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  1. Mower deck won't disengage

    Just wanted to finish this post....the new belt works. There are two holes on the mower deck that the hook for the lever goes in to. Didn't work when I hooked it to the front hole....worked when I hooked it to the rear hole. Thanks again everybody. Sorry it took so long to give an update.
  2. Mower deck won't disengage

    This is what they gave me. I gave them the Toro part #. BTW thanks Garry.
  3. Mower deck won't disengage

    Going to get the right one this afternoon. Thanks everyone for the help. I REALLY appreciate it.
  4. Mower deck won't disengage

    So 1 inch too small would prevent the blades from disengaging?
  5. Mower deck won't disengage

    So the belt I have on now is a gates 1/2 x 85. According to the manual I need a 1/2 x 86. It says I need toro #8412. I think I'm reading that right. My model is 5-7361.
  6. Mower deck won't disengage

    Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I have the other commando 7. Strange how it worked at first but then wouldn't disengage. Stalled the mower a couple of times at first too so maybe the belt is too small????
  7. I put a mower deck on my Commando 7 and it worked fine at first, but then the blades wouldn't disengage. Suggestions?
  8. Ideas for new exhaust/muffler for Kohler 17

    Thanks for the info. I'll look in to that 417 muffler. I still have the guards for mine, I just took them off for the picture.
  9. Ideas for new exhaust/muffler for Kohler 17

    so a muffler from a 417 will fit a Kohler KT17S? There is a 417 muffler on ebay.
  10. Ideas for new exhaust/muffler for Kohler 17

    again...nice tractors...and that plow is awesome
  11. Ideas for new exhaust/muffler for Kohler 17

    Thanks for the pics. Nice tractor.
  12. I want to replace the exhaust and muffler on my C-145 (has a 17hp kohler). It has at least 1 leak. I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet where I can find a new one. It doesn't have to look like the one I have now. I like the "stacks" but would settle for one just out to the side. Is threaded pipe an option for this motor? Just looking for suggestions.
  13. Napa Has Small Engine Parts

    I've been getting parts at Carquest. They seem to be cheaper than NAPA. Even bought mower blades there.
  14. This is probably the dumb question of the day but I just wanted to verify that my 1984 C-145 takes 10w-30 for the transmission fluid. Also, where is the drain plug for the transmission fluid??? If anyone could tell me where I could find a manual that would be great. *****update***** I found it. Under the tranny...took an allen wrench.