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  1. Tom from Belgium

    International Red will suffice, I know... as will Ford Ventian Red. I sell the Farmline Paint as the dist for the UK. What I did was supply the paint manufacturer a slither off of a Wheel Horse tractor and got them to match it. As a WH fan you'll probably know the change in colour from the old WH to the TORO WH red paints... At the end of the day -you pays your money and takes your choice, as the saying goes.
  2. Tom from Belgium

    Hi ... Machines look good, B100 traditional gen tractor is relatively rare in Europe I think, I haven't come across many I must admit. The B series vertical shaft was very popular and during the late '80's and '90's represented 30% - 35% of new sales... The unit that I really liked was the LCLT units produced (low cost lawn tractor), new chassis 212-5 & 212H using a Kawasaki engine, had an electric PTO.... Been restoring my 312-8 and using a new paint range, Farmline Paint.... They do Wheel Horse red, looks like the original red as well. I know we always used to suggest Ford Venetian Red as a near match for WH red... Trouble is my 36" RD mower has pitted shell... And guess these should be filled and smoothed over first before spraying... Any suggestions....? :-)
  3. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Hi... The RJ 57 which I imported from Oevel, was sold into the Belgium market, so later model 58 would for sure have been sold. Main change I recall was the engine, moving from a Lauson to a Clinton I believe... There was a book - now out of print - Straight from the Horses Mouth. The Wheel Horse Story, by a Wheel Horse enthusiast, Michael A Martino Jr. Great read, the full story of Wheel Horse from the first tractor in 1947, through to the sale of the Company To John Munn investment group in 1982. Try e bay in the US, they occasionally come up for sale. :-)
  4. Tom from Belgium

    Hi.. B series is a formed sheet chassis... C series is the traditional gardening tractor with cast iron beam chassis. From WH perspective, B series is a lawn tractor, gear box is Peerless. C series is Garden Tractor - I.e. ground engaging, where the full range Of attachments can be fitted.
  5. Tom from Belgium

    Hi.. B series were built in Oevel.... RER'S is Rear Engine Rider. The models built were the 100 series. :-)
  6. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Just checked with my pal in the US who worked in the service dept at WH in South Bend and is now with TORO as a MNager in Technical Product Support, he reckons 20 is about right - he also went onto say that WH also produced the D160 and D180 models, I am not aware of these being imported.
  7. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Hi Andy.... D200 - before my time, as WH were originally represented by G.D.Mountfield when they we based at Maidenhead.. But I would think that a qty of 20 would be about right. But I'll see if I can find out any more of an accurate figure.
  8. Tom from Belgium

    Hi... Good following in Belgium... Factory for assembling B series and 100 RER's... Was built in Oevel and still there under the TORO banner.
  9. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Hi... Wheel Horse set up their own company/organisation in the UK in 1985. UK owners club.. is new to me.. But certainly overdue. Thanks for welcome....
  10. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Sorry think it was a Lauson engine... Not Clinton.
  11. Hi from Liquid Gardener

    Just found this UK site... I was the editor of UK Horse Sense and ran UK Wheel Horse organisation for 16 years. Did you know there is a Harkness Rose named after Wheel Horse? It's called Wheel Horse Classic.... Beautiful bright red hybrid tea. Sorry I missed the UK meet, if it happened... bought a 1989 312-8 Classic and exchanged deck for a 36" RD mower deck, now under restoration Just acquired 50" mid mount grader blade, not many sold in UK. For those anoraks amongst us... The oldest Wheel Horse tractor ever brought into the UK was a R57 with a Clinton engine, i broughtmit in from Belgium (Amnir) now held by a collector in Downham Market.