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  1. C-125 Black Hood

    Refubishment of my C-125 Black Hood Wheelhorse
  2. Thanks for the welcome every one I have uploaded some pics to the gallery of progress so far, but strangely the color looks orange in the pics but is in fact international harvester red a lovely deep red. i will try an edit next batch before posting to improve the color.
  3. Hi every one from me in the uk leamington spa warwickshire. New to the site an refurbishing my first wheel horse tractor a C-125 black hood. In fact the first vehicle i have ever attempted to restore. phil
  4. wheel horse c-125 refurb

    Hi i will post some pics as soon as i work out how to upload them. Thanks for the welcome.
  5. mule drive?

    Just posted a question about these in another section, iam looking for the sealed bearings that are in the flat an vee pulleys, iam trying to refurbish a c-125 an cant seem to track these down, the number on them is KSK 7R12, any idea of replacments. mule drive learn somthing new every day.
  6. New to the site an looking for some information on front mounted pulley block for deck drive belt, i cant find any replacment sealed bearings for the v an flat pulleys, ksk 7R12 is the number on them any idea of equivelent. i am trying to refurbish a c-125 black hood 80-81 i think.