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  1. almost done

  2. Its finally done!

    good to hear from u john thanks for nice comments. looking forward to seeing you again. (ps... now you know why i wanted those A90 rims so bad)
  3. Its finally done!

    front rims are 6 inch off of a wheel horse A-90, front tires are from tractor supply. paint is all rustoleum, regal red, gloss black and gloss white. rearend is out of a c-160 so im pretty sure its strong enough. we have 2 pulling clubs here and one used to have an 8 hp and under class but i cant seem to find any updated rules to confirm they still have it. dont worry if she cant pull it it will still get plenty of seat time :omg:
  4. Its finally done!

    950# stock class will definitely have to add some weight also this class is up to 20 hp so i don't think she'll be in the money but it will be fun anyway. it wont pull till it gets the kohler though.
  5. Its finally done!

    thanks for all the nice comments guys :omg:
  6. Its finally done!

    if this is in the wrong place the mods can move it... well its finally done, the 66 L-106 that my daughter will be using as a pulling tractor. First the humble beginning... then the concept.... And finally completion!!!! vinyl guys decals are great and id also like to thank Crazy Horse for his technical support I cant even begin to tell you how much fun this was to do. the little tuccy 6hp is a screamer but there is an electric start 8hp kohler sitting on the workbench in need of a governor gear that this tractor will get soon. i will post pics of that when its in the tractor. :drool:
  7. Lawn Ranger fuel tank

    the clearance issues sound about right, its pretty tight. as far as the tank, is the one you are using a squared off tank, the rounded ones dont work.
  8. this thing is turning into a BEAST! :thumbs:
  9. first 50 degree day this year i thought i'd snap some photos. still alot of work to do but boy am i having fun :thumbs:
  10. how to make a sand blasting cabinet

    i use the same stuff from tsc it seems to work very well and doesnt break down like regular sand :thumbs:
  11. what size axles?

    just wanted to know if it came with 1 1/8 or 1 inch axles, was'nt sure when they started using 1 1/8 axles. i will measure to be sure, thanks tt
  12. what size axles?

    what size axles are in a 1973 8 8 speed? going to look at one tommorow and really want to know if im looking at an original rearend. :thumbs:
  13. 1968 "500 Special"

    arent they all :thumbs:
  14. Where's everyone from?

    greenville pa. here, original home of the world famous WERNER ladder co. the best built aluminum ladders in the world. also deep in the heart of lake erie lake effect snow country. seriously right smack between pittsburgh and erie pa. right off i-79
  15. 66 lawn ranger

    that big seat is comfortable :thumbs: