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  1. Plastic wheel weights

    Some homemade weights, brake drums, cement filled.
  2. Big Kid play time

    First "push" with our "new" Work Horse. One spring on the plow was loose, fixed that.
  3. Big Kid play time

    The Stallions are ready to move the white "junque"!
  4. First snow fall

    Horse is all set, shove that white "junque" out-a-here! SS carriage bolts and spray WD-40 (water displacement) along top edge of the scrapper blade. I set the blade down on wood blocks. Using chains? Rear wheels on wood blocks, out of the drip, drip.
  5. Snow Plow Install

    Cut the handle and weld a piece in, horizontal. Worked great, Rustoleum Regal Red. Done just that a few times. Use coarse skateboard grip tape on the footrests. One piece does both footrests. Holds up seemingly forever. Inexpensive too.
  6. I never use the low (crawl) gears. Most I believe could walk faster.
  7. Snow Plow Install

    Two lengths lifts. Easy to make from flatbar.
  8. Plow Modification

    Great work and please show 'n tell us about the front wheel modifications. Pic's too would be nice.
  9. '73 automatic 12 brakes

    '73 Auto is a great Horse! You'll never regret keeping that Stallion well groomed.
  10. Mower Spindle Pulley Removal

    Brass drifts, a "must have" in all tool boxes.
  11. Fisherman

    All the above, looks great! A well kept Stallion is a worker forever.
  12. Plow cutting edge

    That would be a radial with studs, only in the winter. AKA the squeegee effect.
  13. Plow cutting edge

    Use tire tread?
  14. Late fall cleanup

    Still blowing leaves with a Little Wonder, tow with a hitch I made. Funny how it works so well when the neighbors are out of town. Smaller leaf removal, backpack blower. One Horse wears a blade rear 'round, my old Allis-Chalmers sports his mid-mount grader blade. Keeps the stone drives rut free!
  15. 65lb Wheel Weights?

    Studs work great and, yes, all four bolts for the weights. Tractor Supply, excellent stock and pricing for the longer carriage bolts.