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  1. Kohler K Series / Magnum Crank Failures

    There was not sign of oil starvation or lube issues. I agree if could have been set too high of RPM as we will never know.
  2. Head gasket install tips

    Sparky, you will probably need to retighten once more in lets say 2 - 5 hrs.
  3. Kohler K Series / Magnum Crank Failures

    http://www.mytractorforum.com/44-small-engines-repair/157546-walker-mc-w-kohler-mc16aqs-need-opinions-2.html Very bummed to stumble across this failure. Owner seemed to be very good at maint. I was wondering if the application in a Walker unit has the engine at a very high net torque for prolonged periods made this fail premature, or if it was indeed a faulty casting.
  4. Kohler 26hp efi 2000 year.

    Let us know how this goes. I know someone with one of these on a zero turn. Only 9 hrs on it so im sure it will be a long while before it needs replaced.
  5. I have some good magnums 12-14HP with nice tightly fit throttle shafts around 500-700 hrs.. I also have some 1500+hr magnums with alarmingly loose shaft which will need attention. What is the secret from keep these from getting so worn? If I lubricate regularly, I assume the engine just sucks it in.
  6. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    The big teckys were pretty good inside. I scored a nice 16HP but the carb was missing and so was the gov linkage. I never did end up using it, but inspecting the insides it was very well built. The issue is simple, their carbs are junk. It made an otherwise good engine very frustrating to operate. Where I am personally confused, is with all the dealers providing feedback (back in the day) why they never listened and redesigned the carb long before loosing market share and subsequently going out of business. Im sure there is more to all that but the carbs certainly didn;t help matters. Also forgot to mention, some of the cast iron big block teckys used tapered timken bearings instead of the ball bearings that kohler used. The crank end play was much more important to get right on these so the bearings are properly pre loaded. If you can ever score a complete cast iron bigger 12+hp tecky, do so. They are cool to have around.
  7. Engine stalls when warm.

    I always used the brass feeler guage. But as mentioned above, a business card, brown paper bag (2 layers), or a piece of regular paper 3-4 layers thick should be just fine. It is no doubt a coil problem! I have changed lots of small briggs coils and in this case would NOT pay for factory coils if the china ones are cheap. The factory ones are junk now..... A shame for sure..
  8. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    The M14 is a little different than the M12 that I have more experiance with. It is worth rebuilding if you plan to maintain it. A well cared for Magnum will last 2500 hrs. However kohlers in general do not last long when neglected or if the oil has been let go. You will want to inspect the top of the piston for the word FLY -> If you see this, you have the style "D" mahle forged piston. This is a superior piston if the engine was cared for and maintained. It is not a good piston when it comes time to rebuild as the balancing will be off if using a regular ebay kit or style "A" piston. To make matters worse, these pistons have always been expensive, and are also hard to find. Your options are to find a .010 over or .020 over and have the block bored and to leave the balancing alone. Or to use the ebay kit and have the rotating assy rebalanced. Keep this in mind......the style A piston must be paired with the regular wide wristpin connecting rod. The style D piston must be paired with the narrow strengthened connecting rod. It is not wise to mix the two, or to mill down an aftermarket wide rod to fit. Brian miller does mill them down and has great info on this. This is a very confusing topic because of the two piston types and two rod tyoes. A lot of machine shops lack the kowledge and will tell you to just slap it together. If you do this, the engine will vibrate. I currently operate a M14 that has been rebuilt incorrectly using a .010 Style A piston, with a narrow Style D rod. It does have a little vibration, that my other two original M14;s do not have. I use it so little I am leaving it alone. Style D Mahle Piston: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj32o_c7uPWAhXszVQKHduIC5YQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fp%2FKohler-Kit-Piston-W-ring-Set-STD-25-874-01-s-Engine-Ko-2587401s%2F1024495203&psig=AOvVaw0KgogjI_zhJH2Jl5FGMtgJ&ust=1507649630605746 Style A Standard Piston: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjTscHs7uPWAhUhxFQKHTD3CmAQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ie%2Fsch%2Fsis.html%3F_itemId%3D221458709795%26_nkw%3DNew%2BKohler%2BSTD%2BPiston%2BKit%2B41%2B874%2B06%2BPiston%2BCasting%2B234949%26_mPrRngCbx%3D1&psig=AOvVaw0KgogjI_zhJH2Jl5FGMtgJ&ust=1507649630605746
  9. Lawn-Boy M Series Brought Back to Life

    I never understood why they let the exhaust out the bottom. It made for one stinky lawn mowing job which you would need to detox for a week! I owned one that required a 16:1 mix. You could not use it without a portable respirator system. We settled on 20:1 instead but even then it was bad. I will agree though nothing sounds nicer!!!! They also mowed significantly nicer than other mowers of their era.
  10. Gt1642 Heat Shield

    Dumb question time.........did you check to see if this engine is good? Often the valve seats fail, just like the onans! Or a rob will blow. I will have to tear my 18HP down and see if it is rebuildable, if not I would be happy to sell them cheap!
  11. Head gasket install tips

    These are not aviation engines. A visual inspection every so often will tell if the gasket is leaking, and that way you can address it. It is such a quick job, no biggie if they leak several year after reusing them. I do however agree with resurfacing the head flat again. Very interesting article. On the flipside, if access to the head / gasket is difficult such as a motorcycle, it would be wise to replace.
  12. Gt1642 Heat Shield

    Could you please post a pic so I can see. I have a 18HP I am parting out. Cosmetically they are identical.
  13. A Horse Bit Me Today

    I really like those 11HP briggs. They have a cool sound. And they make great power and super easy to work on.
  14. Head gasket install tips

    Brian miller mentioned cleaning and re-using the old head gasket and simply spraying it with silver spray paint. I like this idea as the few new head gasket I have used seem to shrink after many hours and require retorquing. Gets really annoying. If you clean them spotless, and the engine does not burn oil, I have not had one leak. I have had them leak on oil burners as I think the oil is not compressible. I retired a Kohler M14 that used 1 qt per hour.
  15. 416-8 speed water in oil.....

    Glad to hear there is hope. I know what I will be doing this weekend......