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  1. Well, I've gotten some more done today. Engine is bolted on and detailed. Seat is on. Installed a new rubber grommet and shut off valve. Emory had to sit on it and informed me that it looks like an old man's tractor. He says he really likes it and wants to drive it. He even asked me if he could have the front tires for the tractor I'm going to fix for him. Second pic was the other day when I pushed it out to see what the color looks like. Darker pic is what it looks like in the shade - big difference!
  2. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Nothing any better than a father and son working on, collecting, and enjoying a Wheel Horse. Best time Emory and I have together!
  3. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Ok, thanks to @oldredrider and my twisted mind, both of our black hoods have names. My c125 is named Coyote because it is just plain coyote ugly, but I love it. Emory's is Roadrunner because i decided it was a brother to Coyote when I saw it at the auction. Got a little surprise for Roadrunner that fits its name. You'll just have to wait and see!
  4. I actually contacted a fellow in MA who makes and sells shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, just about anything with a farm related theme that you can think of. I found a nice pic of a blackhood and he's going to put it on a shirt for me to give Emory Christmas morning. He's going to do another for me with Emory and his tractor after Christmas. His prices are reasonable and he already has several Wheel Horse designs available, but will do custom work. Haven't got the shirt yet, but he did send me the proof. He's got some really nice stuff on his website. Check it out at www.imissthefarm.com. Mods, I hope posting his address is ok.
  5. Thanks guys. I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot due to other obligations for the last week or so. We took Emory to the Virginia Tech Carillion Research Institute for a follow up to his study that he participated in during May. I hope to get back on it this weekend. I get off for Christmas next Tues and may have to thrash a couple of days to finish up. I will be sure to have a camera close by. I'm going to give him a Wheel Horse hat and Blackhood shirt along with his keys before I take him down. I'll update as soon as I get more done.
  6. Thief, thief! Round up the possie!!!!
  7. Can't see the transmission, so not 100% sure. But I think it is an RJ58. Someone more knowledgeable will be along. Nice find though. It will make a very nice tractor!
  8. serious snow removal

    That's more like what I was thinking. Would say I envy you, but that does look pretty miserable. At least it looks like you get lots of alone time. Something to be said with sitting in a machine with no one to bother you. That's what I enjoy about farm work. 10 more years and I can play on the farm as much as I want. Who's that driving though? Looks familiar, but a little more scruffy - somewhat like myself
  9. serious snow removal

    Any big stuff from work Craig?
  10. @ebinmaine, I'm loving the look of your tractor! I know I've read somewhere, but what size are those front tires? They give it one tough look! Loving squonk's suggestion about paint. I always take what's first on the shelf. Guess that's why I get so many runs. Gotta start being more careful when I choose cans.
  11. Thanks Stevebo. I just wanted it to be different, something that is just Emory's. It really pops out in the sun and is not as dark as it seems in the garage.
  12. Fronts are firestone 16x6.5-8. I got them from Miller Tire at $70 each plus shipping. That didn't include the tubes! They look great, but I couldn't afford them for my tractor, but Emory was really wanting a set for the tractor I'm going to fix for him next spring.
  13. Thanks! The tires are Carlisle Tru Power 23x8.5-12. I actually picked one up locally when I bought the engine. Still had the stickers on it. Only paid $40 for it! I got the other one off of eBay for $81.66 shipped. Figured I couldn't beat the price and I like the looks of the carlisles better than others I've seen.
  14. Not much to report lately. Got the dash tower assembled, dash panel painted, and gas tank installed. Did get a chance to visit with@oldredrider last Friday. Traded a couple of motors and got a mule drive for coyote. Also tracked down a set of weights for coyote with Paul's help. I also ordered a gas valve and seal for the poly tank. Hopefully I'll get to work again Sat. We've got our tractor association's Christmas dinner tomorrow night. Usually around a hundred people attend. Never pass up good food. Hate to disappoint, but no chimichangas @Big_Red_Fred
  15. Now this is awesome! I love the shot of the lady on her machine. Gotta admire her spunk. You'll never regret this deed. Kindness, pass it on!