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  1. K series compression release help

    The pieces that sticks out was up to high and I broke it before it was in the engine
  2. I have a k321 kohler and I got a reground cam for pulling and I accidentally broke the compression release off and the engine won't turn over with out it so I was wondering if there was a way to fix it thanks
  3. K301 k321 differences

    My friend has a tractor he bought the guy claimed it was a 14 but the engine shield say k301 I was wondering if there was a way to know for sure with out taking the head off and it's on a cub cadet so i can't see what it says on the block thanks
  4. my first puller

    Thanks I'll probably use the super lugs because the turfs I know aren't multi trac I thinks they are good years
  5. my first puller

    Ya I'm hoping to beat a few cubs and the guy I got it off of said he pulled at mid penn but I don't know how he did. The tires on it are 24-12-12 at101s ans I also has a set of 23-1050 super lugs and a set of 23-1050 turfs but they has some dry rot on them and I've never seen anyone pull with this turf tread thanks
  6. my first puller

    i just got my puller done for this season. its a 16hp stock class puller. im going to pull with a few local clubs and im hoping to make it to a few mid penn pulls
  7. Cam

    I have a k321 bored 30 over I'm going to mill the head I bored the carb out and in going to port and polish it I am wondering if an aftermarket cam would make a difference I am looking at cams from vogel manufacturing and lakota racing any help and opinions would be appreciated
  8. First puller

    i have a raider 14 that i am making into a puller and i wanted to know how everone did there hitches, wheelie bars, and all there wieght brackets. any advice, suggestions, or pics are apperciated Thanks
  9. transmission help

    thanks thats what im worried about what were you doing when it broke like when is the breaking point thanks
  10. transmission help

    i have a raider 14 that i am making a puller i have heard that this model has the 10 pinion transmission i was wondering how much the tranmission will take before it breaks and if i were to find an 8 pinion is there much i can do to change it Thanks jon
  11. rear bracket help

    i just got a raider 14 to make it a puller and i dont know what the best way to make a rear wieght bracket. it has the compartment under the seat but im willing to modify if any one has any pics or sugestions it would be appreciated i can upload pics if needed Thanks Jon