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  1. Happy Birthday Gary

  2. Well, depending on where you look....70's all week before, Sunny and same for Sunday......but SATURDAY.....cold in lower 60's and MIGHT rain in AM. You do something wrong and God is making it not as nice a day for ONE darn day?? Hee!
  3. V-twin Vanguards?

    Have a 12.5 290000 series on my Speedex now. It is all running and good, EXCEPT, no exhaust. I bought it at Portland on a wheelhorse and fella had straight pipes mounted, which I could use again, but kinda loud and not my style. Been looking for a used muffler and the wire shield used around them on epay and some sources, but not much out there. I can still buy new and the prices are pretty high, even the used ones I've found are about the same as new. What gives? Anyone have something and or know where to look? Seems the ones from 12.5 up to 18hp are same, but after that, bigger ones don't fit. I might have a picture of one on older speedex if I can find again to show what is needed. I have parts numbers from my manual too if needed. This is a Horizonal shaft engine. I find more for Vertical engines, but they are entirely diff and have real long tubes on those to get out from under the chassis of most brands.
  4. 2015 Meet and Greet T-shirts

    Hope I got this right for shirt order. One Medium and One Large works for me (us). I have maybe three tractors to bring, might be two, and also have a C size chassis I would like to sell, but don't really need a whole space for that. Think you or one of the guys would let me set it by their stuff with a note on it?
  5. Don't have to be Red? That's good, cause our horses are purple and Pink now. The Wife now has "Sparkling" Gramma horse, the black hood, now sparkly hood type. Might have to bring a Speedex too, THAT is red!
  6. I got one last year, made a 2x extentions on it. Find the ramp is not that good, but two auto ramps I have are just right height to the table and easier to push up and move out of way then the big ramp, which is kinda short really. I now have a Speedex up on there was gonna start on last year, still there, nothing done. Ramp takes alot of room. I find it kinda rocky with bigger tractors on it. Had MTD 990 on it once and plenty big enough tractor for the lift. The lift does rock a little for me when raised. With extensions I made had to make the foot levers longer at the pivot shaft to come out to side more and be usable. Mine seems to be wider than what is shown here, maybe too wide and can't get real close to the tractor once up. You CAN adjust to diff heights, don't need to be all the way up if you wish. Has lock lever/tab thing to hold once up. You WON"T be lifting it up and leaning on wall, at least I can't! It has two straight wheels and casters one end. Feet come down at caster end to make more stable and lift wheels off floor a bit. PIA to move them back up to roll it around again. Need plenty of room to move it then. Mine is not used, maybe should try it again, and is now just a collector of junk 'saved" for later work time. Probly didn't need it and surely not using it correctly then, just taking up space, which I have little of. Have seen pix of homemade ones on web that are smaller and nicer it seems, but then aren't movable, usually up against a wall and uses hoist to lift up. Those are open on bottom to reach under if needed, one thing this unit is not. You CAN see better up under than when on floor I guess.
  7. Hey, been awhile since here, things are different I see. I was between Horses for awhile. NOW have a C-175 auto and need axle seals. Part # in my papers is 6449. Wondering if any numbers I can just take to my Auto store and have them get? They can get next day if available most times. Otherwise, do I go to Toro or Parts Tree or such to get?? People here sell? Thanks!
  8. 2014 Warsaw, Indiana Meet & Greet

    Want a couple shirts too, keep us informed on progress! I haven't been on here in awhile and was wondering if greet was gonna be happening again this year!
  9. Haven't been here much, between Horses at moment. Wondered about the OCT meet and greet, if it is on like usual and any shirts to order?
  10. 18 Auto D series and need a Kohler!

    Have sold my D auto today and engine I found is running fine now, thanks for the help and purchase.
  11. Engine change questions and clutch.

    OK, so where does one get the tray? if ever? Think I will be buying that reverse term batt and might try small angle iron along front edge like I have seen on some. Have to get batt first and see what clearance it has for top bar.
  12. Engine change questions and clutch.

    Transplant done and running and driving some. Had to wire it today and make choke and throttle cables, and little items. I used J-bolts to mount engine on one side. Everything else just lined up and worked fine. Gonna be for the "Wife" and be Metallic Blue...ew! I like the Red myself. Want to keep the black-hood or maybe Grey or Silver with wheels the same for accent??? Want to know how to hold battery in? Batt tray had stops and I see some holes for maybe J-hooks towards front, but terminals would be in way for a crossbar there. Thinking maybe one of those reversed term batts and would keep terms in farther, by the dash and then would have room for bar or maybe an angle that pushes back and down at same time? Not sure what C-125 and similar had for battery mount?
  13. Kohler carb changes?

    Carb is all back on and runs like a top, far as I can see. Took for a little ride, kinda cobbled up to do so, but works fine. Starts instantly and idles nice. I see no straining when reving or weakness, so think is fine. The carb I used is off the KT17 twin that was in the tractor, so would think it is big enough for a single 14, but still seemed the 26 size parts were fitting. Had to change both throttle and choke shafts to get stuff to hook-up right. I'm now working on the cables. Have longer choke one in, but need to build the longer throttle. I would like to see how the throttle was hooked up on a GT14, think there is a link missing and mount for cable on this engine from that tractor. I see the cable clamp on the small lever with spring to Gov then. Just doesn't seem to take much movement to get the revs up fast. I also don't see the place where cable housing was fixed or mounted then. Might be on blower housing? Anyone have a manual with pix of engine or hook-ups for that tractor? OR a picture?
  14. Look what I snagged for 500 bucks

    I want a grill like that on mine! Was that an option? Just a note on whatever your sign says, the light colors don't show and I can't seem to make out what it says. Next one needs at least a black outline to see from distance. I find the Horses easiest to use slow and turn tighter and easier than most other brands, good for shows and parades then.
  15. Have C-175, with twin blown up and removed. Had the floating mount plate. I'm trying to put in a 14hp out of a GT14, bolted to frame, w/out the plate. Much like smaller horse of same vintage would have been done. First part is the GT14 had wider frame, so doesn't have the special pan with bolt holes from underneath to bolt to one side of angle iron frame. the shrould side bolts up fine, the belt seems in right place to drive trans. Engine mount holes hang over the angle on output side. SO, wondering if J-bolts would work to mount that side? I had some smaller ones around to try, and looks like it would work just right. I would get 3/8" ones for the engine. Might be some scared I would tighten too much and snap off the foot on the pan? What think? Another issue might be the manual pto clutch. Seems the mount pan I took off was the lower pivot for the clutch arc. Thinking I can mount the bolt on pivot that most C series used on frame. Was told the arc part would not be long enough to reach down to it then. I think I can lengthen it OK to work. OR, will be looking for one off a C series if that doesn't work. What think? I need that lower pivot if anyone has one to sell then??