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  1. Dump Cart Restoration

    I haven't much spare time, but here is where I am currently. I have the tub back from the weld shop with the new rear lip patched it. I also picked up new wheels/tires and a lever knob.
  2. Dump Cart Restoration

    Thanks for the link, you're project thread is a good reference. I tore the cart apart five years ago and can't remember something; does the spring/bolt/nut for the dump lever go on top or underneath the cart frame?
  3. Dump Cart Restoration

    Looks like the wheels are scrap anyways... I had the frame blasted and then I managed to get some priming and painting done.
  4. Options For 16x5.50-8 Tires?

    Thanks, guys. Bummer there are no sawtooth treads in the 6.50 width; looks like 4.80 is the widest and that's probably too narrow for my wheels.
  5. My 857 is in need of new tires and I cannot find anything in16x5.50-8. Does the 5.50 mean the width of the tire or the wheel? What are other widths of tires can I run on my original wheels that are not too narrow or too wide? Thanks for any help!
  6. Dump Cart Restoration

    Wow, really? I was going to scrap them - I'll be sure to clean them up. I've never owned a RJ/Suburban and they're my favorite WH - one of those is my dream restoration project.
  7. I just became the owner of a WH dump cart... for the second time. I bought it five years ago for $40 and it sat around the garage for two years, then I gave it to my friend when he bought my last tractor. He wasn't going to get around to restoring it, so he gave it back to me this week to go with my new 857. Friday I dropped off the tub at my local welding shop to fix the rotted rear lip. Anything Wheel Horse is hard to come by here in Kentucky and this has been the only cart I've come across over the years. I need some help with wheels and tires for this project. What where the original style of tires on these carts, the ribbed wheel barrel style? My wheels are very rusted; one especially around the tube stem hole. Is there a wheel barrel tire/wheel combo out there with the same hub offset? Here's some old pics back from when I first purchased the cart...
  8. 36" RD Deck Restore

    Wow, that Lawn Ranger shell looks awesome!
  9. I Couldn't Stay Away - I Bought Another One!

    I drained my transmission oil - water poured out for 30 seconds followed by thick, dark brown sludge. I bet there was barely a quart of fluid in the drain pan. I flushed it with diesel afterwards and now I need to run out for gear lube.
  10. 36" RD Deck Restore

    I bought my 857 a month ago and it's been a great machine. Came with a deck I'm assuming is a RM-367 that works great and is very quiet, but the front of the shell is rotted out. Two weeks ago I picked up a 36" RD deck for next to nothing, which is great because WH stuff is hard to fine here. The second deck was also rotted out in the same area, but not as bad and someone did a terrible patch job. This week I had a local welding shop do a new patch job and he did a excellent job. So now the plan is a little more sheetmetal work, sandblasting, and then paint. I'm thinking about buying all new bearings and seals when reassembling. If anyone has information or suggestions for rebuilding and parts, please chime in!
  11. Kohler K181S Replacement Starter Belt

    Thanks for all the help - I'm back up and running. I ended up needing a 32" belt - I used a NAPA 3L320W.
  12. Kohler K181S Replacement Starter Belt

    Yup, for my 857. Thanks for the link; that was a huge help! I did a string measurement around the pulleys and it looks like the 31.5" length belt should work. I'll head to Napa tomorrow for a belt.
  13. Kohler K181S Replacement Starter Belt

    Last week my starter belt shredded due to a bent pulley. I ordered a OEM Kohler belt from a vendor, but found out it is unavailable due to being discontinued. Does anyone know the size/specs of the belt so I can find a suitable replacement at a parts store? Thank you for any help!
  14. I Couldn't Stay Away - I Bought Another One!

    Thanks for the help, guys! I should have mentioned I have a manual for my tractor and it does state 40W. I cannot find 40W locally, so I'll go with the recommended gear lube. My shifter boot is about gone, so I picked up a new one. I'll report back how bad my oil looks.