that for my 701 at the Big Show. It's a genuine USA made part for $27. You can find import version on fleabay pretty reasonable or Kohler ones for about $35.
  12. Looking at a 1054

    Wow! Sounds like the deal I got on mine. I paid $175 for it and a junker and the 953 had a busted trans! I was thrilled. You'll love it!
  13. Thanks! I have used Rustoleum regal red on our tractors. Seems to be the closest rattle can match. I think Farmall red is very comparable. The only trouble I've had with rattle cans is they are so dependent on the temp and humidity. I painted part of the 953 one morning with great results. Painted the hood another with more humidity and got a lot duller finish. Good thing is that you can cut and buff the rustoleum with good results if you are very careful. Attached is a pic of the 953 hood after a cut and buff job. You can see the reflection of the steering wheel and clouds.
  14. Well, I'm pooped, but I managed to get 8 horses to our annual tractor show today along with my 8N Ford. I got the 953 back together and running. Still need to get my ags put on the rear and make my seat covers, but she's sitting in the field ready for the show with her other stablemates! Below is a teaser pic of all 8 lined up. 953 is trying to hide in there too! More pics to come later.
  15. Yup, she's started riding with Emory and found out that she actually enjoys it too!!