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  1. tyre size

    I have managed to find a pair of the Wright size tyres now off the internet so think I will go wit them
  2. tyre size

    Thanks for all the information its really helpful . And andy I am interested in the user manual and how much would you want for the sweeper and manual much appreciated Darren
  3. tyre size

    Hi all just wounded if you could help need to put 2 new back tyres on my 227-5 the size that is on it is 20 x 10.0-10 tyres . A friend of mine has a set of 20 x 11.0 -10 I was wondering if these would fit a he is offering them for free . Thanks for any help daz
  4. Thanks for all the help much appreciated very helpful thanks again daz
  5. Sorry about that I forgot to put the deck model number its E5-42XR01 I will have to take a pic tomorrow to attach
  6. Hi just wounded if anyone knows of a web site with prices its for a bearing int shaft part number 106388 and a v pulley part number 106524 or if anyone has any spears ones for sale cheers daz
  7. pto to deck belt

    Could you please help me again I managed to go a new drive belt for my 227-5 but I am not having a lot of luck with a PTO to deck belt could some tell me the code of the belt pleas looked on the net but just can't find anything any where thanks daz
  8. Thank you for that this is a great site with lots of helpful members . I'm in tarporley Cheshire . cheers
  9. Hi all could anyone tell me the belt sizes or codes for this mower I have no serial code on mower. the owner before peeled it off to paint I'm new to this as you can probably tell only the belts are all cracked and slipping . Cheers Darren
  10. thanks for that im new to ride on mowers never had one before so im on a learning curve . do they print the serial number any were else on the mower do you know . thanks for that
  11. Hi, hope someone can help please. I have just bought a Toro wheelhorse 227-5.I'm in the UK by the way.I'm not sure of model code as was not on when I bought it. The mower starts fine but will now not move forwards or backwards without manual pto turned on (i.e cutter deck). Does anyone have any thoughts? Daz.