Straight From the Horse's Mouth - The final chapter

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  1. Happy Birthday C-121uk

    Thank You Norm!
  2. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

    I also make my own gaskets, always worked for me!
  3. Rural Past Times.

    Great photos Norm, the C-81 certainly looks good with the sickle! Well done on getting second, my cub also came second at our local show last saturday
  4. Its been a long time since i posted any updates on the restoration and lots had happened since the last! The rust from the chassis has been completely removed Next i filled as many pits as I could, its not perfect but its better. Next to look at was the wheels, I knew they weren't in a great shape but they were worse than I expected. They were full of holes, replacing them isn't really an option as the narrow rims are rare in the UK, we opted to weld the holes and then I used lots of filler. They are a lot better than they were. The steering wheel was missing so I found one for a cub cadet on the auction site in the US, got it shipped here and now i've repaired it and modified it to fit. Another thing that was missing from the RJ was the brake band, We had a cast pulley lying around that was a near exact match to the original casting. It had the same bore and keyway as the original and so I turned it down to the correct dimensions. Before and after
  5. RJ 58 Transmission overhaul

    Luckily for us, it should never have to come apart again Thanks, I can't wait for it to be done.
  6. RJ 58 Transmission overhaul

    Thanks Steve, it sure is and its also good having a dad who's good with them! I'm pleased we managed to salvage everything.
  7. RJ 58 Transmission overhaul

    Over the past few months I have been working on the gearbox slowly but I am pleased to say that it is all back together now and working great. First job was to make new bushes for the axle. when I got the RJ there was a sprocket welded on the input shaft and it was a little mangled so we came up with a method to clamp the gear in the lathe and turned it down so we could use a taper lock pulley one size below what it was. All of the gears and the 3 pieces that make up the casing were cleaned up to make them free of rust, extra holes have also been welded up. New gaskets were made and then it was all assembled.
  8. RJ transmission gaskets

    I would buy a set but as I am in the UK it would take a little longer than I want to wait for them to arrive so i'll just make my own. thanks
  9. RJ transmission gaskets

    Thanks I haven't got one
  10. Hi, I'm about ready to put my RJ trans back together and I need to make the gaskets. What thickness of gasket paper do I need to use. Thanks
  11. 2017 Gardens

    Nice veg patch, that soil looks good!
  12. Yours looks to be in great shape, and fairly complete compared to mine! Good find
  13. Thanks, yes its not in the best condition, the transmission is the worst so far but I like a challenge.