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  1. D250 engine trouble

    Fix it with fiber glass thats what im doing to my cracked fender on my d250
  2. WHAT THE....How did this happen????

    Ill take some have lots of grazing ground lol
  3. Barn Find (Update to the Previous Update Update) Parts Find

    Any d250 parts or rj parts left or a steering wheel for a 1056
  4. D250 or D200

    Any new comments i need help with clutch
  5. May Tractor of the Month- 1960 & 1961 Models (Burbans only)

    1960 burban wrong decals has a pioneer 2hp engine
  6. Picked up GT14

    I am in need of a gt 14 deck what are you asking for one of yours
  7. Does anyone have a 704?

    If not I can get one also
  8. UPDATED: Straight From the Horse's Mouth final edition

    Thank you Scot. Ill take the third copy
  9. Can you engine guys tell me what this engine is

    Could be a pioneer motor i have one like it
  10. UPDATED: Straight From the Horse's Mouth final edition

    I want to order one is there any way to get the others
  11. Please Help Understand.........

    I have taken the counter balance gears out of a k 341 due to milling the fly wheel and several other things but. it was due to the motor turning at high rpms if left in side they would have flown apart does not vibrate that bad honestly and runs bad a@#
  12. 1054 Dash

    What does the original lighter look like i have the plug for it in my dash but missing lighter
  13. 1054 Dash

    Do you have a cig lighter like the one in the picture above that TT posted
  14. 1054 Dash

    Yes i do need one and a steering wheel for the 1056 mine is real nice except bent all to heck
  15. 1054 Dash

    I can remember when i could just go to a wh shop in Lawrence Kansas had to get a dash for my c161 after my grandpa backed in to it with his backlog Case backhoe