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  1. What have you done on your WH today?

    Stripped more of Emory's black hood down so I can pressure wash off all of the grease and oil.
  2. Not so sure it's original - seems to show signs of being on another machine. Seems ok, has compression and is free. Haven't tried to start it, will probably save it for another project. I hope so. Just hope he doesn't catch on. Gonna get a set of carbon fiber decals from Terry and have him put Emory on the seat pan decal instead of Wheel Horse. Gonna wait till after Emory goes to sleep Christmas Eve to put that on.
  3. Yup, Coyote and now Road Runner. Maybe that Briggs will let it live up to its name. No idea what model this is. The serial number is rubbed off the plate, decals telling are missing, and the 10hp Kohler seems to be a replacement. Think I'll just label it a C165 since it will be running the 16hp vanguard. Went down and tore off the tin work and engine. Kind of naked now. Emory is pooped! Look at that left spindle - bet someone took a mighty rough ride to do that!
  4. Well, I've been so excited about this project that I need to share it. Can't tell my son though-this is going to be his Christmas present this year. He absolutely loves driving the C125 that I got from @oldredrider. I picked this ugly beast up for $50 at the auction in Charlottesville. I only wanted the deck from it. Got the idea to fix it up for Emory for Christmas. Best part is he thinks I'm doing it for me. Can't wait till Christmas morning for him to find out it's his. This is going to get the Vanguard I picked up last week. Got several ideas to make it just his. I'll share more later as I go. I do need to get in touch with @Vinylguy to get him to do a set of his custom decals for it. I'm going to need a little help hooking up the Vanguard. It's got one wire coming from under the tinwork and I'm not sure what I'll need. I'm thinking it will need a regulator, solenoid, and switch, but which do I use? Look at him in the last picture-no idea it is his! Oh well, that's enough for now!
  5. Awesome! My son has mild CP from a stroke prior to birth. Wheel Horses are one of the best things we've both gotten involved with. Great hobby, good times together, and great people! Oh, welcome to
  6. Sunday's haul

    I finally had time to pull the gear covers off of the deck. The gears are mint! No slop in the bearings at all! I'm tickled with the deck. It will have to sound better than that horrible noisy thing he mowed with Friday and Saturday. The deck came out from under the 656 he made a puller out of. I don't think he would mind me showing a pic of his puller. It also had a van guard on it and was sweet! If you see this Sarg, sweet ride!!
  7. Sunday's haul

    First off, Mods I'm not sure if this belongs here or in restorations or where. Please move to the correct spot if necessary. Emory wanted a deck for his latest lawn ranger and I had an old one laying around. Greased her up and put it on and the shaft bearings are so warm that it deafens you to ride it! Mows great, but loud! Saw this short frame deck on Craigslist. Went to look at it and figured I can switch the carrier and main drive over from the lawn ranger deck. It's in great condition, with a later repaint. Same guy also had a set of used 42" blades in an original wheel horse box with it. $125 for the deck and blades (a little high, but wait there's more!). He had one 23x8.5-12 Carlisle tru power tire $40 and a 16hp Briggs twin van guard engine. Wasn't looking for an engine, but it's now going to be part of Emory's Christmas. He started it and it ran great - love the sound of these engines! Made me an offer I couldn't turn down - $175! Well let's say I couldn't load it up fast enough. I may be wrong, but I think I did pretty good! Below is a pic of the haul. Proof there are still great guys out there on Craigslist and only about an hour from home - where horses are scarce as hens teeth!
  8. Firewood season

    If it is any consolation, I've always known that I ain't right! What fun is it being normal? I teach 2nd grade and always tell my kids that if you aren't doing anything wrong and you aren't hurting yourself or anyone else, have fun. Life is too short not too! on my friends, on!
  9. As far as hp, if you've ever used a lawn ranger with a 32" deck and 6hp engine, you'll know how capable these machines are. My 68 Ranger pulls my big butt straight up a hill in my back yard and does a beautiful job mowing. You might just need to gear down with a larger deck to allow the blades time to cut through the grass. Just my
  10. Firewood season

    Great looking machine! Nice to see it being used and enjoyed. I love getting out to cut firewood. Takes your mind off of the everyday worries.
  11. A little walk-around the 400 today.

    Craig, that's the best picture of you I've seen yet! How did they get you to sit still long enough to take it?
  12. A little walk-around the 400 today.

    "Autonomous". Richard, you've got to quit using such big words buddy! Makes my head hurt just trying to figure them out. At the end of the day my brain is mush anyway! Nice looking Tractor Craig. Motor sounds great!
  13. The 418 C is alive!

    I kept eyeing that one Richard. I finally decided to pull the trigger the other afternoon and saw it was gone. Kind of figured you might be the seller. Now I'm glad you got it! I was drooling after that twin and was going to put another project. I'm glad you got it. Now, I just want to go for a ride sometime!
  14. Shower Cap Ideas???

    Best thing to do! Brian fixed one for Emory and it turned out awesome! You'd never know anything had been done to it unless you put an original next to it to compare the hole pattern!
  15. 3 generations out for a horse ride

    Thanks. The older I get, the more important I realize how important to make those memories while we can. I loved my Mom dearly and miss her daily. Her passing has drawn Dad and I even closer. I try to make all of the memories I can with him and Emory while we are still together. Becca is just starting down this road and is really struggling. She cried herself to sleep last night and didn't say a word. Today she will go to church for the first time without her daddy. Sorry to be so down, but life smacks us back to reality really quickly, that's why it is important to have our hobby as a release!