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  1. My Wheel Horse Puller

    its all taken care of now. the push rods were too long and like u said the body and stud were binding
  2. My Wheel Horse Puller

    https://www.facebook.com/lee.insley.3#!/photo.php?v=10201076311220862&set=vb.244336408958346&type=2&theater I couldnt get a vid to upload on here so heres a link. I know it been a while since i posted but here the action pics. had a busy winter. broke the drive shaft and a rocker arm stud at my very first pull with it..
  3. My Wheel Horse Puller

    some more pics
  4. My Wheel Horse Puller

    i had a goldleaf number made for it ill get a pic of it asap
  5. My Wheel Horse Puller

    The beast is finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  6. Input needed for a 522xi

    i had a 518xi with 1200 hrs on it and the hydrostsatic tranny was gettin weak and i had to replace the mower deck clutch.
  7. My Wheel Horse Puller

    thanks jake!!
  8. My Wheel Horse Puller

    i was actually talkin to my dad about that yesterday
  9. My Wheel Horse Puller

    shes finally done other than the motor. :)
  10. My Wheel Horse Puller

    thanx guys and dont worry ill get some pics and vids of it for ya
  11. My Wheel Horse Puller

    finally got it painted!! :woohoo:
  12. My Pullers

  13. in need of headlight cover

    is it in good condition
  14. in need of a head light insert for a c-161

    how much do u want for it
  15. wheel horse hub caps for sale

    what method will u use to pay?