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  1. I feel your pain! That's the kind of luck I've been having lately too! Simple jobs turn out to be nightmares.
  2. Good luck with that one Mastiffman! I thought I got a good deal but you got a steal, if it works. The C type that I have hits the screw boss so hopefully the one you bought is a little thinner where it fits around the spring retainer. Let us know if it works for you.
  3. I have a Scat #960 Patriot cabinet from TP Tools and a Quincy 7.5 HP, 23.8 CFM @ 100 PSI with an 80 gallon tank that works great. I can put a mower deck in it for cleaning. It's 42" wide so you guys with a 48" deck would have to get a larger cabinet! This compressor replaces a 5 HP Crapman with a 30 gallon tank that I had to keep stopping blasting to let the compressor catch up and then wait some more to let it cool down. Now I can blast as long as I want with no worries about the compressor burning up. Not to mention how much quieter it is. You can talk to someone when the compressor is running but you had to yell when the old compressor ran!
  4. The spring compressor arrived from Amazon and it works great. $32 well spent!
  5. Yes, I tried them but they didn't have one for small engines. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Thanks Joel but that's out of my price range for a one time use though! I do like your cover photo! I have a couple of Model A's out in the garage. I found this one on Amazon and hope it works!
  7. What type of a spring compressor does anyone use on an Onan P220 engine? I ended up using a screwdriver to compress the spring to get the keepers out but that doesn't work well to get them back in. Your need three hands and five eyes! I tried an old C type and a Sunnen screw type compressor but they both hit the screw boss for the cover screw before the valve tip is exposed enough to put the keepers in.
  8. Thanks for your time and effort Boomer! I had found several pairs for sale on Ebay and A-Z Tractors also has some. Thanks.
  9. That's what I am hoping! I don't have a machine shop nearby so I hope Boomer finds the marks on some of the heads he is going to check.
  10. Here ya go Jack...... The picture of my 1931 2 Dr Dlx Phaeton has a friend of mine standing next to it. He had Alzheimer's and has since past on. He carried a Model A picture book around with him quite a bit because he remembered he had owned one. His face lit up when I came to pick him up to go for a ride. He and his future wife dated in the coupe. It had been sitting outside covered by a tarp for about 35 years when I asked his wife if I could get it running for him so he could hear it again. I ended up removing the engine and replacing it with one I had since it was seized solid. Someone else donated some used tires and tubes to turn it into a roller. He had a big grin and started to laugh when he heard it start after all of those years. I didn't have time to get the brakes fixed before he became to ill to go for a ride in it.
  11. Thanks Boomer. They are 4097E and 4098E
  12. Thanks for the tip Ohiofarmer. It's not my place but I'll pass the tip on to the owner.
  13. You can see a couple of my Model A's in this shot. 1931 Wide Bed PU in front and a 1929 Town Sedan in rear. Sorry for the sideways photo!
  14. Bullitt is at the top of the list! Vanishing Point is another good one.
  15. After removing and cleaning the heads I've noticed what looks like either casting flash or cracks in both heads. Trying to be optimistic, I say they are flash but a friend thinks they are cracks. There is no sign of them on the other side of the heads so if they are cracks, they don't go all the way through. Has anyone else seen these on an Onan 20HP head? DSCN1145[1].MOV