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  1. Here is One I Did

    Nice looking tractor
  2. I like the b and c series but I also have a gt14 that's real handy too
  3. As I hear they made some all red hoods that were sold to large stores such as lowes or Home Depot for resale. I just redone my 310 hood and it was all red under the black as in the red was mask off and painted black after the red in the factory.
  4. GT14

    I would say its worth that. Does it happen to have 3point hitch ( didn't read that close). They are good heavy tractors but parts aren't as readily available as other models or that's what I've found. That's why I have one for parts but do like the gt 14
  5. I also have a 310. I agree with them being under rated. Mine was a similar situation as yours but I got it going and simply love it. It's smooth and easier on gas than the others. As said above its easy to put $300-$500 in a basic facelift plus minor mechanical needs but the sky is the limit there too. But your still going to have many more years of service than the finest box store mower good luck have fun with your project
  6. GT 14 has no brakes

    The gt 14 has no brakes per say. as its a hydrostatic transmission. It uses dynamic braking from the hydrostatic transmission for stopping but there is a parking brake feature when you pull up the belt disengage lever that engages a parking pawl inside the transmission but usually the pawl is broken and are nonfunctional. As that's my experience anyway
  7. That's a very good idea. I may just do that to my c160
  8. My son brought home a 606... Part II

    That looks sharp!
  9. hydraulic help

    I'm not sure about your model but on the older hydro's there's a check valve inside the pressure line going to the valve. It's a spring on a tapered cone. If that spring is broken or missing the lift won't work properly
  10. Confessions of a horse-a-holic

    I hitch the trailer up and take the three weiner dogs for a cruse
  11. that cylinder actually is mounted in the trans tunnel below the dash and its a bear to get to.it hooks to the rockshaft and then theres a long heavy thick bar(linkage) that goes back to the 3 point upper lift arms. thats how mine is anyway.hope this helps
  12. Happy Birthday Jon Bell

    happy birthday jon
  13. sitting in the shade

    nice horses but i think i heard one of them snoreing!
  14. How to get paint off decals and plastic parts?

    i have used polishing compound with success just be careful not to go too far and rub the ink off the decal