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  1. I am in search of a decent 60" deck. I would prefer a newer style classic deck with mule or an XI deck. If a C-195 Deck will work on a classic, I can do that too! Tractor optional...i have classic and xi options available for mounting. I prefer pickup within 500miles of Syracuse but will go farther if I must. Cash in hand.
  2. Xi series single stage 42" blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Xi series single stage 42" blower

    Trades considered!!!! Motivated seller!
  4. Xi PTO clutch N.I.B.

    Up for sale is a new in box Exreme PTO clutch for a 518xi, 520xi and 522xi. I bought it for one of my Xi's because I thought the clutch was bad...it was just a loose connection...so, this is up for sale at $250 shipped! These are over $300 New and have a lifetime warranty. Or, make an offer!
  5. Has anyone converted a 520-8 over to gear reduction steering? Some questions if you have: 1. Does the motor have to come out? 2. Since the 520-8 has a swept axle, do I just need the lower steering shaft and gear box out of the donor? 3. Anything I am missing or should this be a simple swap? Thanks in advance!
  6. Xi series deep dish rear wheels and tires

  7. Nice cast iron wheel horse wheel weight set. Asking $450 as a set or $250 front/$250 rear if split up. Each set includes hardware. Pm or text me.
  8. 23x10.5 titan tires with deep dish 12" wheels off an XI tractor. These may also fit classics. Asking $200 obo
  9. 42" single stage snowblower for xi tractors. Model # 79365 Good shape, all required parts to hook up. I can deliver if needed. Auger is in nice shape...was used on asphalt driveway. Asking $300obo
  10. 1998 522xi

    Changed Price to SOLD! Changed Status to Closed
  11. 1997 312-8

    Sold it last fall...forgot to make post show as closed. sorry!
  12. 1998 522xi

    This is a 1998 522xi 1500 hours...i am pretty sure key was left on by previous owner but the meter works and reads as stated above. Runs good, has new electric clutch by me, power steering and cruise. New rear all trail tires, fresh tuneup and fluids. Fully functional...i am using it for loader duties now but plan to install my loader on different tractor...this ad does not include the loader! I will sell this machine bare, with a 48 deck or with a 42" single stage blower. Prices: Bare tractor: $1,000 Tractor w/ deck: $1,200 Tractor w/ blower and weights/chains, no deck: $1,250 Tractor, blower and a deck: $1,450 Contact me with any questions!
  13. Hydro foot pedal kit

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. Hydro foot pedal kit

    This is sold.
  15. Hydro foot pedal kit

    My conversion to all xi's is complete. I am all out of classics, so this unused foot pedal hydro conversion kit from a redsquare vendor is for sale! This was ordered early last year before i decided to move into only xi tractors. I have installed 3 of these in the past.from Matt and the quality is top notch. This will fit a 314-H, 416-H, 520-H and maybe others...once you use it, you will probably love it! I will sell for $200 shipped anywhere a ups flat rate box goes!