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  1. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Looking sweet Caleb!!! Hang in there it won't be long!
  2. I used the Rustoleum stuff you can get at Lowes. I've used it for a couple of years now and it seems to keep the rust at bay as long as you wire wheel the metal really good first and topcoat it with something. I used another brand on a VW Thing I did and it's held up great. Only time will tell. Topside of the deck ain't gonna be real pretty thanks to my welding skills or lack of, but hopefully I've added a few years to its life. Got it and Roadrunner for $50 at the Big auction last fall - and people laughed at me!
  3. Well, Emory's Lawn Ranger saw the light of day again. I pulled it apart to put in a trans that I got from @oldredrider, tires from @limited12, wheels from Miller tire, hubs from eBay, and a sanding with clear coat. Check out the before and after pics. I also tore down the deck that came under Emory's Roadrunner. Gonna put it under Coyote and put it to use. I had to cut out 5 sections and graft in new metal, make new baffles, fill a few holes, wire wheel the underside, etch prime the new metal, and put rust converter on the underside. After it cures, I'll seal the seams with polyurethane sealant and beeline the underside. A couple of the spindles are corroded, but have 3 boots holding them, and I have 2 new pulleys for the spindles.
  4. Is this REALLY original?? 1973 8 4 speed

    Don't think anything is off. Pretty sure it came with those rims.
  5. Introducing my C-125

    Very nice Carl! Love the video of the one armed bandit mowing with it. Bet that arm felt better when you got that horse!

    Not yet Richard. It's been a crazy week or so. I do have the pan in the back of my truck. Won't get a chance tonight since Emory has Trail Life tonight. We do pick his cart up tomorrow. He bought it from @limited12 at the show last summer. I'm having it Rhino Lined for his birthday next week.
  7. Wheel Horse RJ

    Awesome work! Even looks like it has a guide coat applied. Ready for paint?
  8. 520H 60 inch Deck

    Boy, that video sure brings back lots of memories! The directions you had to give the little guy reminded me so much of the directions I gave Emory when he first started driving his horse. Time moves so quickly!!
  9. How far will you go?

    About 400 miles has been my greatest. Picked up Emory's 60 and 61 suburbans - 2 different trips a few months apart. They were our first horses. Probably some of best times we've had are on horse trips!
  10. Just showing my Facebook find

    Nice tractor! I'm really digging the rear weights. Welcome!
  11. So, he's wishing he had a Deere rather than a Horse? Don't get any better iron than a Horse !
  12. I need Help

    I just bought a set of 8x7 golf cart wheels and matching hubs for 1" live axles for one of Emory's that had the original skinny wheels. Got the wheels from Miller and hubs from eBay.

    Don't for get Dells68 the slits go down on the frame. and the angled cut on the bottom goes to the back against the back rest. I'm glade you like it. Gotcha Bob! I just laid them out and wanted to show the amount of care and thought you had put in. Guess I should have flipped them over, but then no one would have seen the pads are even cut to allow them to follow the contour of the pan. Again, I'm thrilled with the cover and pads! I know we've probably met at the show in the past, but I e got to make sure to look you up this year!!

    On the foot note, one of my students' dad is a Dr. of physical therapy. I mentioned to him I needed new inserts for my shoes and he took care of me yesterday. Feet feel much better now! Back to the thread. I got my cover and padding from @BOB ELLISON this morning. Wow!!!!! It looks awesome right out of the box!! I don't have my seat pan here to fit it to, so I'll have to post pics later on. Bob's work is amazing! Very professional! If you need a cover, I highly suggest you contact him quickly, as I'm sure he will be swamped with orders!! Thanks so much Bob!!!!!!
  15. Dang, you'd have fun here. I don't think we've got 600 yards clear sight anywhere on our farm due to hills and terrain. They come right up on you - usually when it's dark and you can't see them! I'd like to send them your way!