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  1. C125- Won't start

    Here's a photo..........not sure if this is the right way to do this....... Engine/starter/battery Ian
  2. C125- Won't start

    Managed to get out this afternoon to connect up the battery. I disconnected the hose between the fuel pump and the carb and turned her over. Fuel was coming out in pulses (I assume that is how it should be?). I then connected the hose back up and turned the key. She started! So basically this is the way it has been all summer. After a few weeks of normal use - (once a week for 2 hours) she turns over but won't start. I turn the engine over using varying positions of throttle and choke and then the battery is flat. I charge the battery up and away she goes. I had a look at the starter and I can't see any moving parts.........so I'm thinking it doesn't have a bendix starter? I have included a few photos which might help. Anyway, I'm thinking that it is either the battery, starter or rectifier (alternator?). What's the next step? I took some photos and uploaded them onto photobucket but I am unsure what to do to make them accessible on the site........ Thanks Ian
  3. C125- Won't start

    Thanks everyone and in particular Jim. Funnily enough over the summer I had to recharge the battery say once a month. Previously I had read a few posts from other members that led me to believe that this was not unusual and so didn't think much about it (other than thinking I was going to buy a new battery for next season). If I didn't recharge the battery the engine would turn but would not start. Eventually the battery would be flat. I would then charge it and the engine would fire into life in only a couple of turns of the engine (and as you suggest the engine would be turning over more quickly whilst trying to start it). This makes me think that your theory on the starter makes sense. The battery was charged up a couple of days ago after I flattened it at the weekend trying to start the engine. I will connect it up on Sunday and see what happens. So when the engine stops turning and I hear something else spinning around is this the magnets trying to push out the flywheel? I don't think this has any relevance but I'll mention it. The lights on the tractor don't work. The guy I bought it from said that they worked when he had it but he never used them since they drained the battery. It seems strange that a light arrangement for the tractor would be designed in such a way that they are not practical to use. If I need to get a new starter are they easy to source? What does it look like and where is it? Can I see the drive gear pushing out when I turn the key? I note that Micah says I should see the starter spinning. Anyway, enough questions for one post. Thanks again, it is great to get so much advice so quickly. Ian
  4. C125- Won't start

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I will get an opportunity to check things out on Sunday night. If there is muck in the fuel tank is it easy to take off and clean out? Can I just haul the grommit out of the bottom of the fuel tank and give that a clean? Is sea foam some kind of dissolving agent? I'll write back with an update. Thanks again. Ian PS. Would like to undertake a respray on the tractor and therfore was thinking of removing the engine. Is this something a beginner could do?
  5. C125- Won't start

    My C125 won't start. This happened a few months back and I figured it was not getting fuel since the filter had hardly any fuel in it. I cut the fuel pipe and filled up the filter with fuel and reconnected. It started. Now the engine is turning over but it is not catching. After maybe 6 secs the engine stops turning and then I hear something (starter?) making a "spinning" kind of noise. The plug is dry suggesting that a lack of fuel is the problem The tank is full and the filter is 2/3 full. Is the carb gravity fed (I guess not since carb sits higher up than the fuel tank? Apologies for the simplicity of the questions....... Thank you Ian