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  1. I also drive tanker out of Canton. North Canton Transfer. Small world.

    I live over near New London.

    I have a collection of about a dozen.

    I’ll be at the New London Show July 27-29.

    Hope to see you there.

    Bear G.


    Road Trips are no biggie for me. I drive 18 wheeler tanker within 250 mile radius of Canton, OH. But I can't haul WH in a tanker. My wife & I have made several WH road trips. OH to State College, PA 250 miles for a 1986 417-8 with a 12HP Kohler to put in it. 100 miles across OH for my 1964 34R. 1 day trip 12 hours, OH to Niles, MI N of South Bend, IN 355 miles; yes we went past the old factory. For 2 32" snow throwers, 60's models. For 34R parts went to Rittman, OH 57 miles. Another OH trip 234 miles 1 way for my 1970 Raider 10. 360 miles to Vinton, VA to pick up my 1995 520H & Mower & Snow Thrower. Soon to Portland, IN tractor show 230 miles to pick up dozer blade & mower for 34R. Seems crazy but I love the drives and seeing old country I used to drive years ago. Building up my collection to rebuild into my retirement years. My 2003 315-8 I bought new was only 30 miles away. I traded a 1978 C-141 I grew up with for 25 years as part of the deal, now wished I would have kept it. Didn't have WH fever as I do now. Pics in my profile.
  3. Lawn ranger mower deck

    could you post a picture of the lawn ranger deck
  4. I am 5-6 hours north of you in Ohio. I would drive down and pick up this package deal. Does the snow thrower have the chute crank and flag lift bar? Would you consider $1000.00 cash?Robert R.
  5. No, that is the wrong mount. The mount on the mower I need is for low profile frame. It is similar to the RJ decks. I need the Lawn Ranger 32". RM114, 115 116 or 117; for 1962-1967 years. Thanks for showing me. Trying to find the deck to buy complete but cant get any responses back on the ones I have found.
  6. 856 parts

    Hey Kit Kat the fuel tank will work, may try to extend the neck but as is, it is workable. Engine matches up; Tecumseh changed the recoil setup but the cover is same size as mine. Had good time meeting you and visiting; Thank You for the parts and showing me your herd of horses.
  7. 856 parts

    The IPB for 34R & pics I have found looks like maybe extended neck. Does the cap go above your hood when tank is up against bottom of hood, seems as though it should work. The deck I am looking for would be the rounded and not squared sides. Seems that You have a variety of parts and attachments; would I be able to shop around if I can come up there. I Have a H60 that I need throttle plate and linkages & recoil starter for. I am off this tues wed & thurs.
  8. 856 parts

    That's the type hood I have & mine is good. Do you have the extended spout type tank? I am about 60 miles from you. Didn't realize my map was messed up, thanks for letting me know I fixed it. Would you happen to have the LR 32" mower deck RM113 (115,116,or 117). Also looking for the hitch Part# 4904.
  9. 856 parts

    I would be interested in the third tank. Need one for a 1964 34R Lawn Ranger part #2676. How much would you want? I could pick it up. The 2nd one looks close; just that the cap looks too close to the edge for my hood.
  10. Lawn Ranger Mowing Deck

    Is this the type deck with flat bar that hooks to frame rails? Is it still available? If so could you send me a pic at rtruck200826@aol.com. I am 6 hrs away in OH I would come and pickup. Would you take $75. Or if you want to trade I have a 36 In, believed to be 1968, 5-1361 deck; needs a patch on front. pic in my gallery. Also has clutch pedal and idler.
  11. 856 parts

    what are the dimensions of the gas tank?
  12. Thank You and there is no rush. This is a long term project.
  13. Got a hold of a mower deck but need to add the hanging frame and clutch. Would anyone be able to get me the measurements for these parts? Looks like simple flat bar and rod for the hangers and angle iron on the deck. Clutch maybe more of a challenge. Would also appreciate any up close pictures especially of the clutch. I have a 36 inch deck and the hanger on it wont work on this low profile framed tractor. Was also considering getting a tach a matic type hanger system off a more modern deck and modifying it to fit this tractor. Easily bought from Ebay. Not sure if it might be too tall to fit under with the tach a matic. But would rather keep more original, maybe even find the right deck all together. This is my future project to rebuild top to bottom. Also working on a 1986 417-8 no engine but have 12hp Kohler for her.
  14. Thank You for the Detailed information, just what I needed.
  15. Just recently purchased a 1964 34R and a separate deal landed a Snow Thrower, believe it to be a ST323 maybe a 324. It does not have the idler pulley. I did find posts for measurements on the pulley arm for Ranger. I need close up pics of the ends of the clutch rod and the crank rod as well as measurements so that I can fab these parts. Or if anyone has these parts for sale I would be interested.