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  1. Belt confusion

    Update: Just took the old worn out belt to another Toro dealer. The cross-referenced the 102742 older number to a 94-5401. I asked to see the belt to compare to the old one. Exact fit ! I think I have 3-4 belts labeled 94-2501 that have the packaging mis-labeled.
  2. Belt confusion

    What keyed me into thinking I have the wrong belt was the back that I had the screw on the mule drive almost all the way out and the belt was still loose on the mule drive and deck pulley
  3. Belt confusion

    Yes I have the belt on the correct pulley, the deck is mounted correctly and the idler pulley is the correct one. I guess I need to do more investigation. I have 2 other Wheel Horses that I can use as a reference. I started digging through my cabinet of extra Wheel Horse parts and belts later last night and found 3 more new 94-2501 belts still in bags. I suspect I've had this issue previously and that's why I have all the extra belts. I headed back to the Toro dealer at lunch with the old belt. Maybe I can make sense to this there?
  4. Belt confusion

    Just measured the old belt i took off last night. I measures right at 101”. From what i have found online this belt measures 103”? I also found the deck belt 1594 measures 107”. How do i find the correct belt?
  5. Belt confusion

    I ordered a new belt for my 520H from the Toro dealer last week. This is the belt from the PTO to the deck. The part number I gave them was 102742. The belt I received had a part number of 94-2501. Put it on last night and it was obviously the wrong belt... way too long. The package stated it was 103" long. I'm assuming the part number I gave them may be old and maybe the belt now has a new number. Checked my parts manual for my deck and I have the correct number. It states this belt is in fact a 102742 and the deck V belt is 1594. Can someone give me the correct Toro number? Thanks....Dick
  6. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    OK thanks....yes... that was my plan. If I get the crimping done correctly I should only need 6. Would you recommend crimping and soldering the connection from the wire to the barrel of the terminal? Or.. is crimping sufficient?
  7. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    Thanks for the info on soldering and shrink wrapping.. makes perfect sense. Attached is a picture of the fuse block I ordered from Partstree. I found Delphi packard 56 terminal on Amazon. Can you confirm from the additional picture below that they are the correct ones for this fuse block?
  8. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    Update.. I found the part on Partstree.com for $13.24 and placed an order. Now I need to know what terminals I need to order? Anyone have experience with this and can point me in the right direction? I'm assuming I will cut each wire at the bottom of the existing fuse block one-by-one and crimp a new terminal on and insert into the new fuseblock?
  9. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    Thanks Garry, This is as I thought regarding the corrosion and associated heat build-up. Probably explains why I had trouble removing the fuse and broke it in half when it finally did come out. I found the fuse holder in my parts breakdown for this tractor. The part number was listed as 78-6320 and it stated that it was part of the wiring harness for the tractor? I certainly don't have the expertise or time to replace the entire harness. I am hoping that I can find the fuse block sold separately. Do you know how I would connect the existing wiring to a new block? A bit more searching revealed the Toro part number for the block to be 67-7160. It stated that this replaced part number 120930. As always, I'm sure part numbers change over the years. Yes, if someone could point me in the right direction to find this part and maybe some basic steps on how I will replace it... I would certainly accept and advice. As I previously stated, I need to get this trusty 416 -8 back in service soon. Thanks......
  10. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    Just to clarify the picture attached in my previous reply. It shows a 30A fuse in the fuseblock. I cannot get the fuse to seat into the block properly. I appears that the plastic has been melted somewhat under the fuse preventing full insertion.
  11. Voltage and PTO interlock issues

    Garry, Thanks for the diagrams. Much easier to understand when the functions are broken our individually. So did a bit more diagnostic work on the tractor last night. Found that I do not have continuity from the center lug on the regulator to the positive side of the battery. First thought was the 30A fuse. The fuse was extremely hard to remove and I actually broke it into 2 pieces when it finally did come out. Thankful that both blades of the fuse came out. I have continuity from the center lug of the voltage regulator to one side of the fuse socket, but no continuity from the side of the fuse socket (closet to the battery). It appears that the battery has previously leaked or vented onto the plate and/or the fuse block. See attached picture. I cleaned the best I could with my thin knife down into this V type terminal. I also sprayed some contact cleaner down into this area. No luck. So it appears I need to replace the fuseblock. Does anyone have any experience doing this? I briefly thought about putting a 30A inline fuse in to fix this, but the wires to the bottom of the fuseblock are pretty tight coming from the harness. I just checked the Toro website for a replacement fuseblock and it appears it is a part of the wiring harness for the tractor. I'm in a bit of a time crunch at this time as spring has sprung in Northeast Indiana and I need to get this tractor back in service soon.
  12. I have 2 issues with my trusty 1991 416-8. Not sure if they are related or not. Late last fall had issues with starting the tractor. For some reason when i would stop between fill ups, I would have issues where the PTO light would be on and the tractor would not start. If I would move the PTO lever back and forth a couple times, I was then able to start. Problem #1 Problem #2 surfaced shortly after that.. if the tractor would sit more than 2 weeks it would turn over slowly. Finally I took the battery out, had it tested and it showed low voltage with low cranking amps. Replaced the battery in Nov. I would start the tractor about every 2 weeks during the winter to ensure the battery was still charged. Started the tractor last week and noticed the voltage gauge was just under 12 volts (in the orange). Was given advise that the voltage regulator was bad. Purchased another one this week and installed. Same reading on the voltage gauge..just under 12 volts. Checked the battery with a meter... reads 12.40V with the engine running. Reads 12.51 volts across the battery with the engine off. So.. not sure what to do next? Is my battery actually discharging when the tractor is running...or is the 12.40 volts across the battery normal since I have a new battery? And does this interlock issue play into the equation? Another issue is that when I start the tractor with the clutch disengaged, the PTO disengaged and sitting on the seat and the tractor in neutral when I get off the seat, the tractor dies. Do I have 2 separate issues or one issue where the interlock (getting off the seat) and the voltage issue are connected? Looking for some experienced, realiable help here Thanks....
  13. Replacing PTO micro switch

    Thanks Garry. Much appreciated. Glad to know that I may need 2 switches before I get started on this. I will order another switch and also get the insulators. I think both switches may be in question. I have had periodic issues with not being able to start my tractor and usually flip the PTO lever back and forth a couple times and then I can start it. Recently I have had trouble getting the engine to fire. It will turn over, but not fire. I noticed that PTO indicator light is sometimes on dimly when turning the key to start. Once again if I move the PTO switch back and forth it will then start. Thanks again for the wiring diagram and the great information.
  14. Replacing PTO micro switch

    My 416-8 is a 1991. You mention 2 switches? I looked at toro’s parts breakdown for my tractor and only found one switch. I️t does have 3 connection - common, normally closed and normally open. Maybe I have the wrong switch?
  15. Replacing PTO micro switch

    I need to replace the PTO micro switch I my older 416-8. I have the new switch , but have no idea how to get the new switch installed ? Any help/ideas/thoughts would be appreciated