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  1. Options For 16x5.50-8 Tires?

    Mounted numerous 6.50's, excellent fit on the 8" wheels. Fast delivery, good price, from Miller Tire.
  2. Looks like it needs grease!

    Keep an easy-out and spare zerk fittings in your tool box. Right angle zerk fittings are handy too. I've replaced quite a few grease fittings but more often front axle pin center. Use a block of wood if jacking up the front of your Horse!
  3. Belts

    TSC, Huskee Kevlar. Belts-Deck+Tractor.pdf
  4. Dump Cart Restoration

    Certainly a worthy project. Post picks when finished .
  5. Bagger retrofit from mtd twin bag to 310

    Haven't done so but often thought 'bout doing so. Deck discharge chute, thought of using an HVAC boot (?).
  6. Deck Belt

    I like this chart and Huskee Kevlar belts. Never had one fail. Label the belt sleeve and staple gun to your shop wall. Belts-Deck+Tractor.pdf
  7. Belt size

    Save the belt sleeves; magic marker, label them, staple gun to your shop wall for future reference. I use the Huskee Kevlar belts, on the shelf at TSC, priced right. Never had one fail. Deck spindle drive belt 1/2" x 107". PTO to deck, don't know. Never had a 300 series Horse. Belts-Deck+Tractor.pdf
  8. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    The old Kohlers can't be beat! Was skeptical 'bout Onan but my '90 520-8 is a Stallion!
  9. Front wheel bearings

    I keep a supply of washers on hand also. http://qbcbearings.com/BuyRFQ/ThrustB_Washer_SL_SB_I.php
  10. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    Been using Rustoleum Regal Red for years. Rattle cans always on the shelf at "Home Cheapo", inexpensive too.
  11. Snow Plow Edge

    Someone gave me a blade, no use for it. 48", interesting "squeegee" edge.
  12. Hope it works well. Be sure to post results, we need to know! Somewhere, don't remember, thought I saw side discharge plugs. Toro mulching kit pictured below.
  13. Tyres

    M.E. Miller has the chains. Check their website.