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  1. Replacing PTO micro switch

    Thanks Garry. Much appreciated. Glad to know that I may need 2 switches before I get started on this. I will order another switch and also get the insulators. I think both switches may be in question. I have had periodic issues with not being able to start my tractor and usually flip the PTO lever back and forth a couple times and then I can start it. Recently I have had trouble getting the engine to fire. It will turn over, but not fire. I noticed that PTO indicator light is sometimes on dimly when turning the key to start. Once again if I move the PTO switch back and forth it will then start. Thanks again for the wiring diagram and the great information.
  2. Replacing PTO micro switch

    My 416-8 is a 1991. You mention 2 switches? I looked at toro’s parts breakdown for my tractor and only found one switch. I️t does have 3 connection - common, normally closed and normally open. Maybe I have the wrong switch?
  3. Replacing PTO micro switch

    I need to replace the PTO micro switch I my older 416-8. I have the new switch , but have no idea how to get the new switch installed ? Any help/ideas/thoughts would be appreciated
  4. 520 just quit

    My 520H just quit running all of a sudden yesterday. It was like I shut the key off. I was unable to get it to start 2-3 tries. I went to get a tow strap and tried one more time and it restarted fine. I used it for the next 1.5 hours to finish my lawn. The magneto on the flywheel was replaced last fall and I used it many times after that. The only thing I noticed is that my voltage gauge is at the bottom of the green area when running full throttle. It drops into the yellow area at idle. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. I just noticed 3 pin holes and a scrap in my 48" side discharge deck. I bought the deck used and it has work extremely well for the last 12 years. I need advice on how to fix this? I know these decks are in high demand, so I would prefer to have this fixed and get another 10-12 years out of it. I always clean it after each mowing to ensure the deck lasts.
  6. 416-8 electrical problems

    Thanks everyone for responding, sorry for the slow response to this. I have narrowed the electrical problem down to the the battery terminal of the ignition connector. It appears that someone has attempted a re-wire of this tractor and had no idea what they were doing. Instead of replacing the snap terminals in the connector, they forced the wire into the terminal and now that wire is fragile brittle. I am buying a whole new 5-terminal connector and terminals. I do have a question though on part numbers. I was able to find the similar 5-terminal connector with an Oregon Wire part number of 33-350 and terminals with an Oregon Wire part number of 33-351. First of all, will these work and second, does anyone have a part number for a terminal that can be crimped onto 2 wires? In looking at my current connector, there are at least 2 of the 5 terminals that have 2 wires inserted into the 5-terminal connector. Any help there would be great and then I can start by installing a whole new connector.
  7. I am in need of some help. I have a 1988 416-8 (31-16K804) with a Kohler M16 engine that over the past few months has been acting funny. Back in July or August, I was mowing in the evening and randomly the lights went out. I stopped mowing and flipped the light switch 2 or 3 times and they came back on. Over the course of the last few months I have had several issues starting the tractor. When I turn the key switch over, I was getting nothing. The tractor wouldn't turn over, nothing. It would randomly start, maybe once every 50-60 times I turned the key over. I was told it was the ignition switch so I change that out back in September or October and the tractor seemed to be functioning just fine since. While plowing after our snowstorm this past weekend, I went out to start the tractor and noticed I was having the same problem. Tractor turned over but didn't fire, I turned the key switch off, then back on and had nothing. I tried 3-4 more times and finally the the tractor started. I had turned the lights on because it was dark outside and after 30-40 secs, the lights went out but the tractor was running fine. I assumed if I shut the tractor off, I wouldn't get it restarted so I finished up my plowing as best I could in the dark. I shut the tractor off and sure enough, the tractor won't start. I have tried 40 or 50 times and I get nothing. It seems as though I have some type of short but I have no idea where to start. Is there a connection between the lights and the ignition switch? Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  8. 416-8 Hard starting

    Thanks Mike, How do I fix the stuck valve in the fuel pump....or do I have to replace the entire pump? Please advise.
  9. 416-8 Hard starting

    1991 416-8 is hard to start. It has been my workhorse for this summer.. no issues. Wanted to get the mower off, service and get the blade on for winter today. It took me about 5 minutes to get it started...I had to stay on the starter much longer (10 sec) than usual. I checked to be sure I had gas in the filter and disconnected both side of the fuel filter. Looking for troubleshooting tips. I think I will pull the plugs and reinstall new...as the ones in their have been in 8-9 years. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. 1988 416-8 service manual

    Ok thanks. I assume I can get that in 1 qt bottles, since I only need 2 qts?
  11. 1988 416-8 service manual

    Thank you. I am trying to figure out what weight gear oil goes in the rear end?? I see that it takes 2 quarts of something ?
  12. 1988 416-8 service manual

    Glenn i searched the manuals section and was unable to locate it?? Can you advise ? In addition to my 416-8, I have 2 520-H....a 1990 & 1996, but my 416 is the workhorse. I will post pics of all 3
  13. Looking for a 1988 416-8 service manual - Model number 31-16K804. Serial number 28328.
  14. Owners & Service manual

    Thanks to all for your help today. Need to get this 520 into service and the hydro oil and filter are the last task. I have 3 tractors. 1. 1996 520 that I bought new in late 96. 2. 1991 416-8 (this is my favorite) 3. and the 1990 520H that I just purchased.
  15. Owners & Service manual

    Thanks. One more question .. I need to purchase a new filter for the hydro. Can anyone advise a part number and best place to purchase ?