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  1. 417-8 Roller with Electric Lift plus EXTRAS!!

    I am interested in the 417-8 with the electric lift for 200. I have a 2004, 315-8 that I would like to put an electric lift on. I am in Ohio 4-1/2 hrs away from you. I may make a day trip sometime. Please inform me when you are ready to scrap & I just might make this trip on a day off.
  2. Have no problem with tire in furrow. Works just like an AG tractor. The plows are offset just like big AG plows. This setup plows 6" deep at minimum. This is a picture of the tractor that pulls the plows.
  3. I have a plow very similar, the adjusting rod is set up different. Bought it at an Ohio auction because it has the sleeve hitch. Have never seen another like it and have no more info on it than what you have on yours. I came across another plow a few years later and fabricated this two bottom plow. I put heavy weight in the top frame. I pull them with a 2004 315-8 manual transmission and it pulls them with no problem. I always wonder why I don't see more two bottom set ups.
  4. 417-8 Electric Lift Setup

    Do you have pictures to post?
  5. Electric lift kit #84225

    Thank You for the thread, very helpful info. Now I have a better idea of what I am searching for..
  6. I am looking for this kit. It seems hard to find. I can find bits & pieces @ dealers but no linear actuator. Could someone send me the specs of this actuactor. I believe it was manufactured by Warner. What is the shaft size? How long is the run out? What is the amperage, and capacity? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I believe I have found similiar actuators but need some specs to know I am getting what I need.