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  1. Plow trouble

    Had this problem once. A 10 minute fix. Was a piece of cake. End of spring, squeezed tight with a large water pump plier (Channel Lock pliers). Closed the spring just enough the screw the cast end tightly. Needed to use two drift pins one on both ends to achieve the proper parallel alignment. Screwed the cast piece back into the spring. As noted, don't weld; unrepairable troubles.
  2. Stainless Wheel Lug Bolts?

    Never used stainless lug bolts. I do use lots of stainless hardware, including bolts, nuts, washers, lock washers. Use Never-Seez on all hardware. All at Lowes, excellent hardware section, stainless steel. Always change lug bolts to lug nuts. All my happy working Horses have lug nuts, for years. Threadlocker Blue only on the threads that'll live in the hub, 7/16-20 x 1 1/2" long. Open ended acorn lug nuts on the shelf at most auto stores. Some might query the acorn angle, always used off the shelf lug nuts. Never looked or asked. Always worked great.
  3. 312-8 Project

    Very nice! Updates are required, all need and want to watch your project.
  4. Why buy an older tractor? (wheel horse in particular)

    See too many at big box stores looking at stamped frame lawn riding things. Tractors? Not! Better deals at the scrap yard. Would rather repair a hurt Horse. The Horse will work, be your Stallion forever. I offered to haul, for free, a 1641 2-cyl Briggs Work Horse. Was in a barn for 10 years, not being used. No Charge. Had a new 48" deck. Got that too. Of course, needed TLC but not much. I even had the TSC seat in my barn!
  5. Another successful snow cleaning!

    Didn't like all gray so, belt guards are Rustoleum Regal Red. Red is for the blood we shed. Foot rests, I use coarse skateboard grip tape. Holds up great. Been using the grip tape for years. One piece does both foot rests. I use a paper cutter for nice straight cuts. The grip tape with "micro holes" applies without any air bubbles. Removed the tail reflectors and installed tail lamps, easy enough. Inexpensive too. https://www.nhsfunfactory.com/9in-x-33in-mob-m-80-sheet-mob-skateboard-grip-tape Sparky, what tires are on your Work Horse? Look great.
  6. Another successful snow cleaning!

    Three, or more, perhaps closer to 6", the wet, white, cold nasty "stuff." Son came over and ran the Work Horse. One blade spring, loose, fixed that quickly. Like seat time smellin' fresh cut green grass.
  7. first time snow plow advise

    Sarge I haven't seen the plow flags at Home Cheapo yet but believe (per advertisement) the flags are flexible. They are mounted with springs. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Meyer-Snow-Plow-Marker-Kit-09917/202326242 Sorry to hear 'bout your knees. Mine are OK since leaving Camp Lejeune (loved it there though but, my M14 got heavy at times ). Once a grunt, always a Grunt! Hoo Rah!
  8. Old snow blower wear scraper bar

    Lowes has stainless carriage bolts and stainless lock nuts. Don't forget some.....
  9. I may not get this one home.

    Great project. Glad it happened for the Grandson.
  10. Never ran Seafoam in the gas but, did run Seafoam in the carbs. Kohlers smoked like diesels as I poured the Seafoam, then clean as a whistle. Ran smooth, like new. Seafoam works great! Far better than I ever expected. PS: I often take grandsons to a local small aircraft airport. It is against the law for the aircraft to use fuel containing ethanol. The gas which you can pump into your container is 100 Octane LL (low lead) ethanol free. I also use Berryman gas additive.
  11. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Wood hauler needs a paint job. Maybe Earl can help?
  12. Lets see the snow rigs!

    You might try this.......
  13. New W-H Banner Arrived Today

    Great! American and proud!
  14. Years ago picked up my '90 520-8, had all the pieces shot blasted. Very pleased! The Horse is now Rustoleum Regal Red and Terry's decals. TORO is no longer in the picture.
  15. Quite a lot of sand (shot) blasters do prime their work. Might ask if you're sending parts out to be blasted.