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  1. K-341 oil fill

    Several Kohlers configured for gravely units had the oil filler tube that had a bend like that. My gues is over the years it may have been swapped.
  2. Richmondred01, I was conversing with you a month ago about a metal fender pan for a 1980 C-85. You had mentioned $30 for the pan, but was having trouble finding a box that would work. Would you sell me the pan if I send you box large enough, with packing material, a prepaid return shipping label, and a check, gift card or what ever you want that way? My email is wrjoest@yahoo.com.

    1. richmondred01



      pm me for details.

  3. NOS Fuel pump

    For you purists I have a NOS fuel pump in the box and two rebuildable metal pumps. One still works the other needs a kit. However, I would rebuild both. All three for one price or I can sell separate. PM me for details.
  4. Kohler Magnum 14hp Engine

    Professionally machined and rebuilt complete Kohler M14 engine Wheel Horse spec. Bored .020, crank turned .010 under, valve seats ground. New piston, rings, rod, seals gaskets, fuel pump, rebuilt carb. Entire engine brought back to factory specs. with proper maintenance this engine will last another 30 years. photos of rebuild are available. PM me for additional details.
  5. 314-8 and Front Deck Carrier

    After much debate I’ll be selling my much beloved 314-8. I’m the second owner, always garage kept, no smoke or knocks, maintained every 20 hours, new drive belt, air filter, gas filter. Has 560 hours. Kohler M14. 825.00 with front deck carrier 1200.00. I will sell the deck carrier separate if preferred. The carrier has a new under side drive pulley assembly and new gauge wheels.
  6. Chute extension for a 48 inch deck

    Pm sent
  7. Rear disc

    Yes they are better.
  8. Rear disc

    75.0 is very reasonable. The Brinley plow with colter disctypically sell for 125-175. All the best with the sale
  9. K321 engine running rough

    Some people seem to like the 25.00 Chinese carbs. I think they’re trash. When I rebuild engines I never reuse rods, pistons, rings, gaskets they all go into the trash. Same with the Chinese carbs. I’ve thrown 5-6 of these carbs into my scrap metal pile.
  10. Plastic Fender c85

    Last chance. It will be disposed of this weekend
  11. Out Front Deck Maiden Run

    Flipped up. Saves some room.
  12. Out Front Deck Maiden Run

    Squonk is correct plus the blowback would be ugly. it does a good job cutting going up and down my drainage ditch.
  13. Out Front Deck Maiden Run

    Got some new gauge wheels and swapped decks with another 42 I had in the back of the shed. It works very good. And everyone was right it flips up for storage. It’s still a larger then I have space for and it will be looking for a new home shortly.
  14. Name that model?

    What model is this?