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  1. Transaxle Hub Puller

    Pm sent
  2. Wiring Harness 414-8

    I will pm you a photo.
  3. C160 Parts update

    I will pm you regarding the rock shaft.
  4. Wiring Harness 414-8

    Complete wiring harness from a 414-8 from tail light to headlight. I’ll post a photo later today.
  5. Warning Light Board

    Removed from a 414-8 All lights worked prior to removal. All wires are color coded and plenty of wire was left for splicing. Test switch also included but one of the test switche terminal was broken as the unit was removed.
  6. 48 inch deck belt covers

    Nice pair of belt guards for 48 in deck. 45.00 for the pair plus shipping. pm me for details
  7. 42” deck belt covers

    Nice pair of belt guards for 42 inch deck. 45.00 for the pair plus shipping. pm me for details
  8. C160 Parts update

    It was run yesterday prior to removal. i can send a video. PM me for details.
  9. C160 Parts update

    Yes. PM me for details.
  10. Another pricing question

    I don’t think your price is out of line.
  11. Fuel tank repair

    Marine Tex epoxy.
  12. C160 Parts update

    Headlights sold with the hood.
  13. C160 Parts update

    Rear fender, running boards and belt cover 100.00. (Too large for me to ship) Gas tank with wire support and spring 25.00 Battery tray with bracket 20.00 Aluminum dash 20.00 tank support for dash tower 20.00 dash tower 25.00 dash plate with choke and throttle cables 20.00
  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    You will like that electric lift. All the best.
  15. Rebuilt K321 Kohler (14 hp)

    Just completed a build on a k321 off a 314. bored .020 over crank turned .020 under valve seats ground block head planed and trued. New piston, rings, rod, valves surfaced, rebuilt carb, new seals, fuel pump, and gaskets. all back to factory specs. I can provide photos of the rebuild if requested. PM me for additional questions.