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    Collecting/restoring Wheel Horse garden tractors and using them.
  1. North Central Wheel Horse Inc.

    I just talked to an 89 year old fella that is bringing a restored D-250 and something he wants to trade or sell. Sounds like a neat guy.
  2. North Central Wheel Horse Inc.

    It's less than 2 weeks everyone! I have been getting the 1956 RJ-35 ready to bring. It won't be all painted up but is pretty much complete and doesn't look to bad. I have an attachment on it that really tops this beuty off! North Central Wheel Horse's 3rd annual show at Pioneer Power in Lesuer, Minn.Here are some links to find out more info or e-mail me. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/ Hope to see you all there, Mike
  3. North Central Wheel Horse Inc.

    Dennis, Dave Pruhs (Price) said last year that the field they were plowing in last year is always availeable to use tractors in. If we want to use other attachments than plows that is where we would do it. Mike
  4. Aug. 27th-29th ! We plan to have another great show this year and hope to see all of you there! Ask any questions you may have either here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ or here you can find info about where to stay etc.: http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/
  5. NCWHEC show Aug. 27-29th

    Thanks for all the replies! I'm sure it will be a great time.
  6. NCWHEC show Aug. 27-29th

    Hi all I hope to see you all at the Lesuer Pioneer Power shows showing of Wheel Horse Garden tractors and Wheel Horse stuff! Aug. 27th-29th at Lesuer , Minn. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ Mike mouth piece for the Club!
  7. LeSeur swap meet

    I decided to go to Portland Indiana swap meet this year instead of Lesuer but Lesuer is a great swap meet. But hope to see you at the fall show! Aug.27th-29th http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/
  8. Some of the MUST GO TO SHOWS this year

    This is the "Must go to show out in the middle of the country"! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ Aug. 27th-29th at Lesuer, Minn. http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/ For show info etc. go to either of the links above. We have a great time folks!
  9. Get your stuff ready!!!!

    I plan to be there at least the 1st 2 days but only coming to buy parts.
  10. 2009 LeSueur Pioneer Power, LeSueur, MN

    Nice pics and it was great meeting all of you! I hope we get to meet some new people this year. Mike in stormy N.D.
  11. The North Central Wheel Horse events Club is gearing up for an even better show than last year! We have been getting papers filed with the Federal government to become incorporated and will this year start taking dues for memberships. Our 1st newsletter will be availeable at the show in Lesuer, Minn. on Aug. 28-30 this year in it will be an application for membership. Please bring your Wheel Horse stuff restored or unrestored to Lesuer for a great time! More info at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ http://www.pioneerpowershow.com/ Hope to see you there! Mike in North Dakota getting excited about the show ! :thumbs2:
  12. 2008 LeSueur Pioneer Power

    Well folks, we are coming up on the 2nd show at Lesuer ! I am working on 2 tractors that I plan to bring to the show this year. The restorations won't be completely done but last year they were basket cases so they have come a long way. This year we will have Club Buttons for sale along with t-shirts and hats. I hope to see more people there this year than last year. And if half the people show up that said they will it should be a great time. If you need more info on anything show related or where to stay etc. you can go to our group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorthCentralWheelHorseEvents/ Also you can call me at- 701-793-6924 leave message and I will get back to you. Mike Williams President of NCWHEC
  13. Farm Fun Day April 25 & 26 in NJ

    Sure wish we could be there Buzz it would be really good to see you again!
  14. Mike Williams

    Scary Huh? Attached Image
  15. NCWHEC debut show, LeSeuer, MN

    Thanks for the Cudo's BP I rarely look in on this sight but am home sick today and bored. :omg: