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  1. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Will do - thanks! I finally was able to remove the rest of the bearings. Which side of the sealed bearings face up - the "more closed" side?
  2. Valve Stems for Fluid

    Thanks, I'll go with tubes.
  3. Valve Stems for Fluid

    I need opinions if it's worth using the valve stems made for filling tires with fluid. I just sandblasted and painted my rear wheels for my 857 and am getting ready to install new Carlisle Turf Savers. For plowing snow, I've been thinking about filling the tires with ballast. Is it worth doing? Is there a trustworthy, reliable brand? Thanks for any help!
  4. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Thank you very much again! The damaged spider gear came out very easy - and it is a 12-tooth gear. I will work on getting out the remaining bearings this week and cleaning up the plate backs. I may have to pick up another brake shaft - I cannot remove the left-side bearing from the shaft end due to previous damage.
  5. So I bought an RJ58...

    My buddy is going to do some welding work on my new hood. I'd like to keep my old hood around for a little while until I know my intact hood is good to go. I can contact you when I'm ready to get rid of it, but it may be a while.
  6. So I bought an RJ58...

    I haven't had much time to work on the tractor, but here's a little update. I'm in the middle of rebuilding the transmission - not what I wanted to do at all, but completely necessary. While I've been working on that I also sandblasted and primed all the other parts from the back-half of the tractor. Meanwhile I pushed the front half to the back wall of the garage. I also bought nicer hood from a forum member.
  7. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Unfortunately, I have had barely any time to work on the tractor - I still need to remove the damaged spider gear. I did manage to get one sealed bearing removed. I chewed up the plate getting under the bearing - I really didn't have much of a choice to get under the bearing. Once it slightly lifted it came out pretty easy. I should probably smooth out the gouache marks - something like a grinding stone? Should all the bearings have a trust washer under them to space the bearing off the plate? Also, I just noticed there is a needle bearing on the input shaft; I think it was locked up and could have been part of my problem. How in the world do you remove that bearing?
  8. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    I decided to save the left cover. I spent some time and was able to remove the broken brake band bolt with an easy-out. Tomorrow I'll drop off the cover at the welding shop to clean up that terrible axle tube weld. I cleaned up the cases and primed the inside of the covers when attached to the casting as a guide where to paint later on. Cleaned up the gears with a wire brush and all looks OK; I still need to clean up with emory cloth on the end of the input and brake shafts. I took a better look at the differential and it needs help. When I hold it from the axles, I can make it flex at the differential. I also have a spider gear with two broken teeth.
  9. RJ58 Brake Return Spring Anchor

    Thank you very much, Steve. Seems like a simple enough part. Thanks, roadapples - I'll check out TSC.
  10. Dump Cart Restoration

    Just about finished!
  11. My RJ58 is missing the anchor for the brake return spring. I want to make one, but haven't a clue what is looks like. Can someone post photos and some dimensions for me? Also, can anyone recommend a source for a replacement spring? Thanks for any help!
  12. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Thanks for all the advice. I cleaned the case casting and side plates. The cast case cleaned up nice and clean inside- all the bolt nibbies look great. I found a third strike on my left cover: there's a bolt broken off in the brake band mount. So between the broken bolt, the crack, and terribly weld axle tube I'll be getting another left cover. This weekend I'll focus on pulling the plate bearings to see if they can be cleaned up and soak everything in mineral spirts.
  13. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Alright, tonight I finally got around to disassembly. The bronze bushings look great and are tight. The differential feels good and the axles spin opposite of each other. Here's the bad I found: - Bearings are shot. All are ball bearings; no needle bearings. Most of them feel rough when spinning - the outer input shaft bearing is completely locked up. - Surface rust on some shafts and gears. Nothing too bad, but there is good build-up on the brake shaft to where I cannot slide off the left bearing. - Need another left cover. Not only does it have the terribly welded axle tube; it also has a crack on the inside flat plate below the axle tube.
  14. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    Even more great resources - thanks, Steve! I've read a lot and watched your videos multiple times. I'm feeling comfortable about doing this rebuild, but I still can't figure out why the neutral position isn't really "neutral" in my transmission. Is it because a gear on the input shaft isn't fully sliding out of the way?
  15. RJ58 Hard to Roll In Neutral

    OK, here's what I got. - The teeth on the small, wider brake shaft gear are chipped in the center. - The teeth on the cluster gears are damaged on the left-side of the gears. This is the first time I've opened a transmission on anything, so I'm not sure on what to do next!