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  1. Jeff that is just awesome! great craftsmanship
  2. Next job was to make some missing parts, the first being the slot hitch. First I cut out all the pieces of steel I needed Cut to size Another part that was missing was all of the clutch set up All welded up Im pretty happy with how it turned out.
  3. Thanks, I thought it may have been
  4. I tackled the fuel tank next which is a small size so harder to find. As you can see the tank was gunked up, nothing was working to clean it so the only option to salvage it was to unsolder it and clean it properly. In two halves. Immaculate now, ready to solder both halves back together, I also found some small pin prick holes which needed fixing. I thought i'd try using silver solder for the first time, I had to get it red hot in order for the flux and solder to do its job, the solder flowed into the overlap perfectly so i'm happy that its sealed properly. The cap had a tab missing so I fabricated a new one and soldered it on, Has anyone got an idea about what the seal would've been like and where I can buy one? Plenty of stainless bought for the reassembly. The original axle seals were missing and you can still buy them at $20 a piece, that wasn't going to happen so I turned some steel tube down to the correct dimensions and bough some seals to push into them. They fit snugly over the axle so hopefully they'll work
  5. Heres the transmission overhaul that we did if anyone missed it.
  6. Thanks, i'm learning lots, especially since i've never worked on an RJ before
  7. Thats another thread, you already took your credit
  8. Thanks, most people on this side would've thought that too, I must be crazy but since they are so rare in the UK I just couldn't see the thing rot.
  9. Some more progress on the restoration Original tyres cleaned up and back on the salvaged rims and looking good. Rolling on four wheels for the first time in many years after previously being butchered by someone. The tie rod for the steering I purchased the steering wheel from America which came off a cub cadet, the difference between a CC one and a WH one is that the CC one is splined, I wasn't able to get a drill in to drill a hole for a roll pin so the alternative was to fashion a clamp. It works very well so i'm happy. The end of the steering column was mangled so a new piece was welded on, this also helped to make sure the steering wheel fit on snugly. All painted up
  10. The focus was on the engine now which I managed to source from someone on another forum, I had already stripped the engine down of any unnecessary parts and we had tried to start it. then it dawned on us that the engine didn't actually have any compression. We didn't really want to have to remove the head as the only replacement parts are NOS ones and expensive to ship over here. Anyway we removed the head and Found the exhaust valve stuck open. As you can see the valve and the valve seat is incredibly rusty and pitted, I left the block and valve with my uncle who managed to grind it down to a useable state and the engine runs quite nice now. As for the head gasket I managed to find someone in Greece who was able to make a replacement from a scan of my old one for the cost of £4 We also managed to remove the old exhaust which had rusted in
  11. I assume you mean the steering? I have no experience of what the steering was like on these but mine works a treat, no play and it turns very easily
  12. Next on the list was to try and get the tractor back on four wheels, the transmission had been fixed so next i needed to make a front axle as it was all missing. All the bits for the steering were remade to original specifications thanks to measurements from Ian (stigian) taken from Neils RJ. Wheels on and everything worked perfect
  13. Since the chassis and gearbox are now operational i thought i would take a look at the bonnet which was in a very bodged state, fibreglass had been used to reinforce the metal and i thought it must've been in a bad condition underneath all the filler, I managed to file the filler off which revealed just what a state the bonnet was in and then the fibreglass which was on the underside just peeled off as it was stuck to paint and rust. Before photos After some filing The only way to fix it was to cut the whole section out and weld in fresh metal, it took some bending to make a piece that would fit but its worked well and its now very strong.