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  1. My Saturday haul

    Nice haul! Beautiful Stallion! I pray your snow blower is never used, never needed, If we hear you prayin' for white wet cold nasty junque…...well you'll find out!
  2. 518-H runs then stalls

    Had a similar problem with my 20 hp Onan. Cleaned the carb, new fuel filter, air filter along with new foam pre-cleaner, oil change w/ oil filter, adding Seafoam to the fuel. Now when I park the '90 520-8, done for the day, I vac the screen and ( and ) spray some carb cleaner directly into the carb. Seems ( ) to be running better every day. Like new. For awhile I was disgusted and giving up.
  3. 312-8 resto

    Been using Terry's decals for years. https://www.redoyourhorse.com/
  4. Custom rim color

    Been using with excellent results Dupli-Color's wheel paints. "Customize or dress up worn out wheels with Dupli-Color® Wheel Coating. This advanced, track-tested acrylic enamel formula restores original wheel appearance and protects against brake dust, chemicals, cleaning solvents, heat, and chipping. Dupli-Color Wheel Coating features a highly reflective metallic finish with superior adhesion to steel, aluminum, and plastic wheels and wheel coverings." http://bestreviews.com/best-wheel-paints https://www.duplicolor.com/product/wheel-coating (Click on colors, not too many. I use the silver )
  5. Keep fighting or sell?

    I had similar problem(s) some time ago. Kept glancing at the Horse. Keeping the Stallion just 'cause he was so good. Then, went to work. Revived the Horse and now I grin every time I look at it. We're buddies! DO NOT THROW THE TOWEL IN!
  6. mid mount grader

    My AC has a heavy mid-mount grader. I often push the grader down with foot / leg power! Nice attachment, the blade is 1/2" thick! The B-10 I upped to a 16hp. The B-10 is now on four ag donuts. The blue deck in the image is my Pennsylvania Panzer. I have a spare 42" dozer blade, complete, that I don't use. Thinking of cutting the frame and blade, fab a mid-mount? But then, the snow blade is only 16 (maybe 14) gauge CRS. Not beefy enough. Think the mid-mount is best. Leg 'push' power is good.
  7. Wheel Horse parts Auction

    Wow! Looking great. Were I close, would be there for sure. Hopefully the forum Wheel Horse Addicted will clean up!
  8. Did you use a 90 degree fitting? Great idea!
  9. 1984 work horse GT1800?

    Don’t know but someone (most) WHA (Wheel Horse Addicted) forum members will help ID your hydro. Color gray, like my 1641. Didn’t care for all gray. Painted my belt guards Rustoleum Regal Red.
  10. Gt-1800 48" deck belt size ????

    Drive belt on your deck 1/2" X 107”. I use Huskee Kevlar P/N 44-61957. On the shelf at Tractor Supply. Staple the sleeve on the shop wall.
  11. Front Plow Question

    Price is about the same here in Perkasie, PA ('bout 20 miles south of Allentown). I have a very good condition 42" plow, frame, axle mount, complete setup. I don't use it. Was thinking $150 for all, and I would sell. Just never got around advertising the setup. Someday.
  12. 1996 520H Red

    Rustoleum Regal Red, always on the shelf at Home "Cheapo". Been using Regal Red for years.
  13. D-series Oliver style

    Nice looking tractors. The cute little doggie looks as if he wants a ride. Who wouldn't? The owner appears neat 'n clean squared away! There's an antique tractor show Sat., Sept. 29th featuring an Oliver. The annual show is a must do for the grandsons. Franconia Mennonite Church, Rte 113, Harleysville, PA. 9AM-3PM. Bucks-Mont Two Cylinder Club.
  14. D-series Oliver style

    Artistic! Looks like good work even the cute little doggie is looking.
  15. 414-8 Delivered

    Not a thing wrong with the Kohler Magnum now that the oil spray has stopped. Love all the Horses. My 1st Horse, 40+ years ago.