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  1. 20HP Onan loosing fire

  2. Onan Issues

    Good evening everyone ... IF anyone has issues with Onan the place to go is Onan Group The is a guy by the name of Boomer that is GREAT... I had a 16 hp B43 that he got me out of a jam with parts and the knowledge of this man is endless.. Greg
  3. Before I tear into it... Has anyone replaced the auger bearing... I have slop on one side... And it leaks... WHat are your thought on this... The parts are cheap enough.... I really dont want to break the case apart.... Greg
  4. Pulley removal on deck

  5. I need to replace the bearing on my 265 Toro/WHeelhorse and I cant remove the pulley... I tried with a puller which seemed like the best idea and it is bending the pulley... Any ideas... (before the torches come out) I seriously think the bearing are seized on the shaft.... If all else fails I may just replace the whole housing assembly... THanks in advance Attached Image
  6. What a haul

    Just to comment.... Jack is a great guy also and the trade we made was like the old days.... A hand shake type of deal... Felt good both parties were happy and Jack I WANT PICS of the 420 as you start fixing her up....
  7. 414-8 Wiring diagram

    I found it
  8. Hello I need a wiring diagram for my 414-8.... I believe I am having issues with the safety switches... I jump at the solenoid it fires up it is a wiring nightmare under there.... Anyone have a diagram would be greatly appreciated... I have a manual coming and so is more snow Thanks
  9. Yes I am sure it will now that you all convinced me....
  10. That is one awesome Tractor... I have an 864 waiting patiently for me... I hope I can get to it soon... Awesome job Thanks for sharing with us...
  11. Manual for 414-8

    I didnt get a chance to take it apart today... I believe the spring is still there..... I will take a few pics when I get it apart..... Thanks
  12. Manual for 414-8

    Hi I am having issue with the clutch and brake linkage.... Any secrets or ideas... the pedal left side clutch goes way too far and it doesnt release... Any pictures or anyone with a PDF manual for this tractor it would be greatly appreciated... I am diving into it this afternoon Greg