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  1. K301 piston clearance

    Do not use the book to bore, the pistons today are NOT in spec at all. Bore with about 0.0045 for the style D Mahle and about 5ish on the heavy side for the regular style A.
  2. GT 1600 Engine

    show us a pic and we can tell you. how does it run?
  3. 314-H snapping drive belts

    I am gunna take off the two L backets like on the twins and see what happens. There is shiney metal on them so the belt must be hitting it at times,
  4. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Guides on engine are far far away from belt. And frame is good with no cracks. When I bought it there were bolts missing. I fixed that with new bolts.
  5. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Just plowing snow. Tires break loose at approx 1/2 governor I think, based on sound. The gov never goes to wide open.
  6. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Comfirmed idler is spinning, the upper and lower l bracket do indeed have lots of shiney spots but so does my low hour 314-h and it does not eat belts. I will remove the l brackets. The belt is dancing so much it is rubbing those brackets that are absent in your attached pic with the twin engine. Also the pump pulley is mint. The only side note is the belt does ride against the inner most lip of the idler pulley, and it did with the old one too. The spacer is factory so I know it is correct becuase I also compared it to the low hour 314-H. It does not ride ON THE LIP, it just kinda rides against it thru you will see the worn paint it you look closely.
  7. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Video of belt flapping: https://youtu.be/op6Te0zSiAI I think the jiggling of the belt is making it rub the two L brackets. The two fingers on engine are far away and do not contact the belt. Cannot upload pics as the forum is limited to 1.94MB. My camera cannot go that low. I reduced the image size and it looks like crap and is worthless. Why is the photo limit 1.94mb in 2018? This is the best I can do without destroying photo quality. Genuine wheel horse belts are used.
  8. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Yes, post# 13 on that thread is how mine is installed.
  9. 314-H snapping drive belts

    I will try to get some pics of the belts, and the video of it flapping up and down. I think it is flapping and rubbing those brackets. Its about the only thing I can think of. Nothing has changed at all. And some of those hrs were accidential key on. Not very many though.
  10. 314-H snapping drive belts

    No more than 5 . Tractor has 1053 on it.
  11. 314-H snapping drive belts

    That is correct. I did put on wrong 2 years ago and learned from it in 30 seconds. The last 3 have been put on correctly.
  12. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Yes using belt 108501 and it is labaled wheel horse. I replaced idler pulley and it is mint, Engine pulley is nice and smooth, tranny pully is nice and smooth, There are two bent L brackets that help guide the belt, and with the belt in motion, it will rub every now and then, I am hesitent to remove them as they were placed there for a reason. I verified on my other 314-h these are factory and it too has rub marks but does not eat belts.
  13. I have gone thru 3 belts now and am lost. The pulleys are in line from engine to transmission, the pulley surfaces look good with no bad spots, and I put a brand new geunine toro tensioner pulley on as the old one had bad bearings. It seems the belt is a tad loose but otherwise I cannot figure out why it eats belts.
  14. Need to get my M14 magnum hotter.........

    Yes moisture in oil from not being hot enough to boil off. Most plowing is 30-45 minutes which does not get the engine up to temp. Even when working hard for an hour in these cold temps does not get it up to temp either. Running an engine too cool is not a good thing. Too cool also promotes unburned fuel making it by the rings, and into the oil. Instead of using a grass flywheel screen, is there a different version that is blanked off more and has a small hole in the middle to be used only in cold operation?
  15. It is 11 deg F outside and while plowing for an hour really working the engine, the crankcase is just warm. You can hold your hand on it forever. This is causing the oil to get gassy and have white milky look to it. How can I get the engine hotter in this cold weather?