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  1. 633?

    BTW.......Larry........where DID you find that tank?....what horse model? If I remember right, it was on a 753. Been a while. I almost threw it away at the time, thinking someone had stuck it in the tank and cut up the tank in the process. So never toss anything. Makes a good display though.
  2. rear axle problem?

    Don't forget to back off the lock nut before tightening. I also use a drop ofthreadlocker on the setscrew.
  3. Will these work on my 552

    Looks like that is for only one wheel.
  4. Lane Ranger

    Happy B Day Lane. Friend of everyone. Always a smile and a willing hand. Larry
  5. Nice Fleet Cleat. Larry
  6. All Missouri Members

    I'm still at home in Warsaw, MO. Larry
  7. Using the two piece cultivator this year on 1961 -701 !

    I like the cup holder. Thanks for the pictures Lane. Good looking stuff. Is that grader blade new?
  8. Had that same problem with that same engine. New carb. points and anything else I could bolt on. It was the timing.
  9. Wheel Leveler Rod Length

    It looks like one off of one of the old 60's gear drive decks might work. There should be a ton of them out there.
  10. I've never owned a 520 but was wondering. Assuming it is mounted correctly, is it possible to drill another hole and move the deck wheels forward? Just wondering.
  11. NOS Raider 14

    It is my understanding the Raider 14 along with a few other NOS tractors were purchased from a dealers estate by Rick. The Raider 14 along with a NOS Commando 800 and a NOS Raider 8 with a NOS grader blade now reside in my horse barn. I took the Raider 8 to the Arendtsville Pennsylvaniaand the Evansville Indiana shows last June. Many of you saw it at these shows and at my Meet and Greet get together in September. Many pictures posted in the Wheel Horse Herd section of this forum under Mid Mo Meet and Greet. I will be having anotherMeet and Greetin Sep. of 2015 also. Hope to see some of you there. We have a great time talking horses and buying and trading parts and tractors. There will be an update in the "Wheel Horse Herd" of this forum on the Meet and Greet. Larry
  12. Auction finds

    Mike of "American Pickers" would have jumped all over that Ranger. COOL!
  13. They have a 7 HP Kohler on them. Maybe it should be a 733. Congratulations Lane. I thought I had seenthose pictures before. Larry
  14. Terry, still plan to be there. Speedy is good with me. We all appreciate what you do for this sic-----, I mean hobby. Thanks. Larry
  15. Bucket list scratch off

    Good eye Mike. Canopy is neat. Might have to start looking for one of those myself. Larry Warsaw, MO