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  1. Engines

    A kohler k301 12hp motor should be good
  2. hydro cub?

    there is a kid in my club i pull with with a 16hp k341 hydro cub he does pretty good
  3. Need help ASAP

    got it freed but now the starter wont engage tractor never gave me aproblem untill now when i want to sell it
  4. Need help ASAP

    so theres a guy that want to buy my old simplicity sunstar that sat for 5 years. i went back checked oil that was good pulled the air filter off go to spin it over and... ITS LOCKED UP!!!!! it has a magnum20 in it i just need to know if there is a quick fix becuase i cand put oil down the horizontal cylenders
  5. Charlie's new ride (build thread)

    Looks good Charlie my brother swapped a 5.9 in his 80's chevy 5.9 crammed in theregood old Wi fun
  6. k301 questions

    I have a mic and everything my dad used to build motors for a living ill see and im told i have the d piston so maybe it just needs rings.
  7. Nicknames for your pulling tractors

    Haven't had time to clean it up yet. Little work and I'm sure it will shine. Alum front and rear rims will be going on soon DSCN2150.JPG are you going to keep the rear tires when you put on new rims?
  8. k301 questions

    Mine smokes at start up but when warm it barley does
  9. k301 questions

    Hi everyone i need your help. So i have a k301 motor in my c-120 puller i pulled the head after i cout it out of storage and well its going to need a rebuild. I can move the piston back and forth in the bore(standard). I was told that the magnum Piston and rod is stronger than the k? is it true? Is it worth it? I plan on buying a LP head, Copper head gasket, and a nice port and polish. is there anything else i can to to crank some more horses out of it? Any help is much appreciated. FastNRed
  10. Nicknames for your pulling tractors

    thats Big Jake old tractor...
  11. Nicknames for your pulling tractors

    Mine Is called the Pony Express, had crazy horse but another club member had that
  12. wireing help need

    thanks Save Old Iron helps out ALOT would would have been stumped on a verbal description but you when above and beyond with the diagram
  13. Hydro to 8spd swap!

    pulled last year never placed but would pull anywere between 50-85ft didnt do so swell
  14. Puller gets face lift

    well camera died and didnt want to wait for it to charge. only took 3.5 hrs to do and only needed a clutch pulley and and a clutch spring its really straight forward swap so here is my puller now form hydro to 8speed ladder bars to strengthen the back plate