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  1. Cause of Broken Drive Belt 257-H

    Believe it or not they wanted 80 dollars for the same belt last year. I got it installed and all seems to be well so I am just going to use it and hopefully no need for replacement for a while. Also while on the topic of drive belt replacement is there a trick to adjusting the electric PTO? Mine is up and working but want to make sure I don't get premature wear.
  2. Hello, I have a Wheel Horse 257-H that I replaced the drive belt on about a year ago. The replacement belt I used was not the Wheel Horse part but a after market drive belt that was a pretty close match in size. I noticed the replacement belt slipping a bit a few months after I installed it. I could smell it when hauling loads or going up steep hills but it didn't affect operation so I didn't worry about it. Well this summer it broke and what I am wondering is if the cause was more likely premature wear from the heat caused by slipping or if it is more likely the stress from the heavy loads of firewood I towed with it this spring. I like to haul heavy loads and since I am replacing the belt with the OEM part I am hoping slippage wont be an issue. If so can I push the drive belt as far as the hydraulics and motor can go or should I always expect to find out that I pushed it too far with a drive belt failure? Thanks, Nick
  3. 257-H Snow Blower

    Hello, I have a 257-H with only 300 hours which came with the original snow blower. The guy who sold it to me hadnt attached it in years and knew it was missing the draw bar to raise and lower the blower but wasnt sure what else. After doing a bit of research I believe I am also missing a bracket with a few pulleys that helps to route the belt from the blower to the pulley off of the motor. What I am wondering is if anyone can give me a hand in determining if I am missing any additional parts and where I could potentially find used parts at? Is there such a thing as a lawn tractor salvage yard? I attached a few pictures so you can see what I am working with. Thanks, Nick Also I was curious if anyone knew if my tractor would accept any of the newer two stage blowers. Also attached another pic
  4. Replace Drive Belt on 257-H

    Mike / Kelly thanks for the suggestions. I got the job done I ended up heading down to the local rental center and renting an impact. That did the job removing the electric PTO clutch bolt. What was interesting though was after the bolt was removed the front of the PTO came off however the rear portion did not. So we removed a bracket that was next to the remaining PTO assembly and when the last bolt from that bracket came off literally everything just fell out. We managed to get the new belt in place and after some time puzzling over things we figured out how it all went back together. The key take away from this experience for me is that it was likely not necessary for us to remove the PTO bolt. I think if we had removed the guard over the PTO itself and then removed the bracket located next to the PTO a few inches towards the rear of the tractor we would have been able to get the belt in place. I am going to try that next time. Also for any other poor lost souls out there trying to do this something a bit strange is the PTO assembly is attached to the bracket I am suggesting be removed via a very large spring. It is behind the bracket and its purpose is not 100% clear aside from keeping the PTO assembly from spinning. It will need to be removed to either remove the PTO pully or the bracket. I hope someone finds this information helpful. Thanks, Nick
  5. Replace Drive Belt on 257-H

    Kelly, I appreciate the suggestion the problem I am having is the shaft spins as it turns the motor over. I need to find a way to lock or hold the shaft so I can apply some torque to the wrench. thanks, Nick
  6. Hello, I have owned my 257-h for all of a few weeks and I am getting disgusted as everytime I touch it I am working on it. The tractor is in great shape for being an 89 and only has 329 hours on it. The first few issues were more related to what I was mowing as the property is in pretty tough shape and I was hitting all sorts of things. The problem I have now is the drive belt let loose. Replacing it doesnt seem like that big of a deal except that I need to remove the electric PTO pulley. It seems to be held in place by a single bolt in the center of the shaft that runs up into the motor and the problem I am having is when I try to loosen the bolt the motor turns over so the shaft spins. I dont see anyway to lock the shaft short of grabbing it with a large channel locks or vice grips and it seems like there ought to be a better way. Does anyone have any ideas or experiences to share? Thanks, Nick