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  1. Wheel Horse Light Lenses

    Hi, yes they are
  2. RJ58 shut off switch

    Thanks for that Jim, we'll have a look this weekend
  3. RJ58 shut off switch

    Thanks, we'll have a look, a picture would be good if you could get one
  4. Hi all, we got a replacement clinton engine for my rj restoration and we have no idea how to wire a shut off switch to the engine. Any help will be gratefully appreciated
  5. Wheel Horse RJ

    Great work! love to see an RJ being saved!
  6. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    They’re good workers, I’m currently restoring an RJ-58, one of only a few I know of in the UK
  7. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Welcome! Looks good, I haven't seen many of the diesel models about in the UK, good find
  8. RJ58- Clinton help please

    Hi, I have a RJ58 that I’ve recently restored from a complete heap of scrap. I sourced a replacement Clinton Engine and I was wondering how the cut off switch wired in to the engine? Any help would be appreciated. Also is it common for the float valve to stick in Clinton carbs? We’ve had it running really well and now it just won’t draw fuel through, before we take the hood off to take the carb off I thought I’d ask. Thanks all
  9. Just so you know, they are all accurate, I know because i've made the full set up from the measurements above and it works awesome!
  10. Sarà un wheel horse?

    Yes, it would be my best guess. They did a very good job, and it is in great condition. Sì, sarebbe la mia ipotesi migliore. Hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro, ed è in ottime condizioni.
  11. Sarà un wheel horse?

    Grazie a tutti per le vostre risposte. Il suo motore è LOMBARDINI. Modello 720. 18 Cv diesel, 666 cc. Costruito in Italia. Il marchio è adesso proprietà Kohler. Bertolini è una casa costruttrice di motocoltivatori. Ma quando ho visto il cavallo sulla falciatrice ho pensato fosse prodotto dalla Toro.... Translated= Thank you all for your answers. Its engine is LOMBARDINI. Model 720. 18 hp diesel, 666 cc. Built in Italy. The brand is now Kohler property. Bertolini is a manufacturer of rotary cultivators. But when I saw the horse on the mower I thought it was produced by Toro .... I've just done some research and Bertolini was an italian make of compact tractors also. My best guess is that someone just adapted a wheel horse deck to work on the tractor
  12. Sarà un wheel horse?

    Thats a model I haven't seen before, the hood looks a bit like a C-series one but it isn't and the cutter deck is definitely wheel horse, made in Belgium but it looks to have been converted to a shaft driven deck?
  13. Hi all, I have recently started making reproduction light lenses for the Wheel Horse tractors and I thought I would post them here, Here are some photos, i've taken full advantage of the laser cutting facilities here at university They're made of 2mm thick perspex and they have a decal stuck on the front, price is £25 shipped
  14. Looks Awesome!! Superb paint finish, the decals we supplied to you finish it off a treat
  15. Jeff that is just awesome! great craftsmanship