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  1. How are you doing?

    We really lucked out too. We were originally to get 8"+, but it changed course and we've had maybe 2" total. Just about 40 miles to our east is a different story though. Never know what the weather is going to do until it's all said and done.
  2. Well, thanks to Florence, I finally found a few minutes to work on the rj transmission. After about 2 hrs in the garage I have a working trans again. Check out the machining on the differential and how out of spec it is. Its got new bearings, new bushings, gaskets, and soon new shaft and axle seals. Heaven knows when I'll get back to it again after tomorrow night. I'll update you guys when I do get another chance to work. By the way don't be jealous of my spotless, pristine workspace😂.
  3. 1st choice - American Graffiti 2nd choice Forust Gump 3rd choice The Green Mile
  4. The things we have to do.

    Looks like a terrible place for a wedding - NOT! What a terrible weekend😂. The things we do for family😉
  5. Thank you

    I mentioned friends a few posts ago. Let me give you an example. Emory bought a 603 at the show this year. It needed mechanical help. @oldredrider spent a good portion of the show helping us get it going giving up a lot of his show time just out of kindness. Three young men in their teens came by to help and gave Emory a spark plug and wouldn't take anything for it. We've been to @oldredrider's house to visit, pick up parts, look at tractors, and even bring a few home. We went out to eat after the show with @pullstart, @19richie66, and Karen and had a blast. Emory still talks about catching fireflies with Kevin afterwards. I don't know when I've heard so much laughing out of Emory - think Kev might have enjoyed it too! On another note, I have not met @Machineguy in person yet, but I can already tell you I consider him a great friend. We keep in touch by pm and texts. I keep tempting him to come down for some delicious southern barbecue. I'll include a pic just to make everybody else drool😂! Friends we have made are friends for life!
  6. Thank you

    @Machineguy, you've found exactly what I did a few years ago-there's nothing like the folks you'll meet here. I used to go to lots of antique car shows, but the people there always seemed to compete with each other (with the exception of the VW community). I joined my local tractor club several years ago and found out there was no nicer, friendly, helpful group of folks anywhere. The same holds true for the wheel horse community - there's no competition, everyone is helpful, and there's a strong sense of family. Just ask my 10 year old son how many friends he's made through these little red machines! Once you go red, you'll never go back!
  7. No better place to go for friends, tractors, parts, and food!! Great vacation spot - the area is rich in history too if that's your thing. Only about 20 minutes out or Gettysburg. If all is good come next June, I know we'll be there!
  8. It’s Mug-Shot Monday guys!!

    Me with sawdust in my eye around 1:30am Sunday morning and me on the way to church Sunday morning. Honest it really was sawdust!😂🤣😂
  9. Finally got my 953

    Craig, I can barely just make me out on top. Was that picture taken when you and Richie were rolling smoke in the back of the bus?😂
  10. Stover Hit and Miss Engine

    No help here, but that is one nice looking engine! I love to hear the old hit and miss engines running and have always been fascinated by them. One is definitely on my bucket list.
  11. I think you've got yourself a 59rj with a suburban hood grafted onto the back of the original hood. Belt guard is homemade. Fuel tank is wrong too. Kinda like one I saw at the big show that was a mix of rj and suburban. Still a really nice machine!
  12. I'm pretty sure those are horse fenders, just cut off and modified on the front. At least that's what I think!
  13. TORO Tub Trailer

  14. TORO Tub Trailer

    Sorry so late @Chris G, I just got in from the barn. I snapped this pic before I left. Hope it helps.
  15. TORO Tub Trailer

    I'll try to snap a pic tonight. I bought it to put behind my rj because it's size is perfect, but have found I enjoy using it for lots of small projects.