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  1. Some show pics, and my little haul...

    I don't know, Kevin - the kids seemed drawn to the mud at the show! They went for mud puddles instead of dodging them!
  2. Some show pics, and my little haul...

    @pullstart I think that dinner and the shenanigans that you, @19richie66, Karen, Emory, and Becca got into might have been the highlight of the show for Becca. She said of all three of you that you were very nice, fun people and that she really liked you all! She had a migraine a lot of the day, so she needed a little fun and relaxation. Next year you'll have to bring the wife and kids!
  3. 2018 Show

    I agree Jim. It was awesome meeting you. I may be able to work out something on some rims for you. If I do by the end of July, I'll send you a PM. I just might be up your way before summer is over. Thank you so much for the brake shoe machine and oil drain pan. They will be kept in the dry and taken care of! Wish we would have had more time to talk.
  4. 2018 Show

    No problem @ACman! Please let me know if I can help with anything else. You've got to come next year. We had a ball mud, rain and sunshine all!
  5. Emory loved chasing lightning bugs with you @pullstart! He wanted you to know that one is still alive!
  6. Hey Fish, thanks for taking the time to help me chase down tools. It was very nice meeting you and we hope to see you again next year. Emory is still bouncing!
  7. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Is it tied on the roof now😮? Still got some hood space left!
  8. Thanks so much Richie. It was really nice meeting you and Karen. It's friends like you guys that we've made through our little red tractors that make this hobby so much fun. Folks who are down on our society only need to visit the show to be reminded what friends really are!
  9. Emory has been so proud of his new tractor! He rode it several times this morning and just ran back to the trailer when we got back to the hotel after supper. Best part is that after dislocating my shoulder for two days on a 6 1/4hp engine with no compression release, it now starts on the first pull!! I think I was as excited as he was when he got tkt ride in the cruise last night!
  10. I just wanted to thank everyone who has given of their time over the last few days to vet Emory's new 633 up and running. It was running when we first found it, but had a faulty tilitson updraft carb. Within a little while of purchasing the tractor @oldredrider was busy helping us work on the tractor. He had decided to spend more time in the show this year instead of working on tractors. Well, that changed once he saw we needed help. He gave us quite a bit of his time the last two days to get the tractor up and going. Thank you so much friend! So many people stepped forward to help out the last two days, many of them from right here. Vendors, passers by, and many who I can't remember names came to Emory's aid, whether it was loaning us tools (thanks @pullstart), giving time, pulling a carb gasket from their own stock, or just moral support and advice. To all of you I say thank you! Two young men, 23 and 16, reaffirmed my faith that this hobby will continue for many years. They stepped up and gave Emory a spark plug from their own parts. Below is a pic of Emory riding his tractor after just getting it going. I think his smile says it all - THANK YOU FRIENDS! Your kindness and generosity really prove their is no better group of people than Wheel Horse folks!
  11. Valve Stems for Fluid

    @ebinmaine at home we can get them at Tractor Supply. I would think Farm and Fleet, Rural King, etc... would have them.
  12. Is something going on?

    Rain? No, that's just liquid sunshine😉. Just checked the weather and it looks like tomorrow afternoon rain chances are less. So, great day today and tomorrow will be what we make it!!
  13. Tonight was our first time getting to join everyone for supper. We had a great time! Funny that we know each other from here, but don't always know what each other look like. Thanks for making us feel welcome. Emory especially enjoyed meeting everyone and loved the food!