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  1. 312 puller info needed

    Midwest Super Cub for the foot throttle.
  2. C-160 Automatic

    I spent some time navigating through the manuals section. I think I found all that I need in there once I realized how it was arranged. Lots of good info in there. I found the correct sleeve hitch file so I can make one of those. Its pretty cool that the tractor has the conduit for the steel cable already. Found that "Johnny Bucket" attachment. Wish I had more time or I would burn one of those on the plasma table. Maybe next year.
  3. C-160 Automatic

    Can someone post up a link to the service manual/parts lists? I'm having a hard time finding them in the manuals section.
  4. C-160 Automatic

    Any one have any pictures as to where/how that hitch hooks to the lift cylinder/mechanism?
  5. C-160 Automatic

    Thanks for the comments guys. All I did today was drive it around. Ended up taking off the plow but not before I tried it out in the garden. Found the parking brake lever is messed up. Parked it on a hill and then couldn't release it. Had to take the guard off to disengage it. Seems the lever has a hole for the idler pulley bolt to go thru and it cracked so the lever is bending. Gonna have to take that off and cnc plasma a new one.
  6. C-160 Automatic

    Original owner was an old man that died. 2nd owner was an old man (lol, my wife's uncle) I want to build one of those hitches Smoreau makes if they would fit this tractor. Sidenote. Would a moderator edit the thread title so it doesn't have the typo?
  7. C-160 Automatic

    Just picked this up yesterday from a relative. 2nd owner tractor with 1359 hours. I always liked the Suburban 400 tractors and last year I finally got a Suburban 550? and a RJ58/59. This year I got this. I see a trend. Anyways, its a real nice tractor.
  8. RJ59 Belt Guard

    Very nice. Thank you. How wide(or deep) is that cover. Or I guess how long are the standoff spacers?
  9. Will do. Was going to take some pics of those parts but never got around to it. I pressed out the carrier bushings using a socket. Forget what size I used. They came out pretty easily. I then pressed the gears off the cluster shaft (I think that's what its called), pulled the woodruff keys and went to press out the bushings from the cluster gear. I used a 5/8 socket and was only able to press them in so far when the press would bind up. Couldn't figure out what was happening, thought I should be able to press the bushings the whole way through. Switched to a 9/16 socket and was able to press them all the way. Didn't know there was a step machined in there. Oh well, didn't screw anything up. Did shave material off the OD of the bushings though.
  10. Anyone have a pic of an RJ59 belt guard on and off the engine? Need to fab one up and would like it to look somewhat original.
  11. Here is what I got when I went to my local bearing shop. I am friends with the guy the runs it. I brought him all the parts and we measured it and here is what we came up with. Timken 240731 Seal - 1.000 x 1.250 x 0.125 Axle tube seals. Look like they will fit fine even though many have said this was a dealer only item. SFK 7628 Input and brake shaft seals Bunting Bearings EP121412 - 3/4 x 7/8 x 3/4 Bushings for the cluster shaft gears (I think?) Bunting Bearings EP161824 - 1 x 1-1/8 x 1-1/2 Axle bushings Bunting Bearings CB222414 - 1-3/8 x 1-1/2 x 1-3/4 Bushing for carrier (Need to cut the length down on these) KYK R12 Open bearings (Saw no need for the shielded ones, maybe I'm wrong again) INA SCE108 - 0.625 x 0.813 x 0.500 Needle bearing
  12. The gaskets weren't too bad on price. I think he added in for inflation on the axles. I could of had new ones made for probably less but oh well.
  13. Well, the bearings I showed above are too wide. I should have know better that you couldn't take the seals out and it'd be right. Anyways, went and bought the right bearings. I just got some parts back from the sand blaster. Decided I would paint the insides of the side plates with Gyptol. It repels oil and lets it drip freely back to the bottom of the trans. Figured that would be a good idea considering how pitted the inside of the trans is. Anyways, I tried my luck at the Wheel Horse dealer again and asked if by chance he had any axles for it. He had 2 on the shelf from 1960! Bought them. Both of my parts trans' had jacked up axles.
  14. Harbor Freight Mini Tire Changer Eval

    I learned a trick from the local atv shop when mounting tires that come in like that. Cut yourself 3 pieces of 2x4 a little bit longer than the rim is wide. Put them in the tire to hold the bead apart and set the tire in the sun til it regains its shape.
  15. Ok, neither of my ideas would work. I pulled the seal off the one tube when I was in the bearing shop picking out replacements. The axle tube is machined to accept the seal, which is larger in diameter than the bushing. See pic. Looks like I can pick up a piece of 1-1/4" CR rod and press it into the end to form the tube back into shape. If you look at the pics, I may have been a little picky as you can barely notice the caved in spot. In other news, got my bearings came in the mail today. I ordered 7 R12RS bearings to replace the 4 ground and 3 unground R12 bearings. I will just pull the seals out of these and have regular R12 bearings. My local shop qouted me about $10 for the ground R12s and about $15 for the unground ones. I got these for about $2.50 a piece. I think this will work replacing the lower quality unground bearings with the better ground ones. Also, I stopped at a local Toro dealer and asked if he happened to have any tranny gaskets. He had 2! Needless to say, I bought them at $10 a piece. I scanned one to PDF to make new ones in the future on a laser cutter.