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  1. Clutch Issue

    All is well here in "Almost Heaven"...rose bush replaced and the ol' the Wheel Horse is now standing tall...New belt on...everything adjusted... thanks...
  2. Clutch Issue

    You would think oldlineman...wife was hurrying me up to go to Home Depot to look at rosebushes and I didn't get to look real close at it... but I will today...
  3. Clutch Issue

    Ok...just come in and the mystery is hereby solved...the belt had somehow come out of the drive pulley at the PTO and was running just like it was supposed to between that pulley and and the PTO clutch disc...woulda never thought it would/could run in there and drive this tractor without slipping or any loss of power...now...why that happened? i dunno..New belt in the morning and ride out this tropical storm...The old girl lives to cut again..Thanks again Bob, Stevasaurus, and oldlineman...
  4. Clutch Issue

    Will do Bob...I know... I was not expecting to keep going when I push on that clutch pedal...I will (hopefully) figure it out this weekend...thanks for the shout back guys....
  5. Clutch Issue

    Copy that...I had ordered a drive belt earlier in the year just to have and to hold...so I guess It's time to take it off the wall and give it try...happened bout dark thirty last evening and the wife is not yet aware of the demise of her rose bush...spent just enough time on it to get hornswauggled about the problem...makes no sense to me...appears to be the simplest of set-ups...defies reason at this point...and it's bugging me..
  6. Clutch Issue

    Well...it started this craziness with the belt cover on and the wife's rose bush is a solemn testimony to same.....and I have read here that the belt cover needs to be on to stop the belt...When it decided to go rogue I pulled it in the garage and jacked the rear wheels up.. I put it in gear and tied the clutch pedal all the way down with a ratchet strap and it made no difference...the wheels on the tractor kept going round and round...linkage good...clutch rod hooked...everything appears to be copasectic... now...belt is worn and I have read that the pulleys need cleaned to make them slickier(?) something wacky in the PTO perhaps...?
  7. Clutch Issue

    Yes..I push the clutch in and it keeps right on digging...I took the belt cover off...and when you push the clutch in, the idler pulley moves forward and spins freely. It was working smooth as silk one minute and then the next pushing the clutch in has no effect...I have read the complete history of clutch issues here and have found nothing like this..lots of slipping and no go issues and the such but nothing about one having a mind of it's own...
  8. Clutch Issue

    Today as I was mowing with my 314-8, all of a sudden when I depressed the clutch it failed to disengage. I had been mowing for a hour or so without any problems. I took the belt cover off and lifted the rear wheels off the ground and started it.. but pushing the clutch in has no effect whatever. Idler pulley does release and it seems fine but she just keeps on digging when you push the clutch in. Belt is somewhat worn...Ideas..?
  9. Benefits of using Seafoam especially for ONANs

    Seafoam is the best in my humble opinion. I use it in everything...weed eaters, boat, four wheelers, chainsaws, blowers, wheel horses, car and truck.But...I would not however, operate under that tried and true assumption that if a little bit is good a whole lot is even better.
  10. p220 on a 520HC Nikki 6100 146 414 Carburator Question

    What size deck are you running on that unit?
  11. 518H Doing some work

    Now that brings back some memories...lots of time in front of one those plows. Thanks for posting it Gregg...I enjoyed watching it
  12. picked this up at the big show for my rj

    Well now...that unit is definitely not fat boy friendly...
  13. What The Heck Is Going On

    I was afraid that you were going to find that as the problem. Same thing that I went through last year. I opted to move over to a 48" deck instead of trying to fix the 42"er. I don't understand the propensity of some of these 42" decks doing this and some that don't. I had a 312-8 with a 42" deck and I literally beat the crap out of that deck and never had a problem. Picked up what I thought was "cherry" 314 tractor and 42" deck and I never took it around the yard for a trial spin before totally over paying the seller...because I took his word that the tractor was 100% good. Lots of lessons learned here and I thank God for the people on this site that worked me through that problem and continue to entertain my lack of smarts about all things red. Good luck moving forward Jerry.
  14. What The Heck Is Going On

    Well...I had 42" SD deck on a 91, 314 and experienced the same thing. After going through everything that it mighta, shoulda, coulda been, I discovered that the deck shell was sprung at the starboard (right) spindle. That opened up the "absolute" necessity of building a brand new 48" deck for that particular steed.
  15. have to pull choke to get power and engine at constant speed

    Sure sounds like a dirty carb to me. I went through this on a 416H recently that had been sitting around for a while. I got the engine started and kept spraying Sea Foam Deep Creep into the carb, really concentrating on using the red spray tube that comes with the can of spray, spraying down into the 2 little holes down in the carb. Each time I would spray it, the engine would about bog completely down, belch out a cloud of white smoke and level out just a little bit more each time. After a while the ol girl started idling like a new one and it now runs just fine.