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  1. I need 1993 520H photos

    Thanks to all for your help and photos! I got all of the wires and new gas lines run thanks to you. I was hoping to get the last few pieces painted today but we got more rain so that got put on hold. Dave, I noticed your battery cables come up and over the metal frame above the battery. Mine come up inside right along the sides of the battery.
  2. I need 1993 520H photos

    Thanks very much Dave! Your photos answered many questions I had. I couldn't tell how the harness runs along the top of the engine down to the starter and temperature sending unit. Does it go down under the intake manifold, in order to avoid the exhaust manifold, before it gets zip tied to the oil fill tube? I also still need to know what hole the throttle cable goes into and where the small spring on the carburetor throttle rod gets attached to at the carburetor side. I found out the clear hose is supposed to connect to another hose that comes out of the bottom of the air cleaner base.
  3. I need 1993 520H photos

    I took the engine out of my 520H last Fall and took many pictures before removal and disassembly. Unfortunately, I didn't check the photos as I took them. Most are unusable so I am asking for someone to post photos of their 520H looking down on the engine so I can see the routing of the throttle cable, the wiring harness that goes across the top of the engine and down to the starter. Does that harness go under or over the intake manifold? I know it gets zip tied to the oil filler tube. Which hole does the throttle cable go through on the pivot arm? The return spring is in the second hole away from the pivot point. There is a small spring on the throttle rod going to the carburetor that I don't know where it attaches on the carburetor end. There is a clear plastic tube that comes up from a hole in the chassis between the rear of the engine and the dash. It is melted off about a foot above where it comes through the chassis. Can you tell me where it is supposed to go? I was hoping to have it running again this weekend but I guess I'll have to wait until next weekend. Thanks for any help that can be provided!
  4. P220 Heads and intake installation

    I always torque bolts during assembly! Heck, I even torque the lug nuts when I swap wheels around on my cars. I do have the specs for the bolts but since the intakes are only 6-10 ft-lbs and there aren't lockwashers on the bolts, I was concerned about them loosening up without some type of thread locker on them. It looked like there was something white in the threads and on the bottom of the bolts when I cleaned them so I thought it might be some kind of threadlocker. I'll give the anti-seize a try and see what happens. Thanks to all who responded.
  5. P220 Heads and intake installation

    Thanks guys. What about the intake bolts?
  6. I'm ready to install the heads and intake back onto the engine. I chased the threads of the bolts and the block and flushed them with brake cleaner and air. Do I oil the bolt threads before installing them? I would think you would for the head bolts to get the correct torque readings but since there aren't any lock washers on intake bolts, do you use thread locker instead of oil? Thanks in advance.
  7. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    I feel your pain! That's the kind of luck I've been having lately too! Simple jobs turn out to be nightmares.
  8. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    Good luck with that one Mastiffman! I thought I got a good deal but you got a steal, if it works. The C type that I have hits the screw boss so hopefully the one you bought is a little thinner where it fits around the spring retainer. Let us know if it works for you.
  9. Sandblaster/air compressor

    I have a Scat #960 Patriot cabinet from TP Tools and a Quincy 7.5 HP, 23.8 CFM @ 100 PSI with an 80 gallon tank that works great. I can put a mower deck in it for cleaning. It's 42" wide so you guys with a 48" deck would have to get a larger cabinet! This compressor replaces a 5 HP Crapman with a 30 gallon tank that I had to keep stopping blasting to let the compressor catch up and then wait some more to let it cool down. Now I can blast as long as I want with no worries about the compressor burning up. Not to mention how much quieter it is. You can talk to someone when the compressor is running but you had to yell when the old compressor ran!
  10. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    The spring compressor arrived from Amazon and it works great. $32 well spent!
  11. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    Yes, I tried them but they didn't have one for small engines. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    Thanks Joel but that's out of my price range for a one time use though! I do like your cover photo! I have a couple of Model A's out in the garage. I found this one on Amazon and hope it works!
  13. Onan P220 vavle spring tool?

    What type of a spring compressor does anyone use on an Onan P220 engine? I ended up using a screwdriver to compress the spring to get the keepers out but that doesn't work well to get them back in. Your need three hands and five eyes! I tried an old C type and a Sunnen screw type compressor but they both hit the screw boss for the cover screw before the valve tip is exposed enough to put the keepers in.
  14. Onan 20HP crack in heads?

    Thanks for your time and effort Boomer! I had found several pairs for sale on Ebay and A-Z Tractors also has some. Thanks.
  15. Onan 20HP crack in heads?

    That's what I am hoping! I don't have a machine shop nearby so I hope Boomer finds the marks on some of the heads he is going to check.