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  1. Tires for Tub Cart

    Thank you all for your input, I'll be sure to post the final product, I've only got as far as sandblasting, priming and fiber glassing the back part due to all the pinholes. Hope it turns out as good as the mower deck I did two years ago (after and before)I just love working on these Wheelhorse's but just can't always find the time..LOL
  2. Does anybody know a source for the original style tire that was used on the tub style dump carts. The tires appear to be flat on the tread area and have several ribs. The ones on the trailer I'm restoring are too dry rotted to reuse, I am planning on using regular wheelbarrow tires at this point. Any advice? Please see attached picture.
  3. Another Horse for the Stable

    DougC, I asked the same question, two issues, mower wasn't big enough for his property and he didn' t like the way the 42" RD mowed. I'll take a chance on that :-)
  4. Just thought I'd post my new (used) 2000 314-8 I found at a local dealer, only has 215 hours, with a 42" RD deck in excellent shape. This makes the 5th one for my herd. Looking forward to mowing next year with this instead of my SK 482.
  5. Thanks for everyones' input! I guess the next question is once I replace the broken gears, do I need to replace the roll pins and bolts for the differentional with new ones? I plant to replace all the needle bearings in the rest of the rebuild. Any advice by folks that have rebuilt these 4 speeds is certainly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys! Tore apart my B-80, with the 4 speed, 4 pinion and realized that in addition to the four bolts it has four rollpins. How do I remove these? I have pieces of gear teeth in the case and it came from the differential gears. Any advice is appreciated!
  7. Pulling rear hubs

    Are you still making or selling these hub pullers?
  8. C-120 Front Axle

    Thank you for your input. The pin is 3/4" with the tap, but I'm off just a fraction to get the retaining clip on. the axle looks to be correct (as compared to my other tractors a B-80, B-100 and SK-486). I don't believe the axle is worn, it's just the undersized axle pin used caused slop in the assembly. The spindle shaft that attaches to the axle has about 1/8" gap underneath the retainer clip, that is not normal is it? My other tractors are tight.
  9. Hope someone can shed some light on this issue. I have a 1976 C120 auto, my problem is that I think it does not have the correct front axle. My other B wheelhorse tractors have a bolt in each spindle axle that holds the rim on, this has a cotter key. Also, I noticed the axle pin is not in place, the prior owner fashioned a homemade pin to attach the axle assembly to the frame, I bought the correct pin, but it will not quiet fit. There is alot of shimming that will have to take place to get the play out of the whole front end. I don't have a camera at the moment to attach pictures.