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  1. Front deck Carrier

    Missing the mid mount v idler assemby. im going to need to get one fabricated. Can someone send me the specs and dimensions.
  2. Onan P220G

    I’ve rebuilt several Onan p series engines. The issue with the onan engine is that the new parts are extremely high priced. Depending on the issue most I just part now if the crank needs to be turned or if it needs to be bored. What’s going on with it? You may just need it decarbed and valves adjusted. If that’s the case parts will cost around 100.00. I decarb everyone I get. And start fresh.
  3. Mid Mount idler shaft for front mower carrier

    Looking for the Mid Mount idler shaft for front mower carrier. Here’s some photos.
  4. 418-C

    The 418 is great.
  5. Parting D200

    Changed Status to Pending
  6. Parting D200

    D200 Running but Engine is tired and most likely need to be rebuilt. Has blade. Deck is not being sold at this point. surface rust. Would rather sell it complete rather then part but will do what’s needed to liquidate. Photos to be forthcoming. Tractor is currently located in Raleigh NC. Pick up in Raleigh until the 18th then in Richmond after.
  7. Hi, do you have a good lift cylinder for the 520?  I think the part number is 119340.





  8. 520

    Pm sent

    SNOW BLADE/ TILLER BRACKET $40.00 plus shipping.
  10. 520 Frame

    Straight frame 520 with no cracks. located in Central VA. PM me details.
  11. 520 Gauges

    Pm sent
  12. New to the stable

    Very nice.
  13. Engine needed for 1 0375 WH

    I thought you sold the 416
  14. 416-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Whats your Winter Project

    Complete tear down and restore Cub Cadet model 73. 1969 Only 7600 made. 4th lowest production IH cadets. Its not red but yellow is also good.