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  1. Easy-Vac

    Easy Vac pull behind leaf vac system. rebuilt 5hp Briggs. I've used it for three season. Does a wonderful job. Currently have it modified to fit into the rear axle bracket for easier pulling. Still have the bracket to fit into the hitch. Could probably use two new cans in the back, but the two there work just fine.
  2. My 520H

  3. I hope this arrangement will work well
  4. Dealer List

    i've seen two in central indiana. Still have the old signs and everything. I'll stop and get pictures next time i get by them.
  5. 520H refurbishment

    I just posted a lot of pictures of my torn down 520. If any one has any suggestions feel free to chime in. And if anyone has a line on a new seat, Please let me know. How can i put that ripped up seat back on the tractor when I get it completed.

    They even have a really big football stadium in Indianapolis
  7. wheel horse snowmobile value?

    there's a wheel horse snowmobile currently on E-bay. I don't remember what its going for but i would base the value off of that for at least a starting point.
  8. I'm sure this has been attempted

    I think that may be my only other option
  9. Hey guys, I was curious if anyone has tried to take a newer model wheel horse deck and bagger attachment and make them work on an older model. I have an 88 520H and was trying to find a way to get the leaves up this fall. I really don't want to have to borrow a cub cadet for that and for love of god my only other option is the other neighbor's snapper :eek: