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  1. K301 leaking oil out of head.

    HOLY bore polishing going on there......... That cylinder is like a mirror that you can see the reflection of STD in it. The engine is using oil and being oil is not very compressible, it is blowing our the head gasket / bolt hole. Address the oil buring by using a dingle ball hone, and a set of rings.
  2. 12hp needs rebuild

    You guys honestly do not need to have "engine rebuilding skills" to do it yourself. Its a matter of taking apart the engine in an organized way, aligning yourself with an honest machine shop (which can be tough these days) and letting them do the nitty gritty. Then you simply put it back together following a set of directions. These engines are very simple and very rewarding to have once complete. For those that have weak engines, start by decarboning the piston and head, cleaning and refresh the carb, and more importantly check the gap on the points. Should be about .018" gap. Any less and you loose power. Upward of .020 will offer a tad more power but you may start to hear a combustion rattle. For old smokeys, a base gasket, a set of rings, and a head gasket will often give the engine several more years before a complete rebuild is needed. In some cases I have found the rings were not staggered correct and they smoked heavily. Yep this is not the professional way to do it, but it does work every time, at least by cutting back the oil burning.
  3. Stained glass wheelhorse sign

    That is amazing, if you don;t mind sharing, whats something like that run? It looks expensive.
  4. In brochures the dash on the 875 is silver and black with lettering inked into it. Mine is a solid hunk of rust. What is the best way to restore?
  5. Kohler carb issues

    Dont rule out a leaky intake valve, Sometimes the seats leak and cuase backpressure to spit out the carb,
  6. B-80

    Hope it makes someone a good machine. Parted ways with it today for $100. I never ran the engine, I aquired it not running. When I recently tried to start it, the engine knocked so I decided not to go further. I have 8 decks that need rebuilt and welded. And 4 tractors that need work.
  7. I was reading on a puller forum that if an 8HP K181 is operated with a rod knock, most likely the cam will be cracked. The person stated that the 8HP is very unique and the connecting rod passes just a few thousands away from the cam compared to the big block engines. Is this a correct statement? I have rebuilt some k181;s back in the late 1990's and early 2000's and have not seen this happen unless the engine blew up.
  8. Air Filter for K301s in c120

    Ebay....... Its a very VERY common filter, but I forgot the part#.
  9. GT1600 Won't start when warmed up.

    If you used champion plugs at home depot or lowers with the pin point electrodes, that is your problem. Order the correct ones from a dealer and make sure they are plain. None of that marketing crapola. Our 16HP and 18HP both had that issue and I found it was the plugs. I also could be the mag as others suggested, but try plugs first, their cheap.
  10. B-80

    The 8HP is good for 38" max and in heavy grass it will really have a hard time. In the old days an 8HP with an 8 speed tranny and a 32" gear drive deck it would cut quite well. I have an 875 that has sentimental value but it is worthless, as the hydro brings the engine to its knees even after a rebuild. It can't do much except ride you around the yard.
  11. B-80

    The ones I list isnt even the tip of them. Unfortunatly all the 16HP and 14HP came rolling in all at once after yrs of looking.
  12. I was looking to keep it even simpler. Have a unit inside the house, and run some hose out to a mask.
  13. B-80

    I have so many tractors it is becoming disease. Having this 8HP and doing anything to it, is not possible with the amount of work I need to do on my good ones I plan to keep. I will keep it whole and prob let it go cheap. I too would hate to see it parted out as it is overall good. I cant do pics on the forum here as even with my lowest camera resolution, each pic is more than 1.94MB. My photobucket account has also been affected to not allow third party hosting. I will need to get a photo compression program to shrink my photos.
  14. I am hyper senstive to isocyanates found in almost all chemicals use to do restore work on our tractors. Not to mention breathing in paints and solvents are probably not very good for you even at a hobby level. I find even good quality 3M masks with the flappers in them and the expensive cartridges still let fumes thru. What I would like to do is make a system where I can bring air to a mask from somewhere else. I have not been successful in being able to obtain diver tanks or firefighter tanks, they are super expensive and require certification.
  15. Piston Rod - '66 Wheel Horse 656

    If you could buy a complete Kohler K181 with a starter generator, that would be a direct swap, minus the throttle and choke cable (may) need to be swapped. Honestly the engine on ebay sounds like a good option assuming it is good inside and not wore out. Tractor would stay original, and minimize your work. Assuming you did not want it original and just want to use it, a harbor freight predator will work as there is no PTO disc on your engine. It would be a simple swap but destroy the originality of the tractor.