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  1. D160 - First start

    Always loved Kohler but, since picking up the 520-8, really like this powerful 20 hp Onan.
  2. Honest Hon, the Horse followed me home. Guess the Stallion wanted to meet you.
  3. Tobacco Road GT14

    Nice! Great work!
  4. Snow Blade ID help

    Never saw a Horse blade like that. Can you mount the blade to the 854?
  5. 42” snow blade

    Extension kit is for the 520's with the swept axle. Would be easy enough to add to the rear of your frame. Been there done that. I extended a frame at the front for my '90 520-8. Two 4-1/2" channels, extension. Dimensions matched the OD's of the frame. Two 12" channels, OD's matched the ID's of the frame. Welded inside the frame for strength. Added 4-1/2" rod to the angle lever rod. Bent 1/8" rod for the angle release.
  6. How many hours?!?

    Never paid any attention to hour meters. Who cares? If a Horse moves into my barn, the Stallion is groomed twice as often (or more) than required. Gotta keep the grandsons busy.
  7. Front tire replacement.

    Tire place gave me a price, $20 each. 8” front tires. No way! Went home, Sawzall. Easy.
  8. Front tire replacement.

    Agree 100% with Jerry! Before reading his post, was going to mention SAWZALL. Been there, done that. Works fine.
  9. Added a ranger to the collection

    Looks great!
  10. Start them young!

    Grandsons drive the Horses but, never with the deck engaged. Risky.
  11. Start them young!

    That was your Horse! Now get out there and get your own Horse Dad!
  12. Plow Hitch

    Many years ago, did the same add on for turning the earth. Only problem I had, the Horse reared up until I added weights, Duh! Also made a front bumper for suitcase weights. My sons loved the Horse so much, we had to round up a few more. Of course we did!
  13. Lawn Aeration

    Very nice! I often wonder how many never perform lawn aeration or remove thatch? I use a spring tooth dethatcher often. Necessary for the lawn to breathe. Use my blower or rake to clear the thatch off the lawns. Apply sand to the lawns, the soil will absorb (swallow) the sand improving drainage. Sod will grow thicker, sand application called "golf course mix". Found a nice 48" wide spring tooth dethatcher, craigslist, cheap. Manufacturer out of biz.
  14. A mowing we will go.

    Looks like you are enjoying the slaughter? Those poor plants!
  15. Worked the 312-8 out today moving gravel

    Those Stallions enjoy wo...wo.....WORK! Horses think they're playing.